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Shelby’s Last Hurrah: Dodge Ram Rod Hall Edition


While there was no shortage to special edition models that Carroll Shelby’s hand had a role in creating, this 1990 Dodge Ram Rod Hall edition here on eBay was less about hands and more about a name. What the truck amounted to was a final fling of sorts for keeping Shelby Automotive in business after some products were cancelled and Shelby’s health continued to decline. Still, it’s an automotive curiosity you don’t see often and could be a neat prize for a Mopar enthusiast. 


There were only 33 of these trucks made for the 1990 model year, so it’s definitely a rare find. Whether that’s worth anything to you is another question entirely. From what I can find out, this was mostly a dress-up package with some neat cosmetic enhancements, from the bed-mounted roll bar to a custom brush guard with Rod Hall-branded fog lights. The latter has gone missing on this example and a plow mount (I think?) resides in its place.


I believe these Rod Hall editions had a custom rear bumper, which appears to still be attached. The roll bar should also have fog lights mounting on top but those are also gone. I am going to go out on a limb and say those are the correct Ultra-branded wheels, but I’m not entirely sure. The 1990s were short-lived trucks, adding insult to injury after the first run in 1987 were recalled due to the NHSTA saying the stiffer Rod Hall shocks were unapproved for road use. No word if this truck still has the aftermarket units installed.


No pictures of the interior are included, which should have a unique steering wheel and dash plaque. The 1990 models made do with a 318 paired to a standard automatic, so these were fairly ordinary trucks aside from the aforementioned tweaks. I’m not sure where to place the dollar value on one of these as they certainly are rare but not necessarily valuable. Would you bring this one back or leave it in the salvage yard where it has resided for the past few years?


  1. Kevin

    looks neat

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  2. The Walrus

    Needs to be saved. What is interesting, perhaps more accurately ‘telling’ about these was that only 33 were made. Shelby had contracted to make 1500, however he had a heart attack. He cancelled the remainder of the contract because he couldn’t be ‘hands on’ during his recovery. I don’t know what the Shelby Skunkworks in CA looked like, or how it operated, but the cancellation of the contract for this reason would indicate, to me at least, that he touched this truck. They had unique suspension upgrades in addition to the cosmetic (bumpers, steering wheel, roll bar). While I doubt he installed anything himself, these trucks are the only thing he put his name to where there is tangible evidence of his direct oversight of the process. And with only 33 actually produced? You know he must have physically touched it in some way.

    Oh, and I would put money on those being the correct wheels. The major missing piece is the front bumper/pushbar.

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    • grant

      I’m a little confused. How do you figure these trucks are the only “thing he put his name to where there is tangible evidence of his direct oversight”? He personally built the first Cobra and that’s not to say anything of the GT 350\500 Mustangs.

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      • Allen

        I believe he was specifically referring to these trucks, not all Shelby automobiles.

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    Definitely bring it back! I didn’t realize that Shelby was involved in putting these trucks together. I remember when they came out. I have to laugh about the shocks being “unapproved for road use” as they were Rancho RS5000s with Rod’s signature on the decals.

    I’m pretty sure the wheels are correct too. Just looks like it’s missing the front pre runner bumper.

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  4. Walter Joy

    I’ve been looking so hard for those rollbars for my Ram.

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  5. Rando

    I had an 84 Dodge 4×4 in the late 80s, early 90s. Worked for a sign company at the time and made a set of Rod Hall grahics for my truck. Like this one: http://image.fourwheeler.com/f/28369197+w600+cr1/129_0207_13_z%2Btop_10_classic_4x4%2Brod_hall_truck.jpg

    I really like this one and would love to see it brought back.

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  6. Howard A Member

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but what kind of person would fit this with a plow setup, as if it was just another Dodge pickup? I mean, it’s rarer than the Hurst Jeep for heaven sake. I never knew about these vehicles, and ol’ Mr. Shelby must be spinning in his grave, if he knew what this was being used for. Makes you wonder what else Shelby did. Unbelieveable find. http://www.mopartruckparts.com/gallery/g-images/g101-1.jpg

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  7. Schwag

    That’s a great looking truck and deserves to be saved. Good luck finding the correct lights and guard though.

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  8. Mr. Bond

    I would think that the limited degree of modifications on this unit would imply Shelby was only doing these for the cash. a bit of lipstick on a pig, so to speak. I doubt he’d even care, let alone spin in his grave.

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    Mr. Bond I agree with you. A truck with graphics is all I see too. You would think if Shel was part of this project it would have a lot more then the 318. Seems like the previous owner didn’t think much of it other then a work truck it was designed for. Use it and when done throw it away from the looks of it. Quite a task ahead at even attempting on bringing it back. Many parts are NOT available and would have to be sourced used. Better to buy a nice truck and add decals.If Walker Evens made a special Dodge. I would be in.
    I say neat find and move on.

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    Bring it back, Wheels do look right. Here’s mine although its a different animal kinda, mine is a actual prerunner for Rod Hall but should give you a idea what a good restore can do!

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    • Mike fowell

      Spoke to Rod and his son, Rod reviewed pictures.

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  11. Gary

    How do we know this wasn’t a clone?

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      Had it since 1994 and have had Rod and Chad Hall look at it as well as Stroppe Racing.

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  12. Mark savastano

    I was the second owner I did not put the plow set up on it it’s number 38 as far as production goes it was a great truck and yes those are the right rims truck is mostly complete tyranny is out but the problem is it’s sitting in a scrap yard with the windows down and has been for a long time

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  13. Mark savastano

    It’s a real rod hall #38

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  14. Rancho Bella

    First off, ol’ Shel would put his name on just about anything to make a buck.

    Second. I have had folks on the east coast send me pix of automotive items for sale that claimed “it looks good”. What looks good to them and looks good to us out west is night and day.

    Puts a entire different meaning to “that’s the pits”

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    • Keith

      Rancho you are 1000% correct! I get up in the west and now live in NJ and believe me it is night and day difference! Cars we wouldn’t touch out west are billed over here as “solid, restorable”‘ cars.

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  15. Sean oldaker

    I have a 1987 model that I’ve been trying to get in touch with somebody to see if it is authentic and not a clone, mine has I different front bumper also and the light bar removed

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  16. Dave Murphy

    I have one of the 1987 “Rod Hall” editions that I just started to restore. Fortunately it’s spent the last 35 years in Idaho. Rust free. I’ve checked mine against the build sheet and it is one of the 1987 14 that were built and recalled.

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  17. Dave Murphy

    This is a real 1987 Rod Hall edition

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