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ShedSide: 1957 Dodge D100

1957 Dodge D100

This 1957 Dodge truck is special because its design was only used for one year. Perhaps consumers didn’t like it back then, but I think it’s handsome enough today. This one has been stored under that lean-to for over 20 years, but the seller had pulled it out and gotten it running. After changing the fluids and throwing a new battery in it, the engine supposedly started right up and idled like a “sewing machine”. I have my doubts that these things ran that well when new, but it does look a cool old work truck. The master cylinder was also replaced, but as the seller recommends, all the rubber consumables should be replaced right away! It’s located in Kelseyville, California and is listed for sale here on eBay with a BIN price of $7,500 or the option to place a bid. So, what do you think of this stepside shed find?


  1. L.M.K. Member

    I like it a lot. It’s clean and solid. A black plated Ca truck. That alone means a lot. Look at all the money that will be saved by not dealing with all the rust usually associated with reviving an old barn find. This one seems like a safe bet….

  2. Chris in Nashville

    If I was not working on my C20, two motorbikes and just moved from CA to TN, I would love to give the Dodge a new home.

  3. roger

    Looks great,but not $7500.00 great
    Maybe $2500.00 tops

  4. Dave Wright

    The guy thinks it is a swept side. Pedestrian simple little pickup, tough, not up to modern highways either going or stoping. Probably why is sat unused for so long.

  5. Ed P

    What a difference. The ’57 Chrysler Corp cars were known for their rust problems and this Dodge truck has so little of it.

  6. Jason

    Crack Pipe Price

  7. Cassidy

    I think I know why Dodge only made this model for one year: the Chevy and Ford trucks smoked them with their style. It looks like a cardboard box with headlights and wheels.

  8. Mark E

    I was inclined to think this was overpriced until I looked at the listing. Amazing to find an original 58 year old vehicle with so little rust! Just perfect to start a complete restoration or just replace the rubber parts and maybe the wood in the bed and you have an honest looking work truck.

  9. kenzo

    These are a great truck. I had one but in Canada it was a Fargo. Took the 6 out and put in a 318. I did make it a nice cruizer. Like a bunch of vehicles I’ve had over the years, 56 Meteor, 48 Stude convert with leather upholstery. Should have kept them.

  10. Scott Allison

    With that front end —
    Paint it flat black, put a red police light on the roof.. and a Batman emblem on the doors – – BAT TRUCK !

  11. The Walrus

    I think it’s well priced. It’s right in between a #4 at $4300 and a #3 at $9600, so $7500 seems about right. So easy to restore since most of the interior is just paint. This is one that somebody could restore in their garage and possibly make a buck.

    As far as styling goes… it is a one year style, but in ’55-’57 the Dodge pick ups changed each year (sort of like ’55-’57 Chevys). As is the case today, most trucks ran for several years with only minor changes. In the case of these Dodges (lie the tri-5 Chevys) the differences are really just cosmetic. Attached to this is a ’55. I’ll post a ’56 and a ’57 “Sweptline” as well. If this truck were a Sweptline it would be a steal at $7500. Even as a Stepside, I’m surprised it hasn’t been bought already.

    • The Walrus

      56 Dodge

    • The Walrus

      ’57 Sweptline

  12. DENIS

    lowered, flat black, huge-ass rubber, 440/727trans, genyoowine unborn mouseskin upholster… I luvet!! But not 7500 worth of love…4500 perhaps…

  13. jeffryh

    This was my neighbors truck, it was sold at an estate sale for around 2k, with 2 bids at the same amount. Hope it goes to someone who will love it.

    • Jason

      $2000…$7500: immediate inflation!

  14. jim s

    now at $4999 with about 6 hrs to go. no BIN and no reserve. someone is going to get a great driver/work truck. great find.

  15. Steve Member

    This is a very good find – these trucks are hard to find and this one’s in good shape with minimal rust. Trucks are the fastest growing segment of collectible vehicles today, and prices reflect that. It’s all about supply and demand.

    And no, if this was a Sweptside you’d be doubling or tripling that price.

    Too many in our hobby are stuck on their own perceptions of values from back in the day…sure I coulda bought a Hemi Challenger for $3k back in 1977. Heck, could have probably bought this truck for $300 back then. Why would that have any relevance on what a buyer will pay for them today.

  16. RoughDiamond

    I absolutely love this ’57 Dodge! Just wish I was not so far away in TN.

  17. pontiactivist

    I love the body lines on these. Prefer the 55’s myself. Would do it up with a nice 340 4speed headers duals nice set of wheels and drive it after making it safe and hot rod it. Drive it as I redid the body and give it some off the wall paint job. Maybe black w/ flames and a nice low maintenance black vinyl interior.

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