Shades of Christine: 8,700 Mile 1968 Pontiac GTO

I was first impressed by this 1968 Pontiac GTO simply because it’s an incredible survivor that wears original paint and comes with a matching-numbers 400 HO paired to the desirable 4-speed manual gearbox. The seller, however, hints at this car’s tumultuous past that is apparently so sordid, he isn’t allowed to disclose what happened per an agreement with the previous owner’s family. Given the front valence was lost in an evidence locker, you can put the pieces together. Find the GTO here on eBay with bidding at $21.9K and a BIN of $26,500.

The low-mileage claims seem to be backed up by the condition of the car, which has gorgeous Vendoro Green paint paired to a parchment interior. The seller buffed out the front fender just to see how the paint would respond to cleaning, and it bounced back nicely. The interior looks fantastic, with buckets up front and what appears to be an unused bench in the rear. The door panels and glass are all in excellent condition as well.

The seller reports that the 400 was last fired up in 1978, but that it still turns over fine and will fire up with gas dumped down the carb. Some hoses have been replaced but it otherwise remains close to factory; the original battery even comes with the car. The seller notes that in addition to the front valence, the rocker panel and quarter panel moldings were also removed and lost in the same evidence locker. Evidence locker really means just one thing, and even someone of average intelligence can likely connect the dots.

The seller says that the events of the car’s life is what kept it stationary and un-used for some many years. I can’t tell if that means the GTO was held in a police impound yard or the owner was shamed into keeping it under wraps following a violent event. Whatever the story is, it’s dramatic enough that the seller’s wife wants the car gone. The level of originality is impressive, down to the original dealer sticker being in near-mint condition. Does anyone know the details of this barn find GTO’s past?


  1. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    No, but original tower-type hose clamps make my heart sing!

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  2. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I also would love to know the story on this one. Don’t know if the $$ is good or not so let the speculation begin.

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  3. OhU8one2

    This car could have a curse on it. Everyone thought James Dean’s 550 Spyder did. Lots of unexplained accidents and deaths after car was wrecked. Myself, I would steer clear of this low mileage Goat. The owner’s know something about the car’s past and keeping that from new buyer makes me think what else are they keeping secret? I’ve already lost faith in the seller. I’m out.

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    • Arthell64 Member

      I like the color combo.

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      • brian crowe

        I like it too. It’s nice to see a green car without green interior.

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    • Superdessucke

      Super D is not superstitious, nor do I necessarily believe in ghosts. But the explanation creeps me out. Cool car (albeit one with improper chrome on the lower body) but I have a feeling that I wouldn’t want to own it. Some things might be better left in storage.

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  4. Mario

    Correction: VERDORO green.

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  5. TimM

    Great car!! I had one the same year same color with the his/her shifter

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    • Furnaceman

      I’ve owned 2 of these. Made the mistake once that’s why there is number 2. The seller def knows GTOs. It’s a nice option car. 8 track and one year disc brakes. Hide a ways HO 4 speed Safe t track. The after market trim and black spray paint are the bad story/ curse. However it looks unmolested mechanically

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      • PatrickM

        I’ll bet that 400 is built to the hilt and can take on almost any comer. Hold on to you hat, Nellie!! We’re goin’ for one hellacious ride!! Car might have gotten the owner in a lot of trouble with late might ricing. Cops might have gotten wind of the goings on and shut it all down. And then the racers couldn’t find another spot. Just my imagination working. When I was in USAF, a few guys I worked with, put most of their money into their cars and took on local boys and showed them a thing or two. This car could be a real screamer. Bet he scared the heck out of a few ladies, too.

  6. Chuck

    I never knew buffing the paint would change the shade so drastically. I really think it was repainted.

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    • Gnrdude

      The FRONT Clip was Removed & Sits In a police Evidence LOCKER Somewhere that’s WHY it’s been Replaced, VERY Ominous History with this RIDE.

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      • Mikel

        The parts that are in the evidence locker are not installed on the car. They have not been replaced. The front clip was not removed or replaced.

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      • Matt

        ARE you a SERIAL killer? IF not then perhaps consider not USING RANDOM caps.

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      • Superdessucke

        The WAY we’re going with this mystery, MAYBE he’s the original OWNER!

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  7. Troy s

    Really good looking GTO with the 400 H/O to make it even more interesting. Damn goats are quick that’s for sure! I drove a white ’68 GTO and it really impressed me, not just the power but the whole car. Outside/inside, the dash layout, everything. Passed on it cause it was a bit out of my price range at the time and it did need some work. Shoulda could woulda. 1800 bucks…who knew these would jump in value like they did.
    I don’t even want to speculate on the bad history but I got a feeling it’s pretty bad….

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  8. Bakyrdhero

    I would say disclose the dark past of the car or don’t mention it at all. Are they looking for attention? I don’t know if they are required to disclose that sort of thing or not with a vehicle. I doubt it though.

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  9. H5mind

    I don’t understand this obsession over preserving original neglect like a badge of honor. Spend a few hundred on a professional detailing so the buyer can see what they are getting. It’s not like green was a popular color for muscle cars. And if an engine can turn over, it’s a twenty minute job to take a compression reading to determine motor health. Or is that too much to ask for twenty-six grand?

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    • don

      A good detailing could make a big difference unless you’re trying to hide something , but green on muscle cars not being popular ? There were many shades of green back then , and lots of muscle cars of all makes were green – Heck ,I’ll bet there were more green Mopar muscle cars built than black ones !

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  10. Allen Hallman

    seller says nobody died IN this car. with that word in caps insinuation is the opposite word applies.

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    • Jim

      Possibly run over BY the car?
      That might explain the front valance being in the evidence locker.

  11. JOHN Member

    Personally I like the 69 better, but hey it’s a Goat and I never had a 68. Cursed? I think it is a great story to a great car, the GTO! Now I have to finish other projects to get back to my 65 GTO convert!

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  12. Scott

    This is a smart marketing ploy for an unusually valuable car.

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  13. Ted

    He won’t disclose the history? Then nobody should dispense with the cash. What a crock……….

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  14. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    1) Make arrangements to physically check out the car.
    2) Borrow a certified Drug K9 and do a walkaround of the car.
    3) The reaction of your borrowed Drug K9 may help guide you as to how much further you want to venture in dealing with this mystery machine..

    Notice that the drivers side rear passenger interior panel is off as well….

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  15. Mike Lewis

    Lots of people know the story of this car, original owner hit a pedestrian with it drunk, dragged the guy down the street if I remember correctly, Cops had the car for many years. It is what it is. Why do you think the valance isn’t original?

    Car is original paint no doubt, I can’t believe this guy got the old lady to sell him the car. People been trying to buy that car for decades.

    Guy who owns it now is a big GTO/442 collector.

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  16. Len

    That left front fender is not the original either. The color is obvious but look at the rot on the passenger fender. As retired law enforcement I’ll say it, original owner/operator most likely struck a pedestrian. In today’s methods we would just hold the entire car as evidence because of how the justice system works. Once the case is cleared the insurance company usually takes possession and disposes of it. Back then it would make sense they would just take the necessary parts and leave the car with the owner or family.
    Accidents happen. I’ve seen plenty. The car didn’t cause what occurred, the operator did. Be up front and truthful about why the car is, the way it is, and have the respect of the driver and victim to keep them out of it. If the new owner wants to investigate, that’s on them.
    And since I spoke about persons I do not know, My condolences and thoughts to both.

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    • karl

      I agree with you ; the seller states that no one died “in” the car , which seems to mean that someone did die , and since the left fender is different , I would think the driver hit and killed a pedestrian .

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    • Superdessucke

      The removal of the rocker panel moldings, quarter panel moldings and front valance suggests that someone got completely run over by the car from front to back. However, if it was a mere (not to take that lightly) pedestrian accident, I doubt it would be something that would disturb the guy’s wife to the point of believing that the “car is cursed, bad luck, should be crushed, and no longer on this planet.” Or that the car would be hard to sell because the story is “quite disturbing.” Hell, in this current muscle car market, buyers don’t even consider a wrecked, rusted and stripped out ‘Cuda convertible body shell to be disturbing! And anyone who’s ever tried to work on a rusted or wrecked unibody will tell you that’s about as disturbing as it gets.

      I mean, I’m not saying that anyone getting run over by a car isn’t an absolute tragedy, regardless of whether it was an accident or if someone did it intentionally. But the seller’s story seems to be pretty strong to be a simple (though very unfortunate) pedestrian accident that happened over 50 years ago. Of course, it could be the seller is describing the history this way to create intrigue and interest in his auction? I don’t know. I guess we’d need to know what happened to judge.

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    • Superdessucke

      Also, now that I’m intrigued by this, i would think that in most pedestrian vs car accidents, the pedestrian would either be thrown up over the hood or off to the side. Not fall directly under the car, and then get run over by the car’s full length.

      Of course, I don’t have any statistics on this. Maybe Len can shed more light on that?

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      • Superdessucke

        And of course, a pedestrian strike at any measurable rate of speed would smash the front end and most likely the hood and windshield if the person flew up. Doesn’t look like that happened here.

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      • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

        For what it’s worth, a November 2011 issue of MEA Forensic written by John Gardiner discusses this exact subject matter in detail, noting that dragging/run auto-led crashes happen when the striking area of the vehicle is higher than the center of the victim (short stature) which knocks them down; these usually occur at slower speeds.

        Then again, this may be “smoke and mirrors” on the part of the seller to create a mystery drama and help sell the car for a higher price, though the front end does appear to be pushed upwards.

        Len, what do you think?

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      • Superdessucke

        Yes true. But these cars sat pretty low, at least compared to modern high riding SUVs and CUVs, the proliferation of which is partly why pedestrian deaths are way up now, because people hit go under the vehicle.

        So I think it may have been either a very low speed collision or perhaps the car hit a child. But if it was the latter, I would think there’d be front end damage.

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      • Len

        If I had to guess I would say a moderate speed catching the pedestrian with just enough of the front end to carry under and then to the side. There is also the possibility that there was curbing or something bringing the nose up. The lower front valance definitely had the initial contact, pedestrian may have had time to begin to move away which would lower their positioning as well. Accident investigations were my forte. fatals were never easy though. They leave images that you never truly forget.

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      • Superdessucke

        Thanks Len. So per your forensic expertise, looks like the vic may have tried to run to get out of the way but got sucked under, either by getting hit with the side of the front bumper while in a low position to quickly move left or right or getting hit right after the car bounced over a curb.

        And….if we add those physics to the seller’s grim explanation, we get a pretty grisly picture indeed. One which probably was not pretty for first responders or the folks who had to remove those parts.

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  17. jw454

    Why create the drama? If the seller had never mentioned any history no one would be the wiser. Post it as a low mile survivor and be done with it. All the rest of that is just unnecessary B.S. Oh, and while we’re at it… it would be a NON-DISCLOSURE agreement. A “disclosure” agreement would mean you agree to tell all about it.

    I’d rather have the ’70 in the background anyway. I wonder what kind of story goes with it?

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  18. Rj Keenan

    Verdoro Green was and is popular on a 68-70 Goat. To me there is not a better color for this Goat. Now, for the rest of the story.?

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  19. Jack

    “I call this car “Christine”…for good reason…(don’t worry…nobody died IN this car) minor damage to Endura bumper… ”

    I was going with death, but maybe the death is on the outside of the car…

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  20. TW

    This seller had a 71 442 convertible for sale a few months ago, and was featured on here on Barn Finds. Some of the comments from people familiar with the seller were not very positive. Buyer Beware

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  21. Woody

    Whatever the story I like it. The nice interior is a plus when buying a project and with nice options like hide-a-way headlights and four-speed,this car needs a new life,move on!

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  22. JOHN Member

    If people are than superstitious, they only should buy brand-new cars… then you are *almost* guaranteed nothing spooky happened, but things happen, an assembly line worker could have a heart attack in the car, but you would never know…

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  23. TimM

    I was going to stay out of this but I have a possessed toaster and if you go neer it you’ll get a burnt bagel every time!!
    What….what there are no possessed cars you guys have been watching to many movies!! It’s an inanimate object it won’t do a thing unless someone is behind the wheel!!! It’s not the cars fault that it ran someone over just like all these people talking about guns!! The gun doesn’t kill anyone without someone behind it!!! Watch out for that blender in the kitchen!!!!

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      My wife would like to buy your toaster-she prefers a bagel that most folks would keep in the trunk in place of the SpaceSaver tire..

      And TimM, your explanation is exactly on the mark, and begs the question of why our society has to have an paragraph on the box telling us NOT to use the hairdryer when showering!

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  24. moosie moosie

    Something’s rotten in Wisconsin and it aint the cheese, fishy story, and I dont see how that drivers fender has original paint, rubbed/polished or not, just sayin.

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  25. TimM


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  26. Gary Merly

    Marketing GENIUS!!!!!!

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  27. Stephen J.Hildebrand

    I talked to the seller and all he wanted to talk about was the ‘story”. Apparently the original owner got run over in it. Not to be cold, but who cares. I wanted to hear about the car. pass.

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    • Superdessucke

      How does one get run over IN a car??

  28. Chad

    There’s something very macabre about this car and I’d love to have it in my garage. I think I’d be a little scared of it though. Like it may bite if you’re not careful. The hood looks like it’s ready to eat fingers.

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  29. Patrick Farmer

    This car is a machine, it cannot kill on it’s own. I bet the old drunk is dead by now either a weak selfish ass or a person that has taken a drink and was forced into it buy heredity. A terrible way to live. The family were right to sell it. The cops and DA must have had an axe to grind with this person. Sometimes hard boiled cops get upset by a crime scene. The front valance is most likely in the land fill by now. Maybe it will not get another drunk driving it. God I hope so. I have always like these dark green goats.

  30. Shane 65

    Hey boys 1968 had chrome bumper on the front not the enduro

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  31. moosie moosie

    Sorry but you are wrong, Le Mans & Tempest had chrome, GTO’s were enduro.

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    • John Member

      You could order the GTO with the chrome bumper. The Enduro was standard, but Pontiac offered the chrome people who weren’t convinced the Enduro was a “real” bumper

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  32. JoeNYWF64

    Are those armrest bases(not the pads) supposed to be that color?
    MANUAL disc brakes – hmmh – interesting.

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  33. Tom

    Ended, not “sold”, a savvy buyers way of hiding the sales price…the mystery grows!

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  34. pete

    So we are talking Killer Car deal here?

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      So Abbott sez to Costello- “Yeah! Yeah! We murderized ‘em!! Whadda deal!”

  35. ViperSRT

    I call horse hockey on the whole story. It’s just a ploy to get more money. It’s just a relatively clean but rusty survivor project car IMO. First thing that grabs me is the fender. For him to buff just the fender as it appears, he likely would’ve had to tape off the nose and maybe the door to get the edges as it appears without buffing onto the adjacent panels. Yes the color can change going from neglected paint to freshly buffed, but it also doesnt carry the same rust, black paint, or stripe as on the rest of the car. Also a popular rust repair back in the 70’s 80’s here in the rust belt was to clean up the rust, maybe use some bondo, rattle can it flat black and add a pinstripe to make it look like it’s supposed to look like that. Being from Wisconsin, rust probably took its toll and the rocker moldings were probably falling off. The door bottoms, rockers, and quarters all look pretty rough but still a good project for someone. I guess for what he’s asking for it, as mentioned before, why wouldn’t he buff the whole car? Can get that done under $200 and would go a long way towards getting more money. Also the damage that’s on the valance now, seems to match the damage on the nose. It would be nice if he had pics of the underneath. As for the low mileage claim, who knows. It does seem to have a pretty decent interior, but not really a body to match. Again, just my observations and opinons.

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  36. brian crowe

    Bwa ha ha, that’s funny, “killer car deal” NOT

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