Shayne’s Amazing Sightings And Finds!

Reader Shayne J is quite the avid car hunter and has come across some pretty incredible finds in the Phoenix area. He sent over just a few of his more interest discovers, including the 1970 Mustang Boss 302 you see above, an extremely rare Cross Boss intake and several other awesome finds. From Shayne – I’m a 22 year old car spotter in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Have been buying, collecting, selling and trading since I was in 7th grade (when I bought my first car). I figured I’d share some of the cool finds that I have encounter throughout the years, some of which I have actually been able to obtain and some that still sit where I spotted them.

1970 boss 302 original paint, motor, trans and deluxe interior. Shaker car. Came with a rare piece of Ford Racing history. Obtained

1965 K code 4 Speed fastback. Obtained.

1970 Cobra Jet 4 speed Mach 1. Still sits.

1963 split window 4 speed corvette. Still sits.

Super rare intake. All just sitting in a garage. The guy bought it a long time ago and never installed it on the Boss (he owned the car since 1973). It’s an awesome piece of history but I have the factory intake and carb on my Boss 302 motor now. So it’ll probably sit for a while!

I’ve only ever seen one other Cross-Boss intake system (at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah), so I thought I’d take a moment to share a little info about these setups. They were developed for Trans AM racing and were specifically built for the Boss 302. While the Cross-Boss manifold is an impressive piece of engineering, its the Autolite Carb that really stand out. It might look like 4 carbs, but it’s actually an inline 4 barrel design that can move 1,400 CFM of air. Seeing as these were specifically intended for Trans AM racing, there really weren’t many sold.

I want to thank Shayne for sharing his finds with us! He’s come across some pretty amazing stuff. If you have any amazing roadside sights or incredible barn finds, we would love to hear about them! Be sure to send them over to us at

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  1. Steve R

    He shows a lot of hustle. There are a lot of cars and parts lying around if people are willing to look.

    I hope he is able to get and keep a few choice cars for himself.

    Steve R

  2. Steven

    These cars aren’t for sale and why its being posted on BF is beyond me..

    • Jesse Staff

      We have been doing these sighting posts for years Steven.

      • Steven

        Jesse I was born yesterday as I’ve been noticing things for years on BF that don’t make since.. Are you following me around just to see what I’ve posted? Dang as how bout knock it off or I will take it to who owns this site!

      • Jesse Staff

        You’re kidding right? I own this site.

      • Bruce

        Jesse, please continue the sighting posts as well as field finds, warehouse finds ect. Most of us may never buy anything we see on Barn Finds, but we all love to see what is out there… keeps the dream alive.
        Thank you for what you do.

      • Jesse Staff

        Thanks Bruce!

      • glen

        I really don’t understand Steven’s reply, Apparently he was born yesterday, and he’s noticed things that don’t make “since” for years, and I think he’s paranoid. None of this makes “since” to me.

      • JCW Jr.

        If it is a find why would it have to be for sale to be on here?

    • Nick

      Wow what a grump. Is there somewhere on this websites that says only cars for sale will be posted? Let me guess, you also hate car flippers, say every car on here is too rusty / worthless and that the car in the field isn’t a “barn find”.

  3. JC

    I’d like to provide Shayne my contact info as I’m the next state over (CA) and am a buyer of these type muscle cars that he’s coming across. Anything he doesn’t want to buy, I’ll pay a bird dog fee and buy it if the price is right. Please let me know how we connect. Thanks, JC

    • Steven

      That 65 fastback isn’t in Phoenix area? Pine trees and if its in Arizona then its around Flagstaff more like.. Vette could be anywhere!

      • Shayne

        The K code was in Pine Top, AZ. The better is in the ghetto of PHX!

  4. JW

    I’m all for these sightings articles, it’s great to see there are still barn finds out there to be uncovered. Here in Missouri I’ve found out about a few but was also told beware most people here don’t cater to sight seers.

    • Steven

      JW your in Missouri as I know of 3 original 1935 , 36 auburn Boattail speedsters in a Garage building in Springfield as that elderly man who has them knows what he has.. They have V12 Packard engines in them and yes and no about if they are for sale.. I saw them last year when I was Flying a Crop Duster plane in that area on a farmers fields his chemicals, as I was wondering what was in this old garage shop building and now I know..

  5. KO

    Impressive work, Shayne. Great to see the younger guys out there contributing to the hobby.

    • Barzini

      My thoughts exactly. Nicely said.

  6. Harry Hodson

    Where oh where is the ’70 CJ sitting?

    • Todd Zuercher

      Where is there a CJ shown?

      • Oily Dick

        The Green Car…
        “1970 Cobra Jet 4 speed Mach 1. Still sits.”

      • Todd Zuercher

        10-4. I’m a truck guy – I immediately thought someone was talking about a Jeep CJ.

  7. Lord Humungous

    Shayne is my new hero!

  8. Todd Zuercher

    Shayne – thanks for sharing your finds! I live in Phoenix too and I’m always looking for cool stuff too (in addition to other places around the state).

  9. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Saw a pretty girl one time in a back yard…..

  10. Walter Joy

    I had my own car spotting today. But it was an AMC SC/Rambler. I’ll ask the guy about it when I pick up my truck from him

  11. scottymac

    It was my understanding the inline Autolite carbs used Weber internal parts. I believe there was an intake that mounted two of those carbs, but not sure of the CFM rating.

    • Rocco

      You are correct. My friend, here in Florida, has one with both carbs, plus the other top plate for just one. He olso has some BOSS 9 Nascar heads that take different valve covers. All kinds of Ford Performance stuff from the ’60’s-’70’s. Some stuff he got from Bud Moore. He just sold his BOSS 9 car about 5-6 months ago. He has a ’57 Bird from Arizona with about 70,xxx miles. I can’t remember everything.

  12. Bob S

    Fascinated how a Boss 302 or a Split Window could just be sitting around in the Sun in this day and age.

  13. rando

    I’m not really in the game to buy or sell, so it matters not to me. Just keep giving us cars to look at and appreciate. My favorite site now doesn’t cover cars for sale. Just to appreciate cars and the stories – mostly cars seen on the street or curbside. The negativity here really spoils an otherwise great site, but some people just can’t help it.

    • Cattoo Member

      There is a page on IG that is just pictures of motor vehicles that were taken as the photographer came across each ride. No comments on the pic but one can add them below. Is it uncouth to give out the page name here? I’ll refrain if so….

  14. olddavid

    1400 CFM? Damn, that is a ton of air to move. But, I recall the Trans Am series as the typical “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” platform for the OEM’s. They even enticed a poverty-stricken AMC to give boatloads of cash to Roger Penske. I cannot remember the track southeast of Seattle that they ran, but I saw them in 1970’s and in 2005 when they were a CART opener. The older I get the less I seem to know, as I had never even heard of this innovation. Too cool.

  15. Bama

    I want to see more of that 1970 Boss. Anyone else notice the 4 headlight set up? I wonder if its a 70 with a 69 grill????

    • KD

      It’s a ’70 grille; single light with dual stacked fake vents. The second light is a driving light, or make-shift turn signal…

  16. dillin crawley

    there is a 302 boss and a split window here in portage wi

  17. Mark

    Chemicals, I got it now!

  18. MGgezer

    I love seeing these sitings, keepum comming. Any history is welcome also!

  19. angliagt

    Here’s my barn find,a ’61 MGA that’s been in a garage for years.
    It’s going to Ohio,& I’m helping the seller get it ready for transport.
    I’m not making any money from this,but it’s turned into a bigger
    job than I thought.
    And then there’s the wild cat living in the rafters…..

  20. angliagt

    Left out the picture.

  21. Rob S.

    Shayne, you go bro! Always one in a crowd that is jelous of your findings! Great detective work. It’s not easy earning the trust of someone. I found and bought a 69 BOSS 302 from a lady who’s husband passed in the early 70’s. He bought the car new in Mesa Az. Had 30K miles on it. Sat in her back yard for 35 years! Car lives a pampered life in seattle!

    • Rob S.

      Here is that Boss today.

      • Cattoo

        A four minute transformation. That’s awesome. Nice work on a sweet ‘69 Boss.

      • Rob S.

        I wish I could work that fast! I bought it 20 years ago. Been done a few years now

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