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Shed Stash: Six Porsche 356s

Shed Stash

We have all whined and complained about the recent jump in Porsche 356 prices. Yet, if we would have had some foresight when we were younger, we would have all contacted our local insurance agents and asked them to send any wrecked 356s our way. Then maybe we could have had a nice little nest egg like this guy in Skowhegan, Maine. A buddy has helped him list the cars here on eBay. There are six in total and each isn’t much more than a stripped shell. Some look like crash victims while others could be stalled restorations. The auction description says that the owner has been collecting and parting out 356s for 45 years so there probably isn’t much left here. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner experiences a nice little boost in their retirement after this. What I wouldn’t give to have a few of these parked in the shed out back! Thanks goes to Jim S. for the tip!

Red 356

Here’s the first of them. The rear panel has been cut off either in anticipation of rust repair or to repair another rusty car. The doors are missing and… What’s going on with the roof?

Crashed 356

Ouch! This badly wrecked 356 has been stripped of most of its usable pieces, but maybe a little sheet metal could be salvaged there. Or not.

Lots of spares

There’s a few more parts on this one and I can spot a bunch of spares stacked around it. I wonder if all that is included in the sale?

Wheres the corner

The front corner is ripped off this one, but it appears to be much more complete than some of the other cars.

Black 356

It’s hard to make an assessment of the black one, but at least we know there is an extra clip to help make up for all the missing ones here.

Roof dents

Roof dents seem to be a common theme here. Guess you don’t want to store heavy items on the top of your 356! So, the whole idea of buying these and dragging them home is a fun one, but what would you do with them all once you got them there? Many of the parts have already been stripped so parting them out probably isn’t a good option. The bodies are rough and I would assume that all the titles are branded, so restoring them might not be the best route either. What a dilemma this presents!


  1. hhaleblian

    Calling Adam Wright.

  2. DENIS

    What is it they say? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? hmmmm

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    • Jason

      This man’s trash is another man’s…trash.

      Like 1
  3. sir mike

    I really don’t get it….might there be enough ”good” parts here to make one good car? looks like they have been picked clean of most/all needed parts.maybe it’s just me…

  4. St. Ramone de V8

    Even a 356 Porche must be scrapped eventually. Not much left here.

  5. David Frank David F Member

    You never know where you’ll see a 356 hiding. This is in a friend’s shop and yes, it’s real and it’s a sunroof car, all original. A valve stuck and he’s never gotten around to fixing it. He’s saving it for his retirement.

  6. rover

    Porsches coming out of the woodwork!

    What a great windfall for the owner, 6 years ago you could have bought the lot o Porsches for what????

    Tragic history in old Skowhegan …the white mans burden hangs heavy there man…sorry boys can’t help it I studied this place during a course in university

    • Jason

      You studied Skowhegan in school? I went to college nearby.

      • rover

        Small world, had not even thought about Skowhegan since 1974 but, if you were enrolled at the University of Florida’s Gainsvilles US history department courses in the mid 70’s specifically native Floridian Indian tribal studies – there were not one but two professors there that had us studying the entire course // cause //effect of the Indian massacres in and around Skowhegan during the 1720s?? We tested on some comparative Indian massacres in Florida around the same time..

  7. Al Member

    Have to say some of these are better shape then some I’ve seen in adds say rebuildable with 5 digit prices.

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