Sharknose: 1938 Graham Project


Said to have been sitting for 70 years, this 1938 Graham here on eBay is a tough car to put a price on. The seller makes a valiant effort to tie his car’s value to other examples that have sold, but rarity and scarcity of parts can cloud the real-world cost for bringing this one back to life. The asking price is $11,499, which is quite a number for such a project. 


Since the “Sharknose”-style body was only produced for two years, it’s not surprising that the asking price is what it is. These cars were ahead of their time, with streamlined bodies that looked like nothing else on the road (other than maybe the Chrysler Airflows). The Graham-Paige company was also an innovator in the field, using supercharging as a means to increase power.


There’s no word if this example is equipped with the S/C engine, but I doubt it. I’m sure the seller would have taken the opportunity to ask for more money if it was among the rarest examples of a Sharknose. To be fair, however, many of the project-grade examples have been hot-rodded and customized over the years, and this one looks like it remains largely stock despite its parts-car status.


Although it has extensive cosmetic needs and rust appears to be extensive in the chassis, the Graham does show signs of completeness, with the engine still attached (no word if it’s original) and some trim pieces included. This will be a massive undertaking to restore, but I suppose the old adage applies: find me another one. Do you think the seller is realistic with his asking price or is there room for negotiation despite the rarity?


WANTED 1981 – 1989 Renault LeCar, Alliance, Medallion Looking for near-new condition Contact

WANTED 1959-1961 (and) GM Cars Cad,Chevy,Corvair,Pontiac,Olds,Buick Wanted parts/donor car. I need a “Cantilever”,”Flying Wing”;”flattop” roof assembly. Contact

WANTED 1967 Mercury cyclone convertible don’t care how bad it is but needs a good title A project Contact

WANTED 1968-1977 Ford Bronco Have all their parts. Running engine or rust free not necessary. Prefer southern US Contact

WANTED 1958 – 1959 Chevrolet Impala Top dollar paid! Contact

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  1. James Scott

    buahhahahahahhahahahh 11k large for that buahahahahahahhahaha

  2. Dan

    To dream the impossible dream…

  3. brakeservo

    It’s NOT a car, it’s an idea that a car, in this case a Graham can exist in that space once every single part is replaced with a good part! And I can get my own ideas for free, no need to pay for this one!

  4. Trickie Dickie Member

    uh…… thanks. not that not today

  5. JW454

    I looked at the other items this seller has listed. They seem to be pretty proud of everything they own.

  6. DrinkinGasoline

    If this Graham, in it’s current condition, is worth anything near 11+K, then my fully restored, documented, numbers matching, registry, 1947 Indian Chief Roadmaster is sure to hit the block at no less than 150K, starting bid. My expectations are not that lofty, nor should the seller’s be.

  7. kyle

    $800.00 maybe…build a gasser and give the rest to a restorer! :-)

  8. David Frank David Frank Member

    I contacted a friend who knows Grahams and Cords well. (He was amused) This one was for sale at $4500 with no no takers and it was in much, much better condition and more complete I don’t think prices have come up that much in the last year..

    So this would seem to be way overpriced.

    • the gizzer

      Could be used in a horror flick.

  9. Pierre-Paul Rioux

    Are they kidding 11k for this Graham or is this an April fools joke . I’ll bet there’s no bottom left on this car and no pics of the floor or trunk which are probably non existent . Good luck to the sucker in transport !

  10. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Must be nice to want…..

  11. cudaman

    Cut the nose off and hang it on the wall………

  12. waynard

    $1250.00 at most. Plus you have to move it somehow. This is darned near a parts car. Condition 6. Number 1 cars top out at $35K. You’re underwater on this immediately, even at $1250.00. This guy’s not even close on price here.

  13. Van

    This would be great as a coversation piece in a pond. Of course let that great nose stick above the water line.

    • K.C.

      I see what you did there. Nicely done!

      It also reminded me of the students at my high school that took (stole) a Mercury off the dealer’s lot, mounted it on a platform, and then floated it in the pond in front of my high school. It floated. For a while. It then sank to the bottom. I don’t remember if they were ever caught.

  14. rob pearcey

    No chance.
    Start with something a little easier
    To readers guess what this is ?

    • JW454

      Sadly, it looks like it was a Rolls Royce or Bentley.

      • rob pearcey

        Sadly wrong ,but was known as the Triumph Razor Edge, with a proper name of Triumph Renown . This particular one may end up in Italy.

    • Andrew S Mace Member

      As I recall, it was one of the very rare (<200) "long wheelbase" Triumph Renown Limousines that, sadly, someone apparently tried to turn into a "Munster Koach"; I fear this car also was/is destined for little more than parts-car status, given a: the extreme modifications that would have to be undone and b: the potential to scavenge some fairly valuable parts (headlamp units just might be worth big money).

      • rob pearcey

        Your answer is spot on. Great comment . A+

        Was sold to Italian buyer / restorer, sadly did not pick it up , may now be destined as a parts car for Triumph Roadster. Engine fits TR3 just shy a couple of HP.
        KIng of the Road, Lucas ,Prince of darkness headlight, grille, radiator cap are =$

        I was going to buy and old jag and rat rod it. It’s a “Haloween Car”

    • Robert White

      A Delahay?


  15. Steve

    Obviously the seller misplaced the decimal point, needs to move two places to the left.

  16. Mark S Member

    If you could get it for the right price this could be made into a restomod. I’d use the entire undercarriage out of a 1990’s impla. There is alot of metal work but some of that could come out of the impala. As I said you’d dam near have to have this given to you

  17. Dennis M

    As others have said, way, way overpriced! $1,000 would be overpriced. Not even a desirable body style!

  18. Poppy

    Didn’t Graham use ’37 Cord body tooling for these cars?

    • Poppy

      Or maybe that was just the Graham Hollywoods….

  19. Rick McKee

    At least the comments are entertaining. The car not so much.

  20. Peter Hollinshead

    Triumph Renown.

    • rob pearcey

      1951 Triumph Renown Razor Edge 10/10

  21. Woodie Man

    We’ve lost our minds. Seller should PAY someone to move it.


    Why would you leave a car like this to sit out and decay? Apparently the Internet just came to his town and discovered he had some rust to sell!! Get out the sunshine pump for these people!!!

  23. Howard A Member

    This is really kind of sad. It just shows how out of kilter the hobby has become. Just too far gone, regardless of what it was. I like cudaman’s idea, restore the front end ( if possible) and make a fireplace out of it.

  24. Zaphod

    I have one perfect, used, intake valve left over from an upper cylinder job on a 1977 Ferrari 308 GTB Polyesther. Great project for the right person. Rare, $12,500, postage included.

    • rob pearcey

      I agree you must be Indian origin and have mistakenly put a comma in where you should have used a full stop $12.50 , I can turn it into art. Please forward Priority Mail

  25. rob pearcey

    Work of art should be left in the rain to RIP. Rust in Peace

  26. S Ryan

    How many grams does it take to come up with this price?

  27. randyflt219

    An ugly car when new! 11,000 for this rusted out piece of crap? We use these junkers for target practice.

  28. Fran Klotz

    Help…I need drivers side front fender with headlight bucket assembly or just the headlight unit. Any leads would be much appreciated,
    Thanks abunch ,
    Fran Klotz

  29. Frank Sorvillo

    I know its hard to put a price on the graham brothers sharknose. It’s true that the price is high but its funny if this was a Camaro or chevelle or mach 1 people would jump… My shop Frank’s Restorations (FB) is in the middle of a complete assembly line restoration of a 1940 4 door model 108 almost being the last one ever built on assembly line, now we bought our rust bucket for 2000.00 with all papers. It will go for 50.000.00. Its not an easy build but it is a full restoration every nut and bolt every screw wire spring etc. Completely restored or replaced with exact parts… So may he sell there is a buyer for everything at the right price.. He will lower till someone buys. Good luck on your sale.. Grahams are few.

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