Silver Bullet: 1984 Pontiac Fiero EV

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Here’s another in the Scotty G Oddball EV series of semi-normal cars that have been converted to battery power: we bring you this 1984 Pontiac Fiero EV – also known as Silver Bullet. This good looking silent ride can be found here on eBay in beautiful Vista, California with a $9,900 buy it now price or you can make an offer.

The Fiero was only made for five model years, from 1984 to 1988. The 1984 models such as Silver Bullet really look small and quaint (as no Pontiac owner ever said) compared to the sleek and almost Italian exotic style of the 1988 models, when they finally got things right and then, of course, GM pulled the plug.

Speaking of plug, this car really is a battery-powered Fiero, that wasn’t a joke. And, as a conversion, it is a pretty nice one as far as I can tell from the photos and description. The seller bought the car from an estate so they know basically nothing about it which is super unfortunate. They do list all of the incredible work that was done to this unassuming and unsuspecting Fiero and it’s amazing. There are a few Fiero EV conversions out there, actually more than a few, and they are great commuters. This one reportedly has/had/will-have-again a range of between 80 and 90 miles, that’s great for a non-factory conversion.

Sadly, the car has sat for two years and as such the batteries will need a bit of coaxing to be functional again. With a $9,900 or offer asking price, the thought of replacing thousands of dollars worth of batteries gives me the shivers, but some folks wouldn’t blink to spend $15,000-$20,000 on a car such as this in perfect working order in certain areas of the country. An 80-mile range is more than enough for most people to drive to work and back and not worry about the power running out. This is the only photo showing the interior but like the exterior, this whole car looks like it’s almost in new condition.

Well, it looks new other than when you pop the hood, either in front or back. The Fiero was a mid-engined car, of course, and the builder of this car, a retired aircraft mechanic, supposedly evened out the weight of the batteries so there’s a good balance. And, don’t forget, there is no engine so it isn’t just adding a few hundred pounds of batteries, they also removed a few hundred pounds of engine, gas tank, and related fuel systems. The seller is working to balance the batteries and get them fully functioning again. Hopefully it’ll be ready to go if and when it sells. Any thoughts on Silver Bullet?

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  1. TimM

    Do you actually believe it doesn’t have a million dollar price tag on it????

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  2. Kenneth Carney

    Very cool! I’m a big fan of electric cars
    and this one is really sharp. I’ve seen on
    line where a lot of desirable cars are now
    being converted to electric power to keep
    them on the road in the face of ever
    tightening EPA emissions controls that, as we know, are strangling a lot of older
    cars and robbing them of their punch.
    It started in Europe and it’s now coming
    here. Can you imagine a ’70 Chevelle
    EV? If this trend continues, we may
    just see it in our lifetime. Would love
    to have this car for my daily trips to the
    corner store and then some. Nice find

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  3. Sam61

    I like ev conversions but consider this for similar money. You can buy a used Jeep Commander with a hemi and drive about 200 miles on a tank of gas, pull a boat, haul the family AND get pissed off when something random breaks.

    I did a 2 year lease back in the day…glad to turn it in.

    There are sweet Fieros on the market with the small Cadillac v8.

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  4. geomechs geomechsMember

    A very interesting project but I’m still not thrilled about tramping down on the accelerator and being rewarded with the sound of an Electrolux. A lot of people talk about how the old image is changing and the law-makers are all bent out of shape trying to force everyone to drive EV. My brother is an electrical engineer, living in Tucson. He told me that if a quarter of the cars went EV the grids, as they are, can’t support the demand. He added that even the newest housing developments can’t keep up either, and IF they happen to install an adequate grid the feeder can’t keep up. He told me that if you’re determined to drive EV a Hybrid is the most practical choice. He practices what he preaches; he drives a Hybrid.

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  5. Country Joe

    I like the concept they were going for, but I sure don’t see $9,900 of value in that sale. Most likely every single battery is toast.

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  6. Rock On

    Hey Scotty, any luck with that sporty Yugo from a few days ago?

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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      Ha, that sounds so crazy, Rock On – sporty Yugo! I’ve been talking with the seller and it really sounds and looks like a good one (he has sent a few additional photos) and there are only 7 hours left on the auction and no bidders yet! I’m not in drunken-sailor-car-buying-mode like I was a couple of years ago since we’re doing a nice garage this year. I still have the link open at all times trying to torture myself into getting it. So far, it’s about 99% “no” from friends when I ask for advice.

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      • Rock On

        Okay Scotty, you probably still have time to hit the liquor store before it closes!

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  7. CanuckCarGuy

    The fuel tank on these is tucked up into that center console section and runs the length of the passenger cabin; that would be an ideal spot for the batteries, keeping a nice neutral weight balance and freeing up some precious cargo space.

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  8. David Frank David FMember

    Cool writeup Scotty! These conversions use old battery technology (lead-acid anyone?) and mechanical controllers. It’s not much different than the 1911 Detroit Electric at our local museum. There’s no way this thing would have an 80-mile range except possibly at a steady 20MPH. It likely has a 10 or 15 mile range at freeway speeds. This might be fun, though, if one could adapt the mechanicals from a Leaf or other current electric vehicle with Lithium-Ion batteries.

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  9. TimM

    One good friend of mine bids on towing for the New York State Thruway and says the most dangerous thing he’s come across in the passed few years was when a Prius was in a three car accident and the high D.C. Voltage was shorting out to the other vehicles in the crash!! He said because of this instance he now carriers heavy rubber gloves and bolt cutters to cut the battery cables in a crash!! Mixed with some gasoline it makes for a interesting mix in a crash!! I’m not saying anything bad about saving the environment just relaying the story he told me!!!

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  10. John A COREY

    Why is the big DC motor in the FRONT???? I see the brake master and the cowl vent screens in that image. Did they really run the drive shaft through the tunnel to the back axle??? What an odd choice, when it could have bolted in right onto the transaxle. Ah well, freestyle engineering.

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  11. Miguel

    Why are we seeing EV conversions for big money with dead batteries?

    That would be like selling a classic car for big money with no engine or transmission.

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  12. Ralph

    Electric cars are much quieter than an Electrolux vacuum, lol. EVs exhibit an almost inaudible whine. And with 95% efficiency (compared to 20% for an ICE car), EVs are super economical to operate. Plus, with full torque on tap at all RPMs from zero up, EVs have far better performance than ICE cars. As icing on the proverbial cake, almost no maintenance is ever required by EVs.

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  13. Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

    Auction update as of May 5, 2019 – relisted at $7,900 buy it now.

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