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Shelbys Uncovered In France

1967 Shelby GT 350

I recently wrote about an Aston Martin discovered in a barn in France. While the Aston was quite fascinating, there were other interesting cars in the background. The seller didn’t provide any information about any of them and since I don’t know French, I wasn’t able to scour leboncoin.fr for more details. There was a lot of speculation as to what other cars were parked in the barn, but thankfully reader Jo G was able to do some digging and discovered that the owner has listed some of them for sale as well. It looks like some of the speculation was spot on, so be sure to take a look at the other cars here on Leboncoin. Thanks Jo

Alpine Shelby GT 350

Obviously the car that generated the most interest and speculation was the Mustang parked behind the Aston Martin. Those of you who guessed that it was a Shelby GT 350 were spot on! Like the Aston, the seller provides no information about this 1967 Shelby. Their listing shows it as having a manual transmission and just 31k miles on the odometer. The seller obviously understands how valuable this car is and is asking 130k Euros, which is about $168k. It looks solid, but will likely need restoration work.

1969 Shelby GT 350

If you want a GT 350, but the ’67 doesn’t tickle your fancy, then perhaps their ’69 Shelby GT 350 will. They offer more photos of it and it appears to be in much nicer condition. It has 3k fewer miles and an asking price that is 13k dollars cheaper. Again, the seller offered no specifics on this one, but they at least provided a photo of the interior! It has either been fully restored already or has been very well cared for. While I would rather have the ’67, I would be more than happy to own this one!

1970 Alfa Romeo

While the seller has several other cars, the only other one of serious interest is this 1970 Alfa Romeo Montreal. While it isn’t as desirable as either of the Shelbys, it at least has a V8! The 2.6 liter engine only puts out 200 hp and 174 pounds of torque, but spins all the way up to 6,500 rpms. If it is complete and solid, the seller’s $32k asking price might not be too far off the mark. Finding parts could be difficult though, as there were less than 4k built. The dates on some of these photos make me a bit nervous, but hopefully it’s a matter of the seller not knowing how to change the date on their camera. Seven years is a long time for cars to sit and a lot of deterioration can happen in that time.

Shelby GT 350 in France

While I’m glad to know for sure what else is hiding in this barn, I actually have even more questions now than I did to begin with. I want to know the full story behind these cars and the barn that houses them. Were these uncovered recently or back in 2007? If they were discovered seven years ago, why are they just now coming to market? I’m sure as there is more interest, more information will come to light! So if you know more, please feel free to share!


  1. Dirty Dingus McGee

    I’m curious as to how/why a pair of Shelbys wound up in a barn in France.

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    • L.K.

      Our wonderful hobby has no bounds. Car people are all over the globe and they will transport their toys from anywhere to where they want them to be. Too bad we can’t take them with us when our time is up !

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      • Dirty Dingus McGee

        I understand dragging our toys where ever we may roam, I’ve done it a couple times myself. These just seem to be odd to end up in France, especially given the other vehicles they were stored with.

        Rather eclectic assortment.

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    • scott

      Soprano type people maybe…

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    • Al

      I was stationed in Germany for 7 yrs and was suprised at the amount of American Muscle over there.A Little bit of everything. Try looking up Auto and Technik Museum Sinsheim online they hold American auto shows every now and then and also have a nice selection in the museum. One little toy I wanted wasn’t exactly American but was sold in the US was the Capri, not the mustang version. It had a wide body kit on it and the motor was a Cobra 289 with the quad weber set up. Asked the owner if it was fast LOLOL He just grinned! I think a lot of the American cars were brought over by military then traded off for European.

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  2. MikeW

    OK, I got it right , but you weren’t listening. It’s either a 65 or 66 and by the back window I’ll say 66. Most definitely not a 67! It’s also missing the v8 badges, so some speculation there.

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    • Livermoron

      I agree – 1966. But I am pretty sure Shelby Mustangs didn’t have V8 badges – at least none of the ones I have seen pictures of have had them.

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    • Larry

      The Shelby is a 1966 , they did not have V8 badges .

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  3. alfamax

    Not a 1967! 1965-66.

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    • Dale

      ’65 has louvres, not quarter windows. Looks like louvres to me so I’d say it’s a ’65.

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  4. Michael Yentzen

    Good luck selling either Shelby at those prices. Those are restored prices.

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  5. jim s

    for that kind of money the photos should be recent and clean out the junk behind the grill of the 69. these need to be looked at by a pro before buying. still great finds

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  6. Siggy

    According to the windshield sticker on the Blue Mustang, the last time that car was on the road was 1978. Back in the day in France you were required to have yearly stickers on your windshield to prove that your car passed the “Technical Control” and is safe to be driven down the road. Funny story i grew up 30 minutes away from where that barn is. So close :D !

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  7. Bruce Rolfe

    Why does the 69 have a Pontiac Firebird emblem on the grill? Got to question the reasoning behind that.

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  8. Lee

    The white one is a 66, you can tell by the size and location of the outside rear view mirror.
    Also the wheels appear to be the standard 66 painted magniums. You can see the black paint behind the door where the side scoop has been removed.

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  9. Mathieu

    I may help you as I usually speak french. No real description on all cars but the Bentley for sale has some. Text states that the Bentley commes without ‘’cg’’, I do believe it means no paper. Then it says that it has British registration, right hand drive, grill is not on the car but comes with it. The car may be good for parts or customisation. Call for more info and finnaly it’s written (as you can read) jaguar,collection,custom,kustom,rolls royce, so my guess would be that thoses cars have been bought by a kind of rod shop or reseller. On the Ford Taunus Ghia blanche (white), it says to ask question by phone only.

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  10. jean Lecointe

    The photos have been taken in 2007, That is seven years ago, a lot of things might have happenned since…

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    • OKCPhil

      I agree with the photos being too old. I have never understood how people with such expensive cars are so unbelievable inept at selling their toys. It makes me wonder if they really are for sale or if the photos are of cars which were for sale and are no loner available? Are we sure this is not a scam?

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  11. rancho bella

    Just a little note boys. Without a full inspection, verifying an early GT350 is a crap shoot.
    And, there were cross over models. “Homework is essential” and bring a pro with you.

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  12. Kevin Brabank

    Another clue that it’s a 66 not a 65 is that the GT 350 stripes are 66. There’s not center stripe on the after the 350 on the fender of a 65. It starts up again on the door. I actually think it’s priced right. According to Hagerty the average value is about $150,000. It looks to me like a low miles survivor with decent paint probably original.

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  13. ConservativesDefeated

    Out of curiousity, using my rusty French, I just sent an email to the poster of the Shelby, asking them to look at Barnfinds and tell us more about the car.

    We shall see if they respond to Barnfinds!

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  14. ConservativesDefeated

    For all you Francophiles, and grammar Poleece….heres the email:

    Ici dans les Etas-Unis, il ya un “website” qui
    s’appelle “BarnFinds”, l’address est:


    Il ya des gens qui veux savoir information de
    votre ’66 Shelby. Peut -etre vous pouvez ecrire a
    l’addresse de Barnfinds et les dit plus de votre

    Pardonez mois pour mon Francais, il y a beaucoup
    des annees depuis que Je parle francais ou ecris.


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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      I’m excited to see if you receive a response! Please keep us all updated.

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      • ConservativesDefeated


        We shall see! Thought it worth a go. Hopefully they will make an effort to chime in on your tremendous website. Thanks for all the work you do with it. It’s much appreciated

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      • Dominique Legeai

        Bonjour, I am originally from France and have been involved with French car ads on many occasions over the years. American friends have sollicited me to get more info on cars listed in “le Bon coin” or other sites and I’ll admit that as a general observation the French are very stingy on information and pictures to the point that one wonders if they really wish to sell the car listed. Also, I would call the number listed and it is generally difficult to have the seller be forthcoming with answering my questions, quite frustrating indeed. Looking at these pictures from 2007 one can only “wonder”….why not pull these cars out of the barn, clean them up a bit and then take good detailed pictures with proper and accurate descriptions? The price asked is in my opinion….obnoxious to say the least. As another reader said, this is a price for a restored Shelby. I am curious to see what the answer, if answer there is, to the e-mail will be….bonne chance.

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    • Mathieu Belanger

      Your french is not that bad, I did understood everything you wrote!

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      • ConservativesDefeated


        Vous etes tres gentil

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  15. ConservativesDefeated

    Got a confirmation that the message was sent:

    Votre email a bien été envoyé à “jeannot”.”

    So we’ll see

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  16. Mathieu

    Just received an email in french from someone asking me what could be the value of theirs cars. Answered that I need more details about them.

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