Singer Build Candidate: 1986 Porsche 911 Targa

There’s been a lot of chatter in the Porsche world over the last few years regarding custom 911s built by Singer Vehicle Design. They are stunning, the perfect blend of modern and historic 911 features. Cars like this 1986 Porsche 911 Targa here on eBay would make for an ideal conversion candidate as it’s already nearly completely stripped and in need of a drivetrain. Of course, with the rising prices of 911s of this vintage, a sympathetic restoration makes sense, too. 

This example is bid up to $3,550 at the moment with the reserve unmet. There are just over three days left, so auction activity hasn’t been mind-blowing. The car looks relatively straight in pictures, with good shut lines and consistent paint. The Targa hoop thankfully hasn’t been sacrificed for a stalled convertible conversion, but that’s not to say it isn’t what a previous owner had planned when the 911 was stripped down. Rear glass will be a pricey acquisition if the Targa body is preserved.

The interior is lacking seats but it’s not as barren as you might expect – steering wheel and door panels remain attached, along with HVAC and window switchgear. The seller notes it retains a clean title, but he doesn’t have the title in hand. The clean history is interesting and begs the question as to why the Targa was stripped down. Given these were historically the least desirable examples, it’s not surprising to see it in this state – but we would want to confirm this isn’t a theft recovery that was never reported.

The “Porsche” garnish is missing from between the tail lamps, and as you can see, the engine bay is empty. Still, with bumpers still attached and a suspension to hold the car up, you could easily make this into a driver-quality Targa while you figure out if it will ever be completely restored or treated to a conversion along the lines of a Singer build. The rust-free body is very appealing and the minor dents and dings paint a picture of careful ownership before either boredom or booze landed the 911 in its current state. How would you rebuild it?


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  1. The_Driver

    Singer only uses hard top coupes. This 911 better be REAL cheap!

    • Klharper

      Not anymore, while most of them are hard tops they do show a targa on their web site. I am not a Porsche fan but I do like their work.

  2. J Paul Member

    Actually, Singer offers Targas now as well. BUT…their conversions are generally based on newer 911s than this one (I think they use the 964 as a base)

    • The_Driver

      Yes, 964, not pre 1990 911’s, which rules this one out.

  3. Lounge

    I might be able to afford a Singer….. but I’d have to live in it.

  4. Steve R

    The last paragraph of the sellers description says it all. There is a title, he doesn’t have it, he has information for the previous two owners, with a little leg work YOU should be able to get a bonded title. I don’t think you could make the BS up if you tried. He should of said, “give me your money, good luck, now get lost”, I think I’d have more respect for him if he said that. I wouldn’t touch this car with a ten foot pole.

    Steve R

    • The_Driver

      Darn, I didn’t even get to the “title part”.

  5. Nrg8

    “Has a clean title, but I don’t have it. I’ve owned it 18 months (wink wink) but I never got it. I do know the 2 previous owners names and with a little leg work you can get a bonded title!”. Ugh muttering to self………..

  6. Adam T45 Staff

    I don’t know. The more that I look at Barn Finds the more convinced I become that I am a peasant. I have friends who own Porsches. I’ve driven plenty of them of all eras and different models. I just don’t “get” them. It’s funny how some cars will just grab your heart, but others just leave you cold. I’d take the little Alfa 2600 before this any day. So, am I a peasant?

    • Klharper

      No just different taste. I had a 911, lost my license in a 930 and driven several others, from 356 to 996. They are ok but I really don’t enjoy them either. I do appreciate the work of both Singer and people like Magnus walker and I am glad they like them, but they are not for me.

  7. Jose Delgadillo

    I am clearly a peasant, not because I can’t appreciate some of the more “exclusive” cars but because I can’t afford them! Unfortunately it all comes down to money. Singers are crazy expensive, but now all 911s are too. Sometimes at car shows I’ll run into run into a regular blue collar person that owns a remarkable car. Most of the time they have owned this car for twenty to thirty years, sometimes even more! I met a lady who has a unrestored Plymouth Superbird. Her husband had bought the car years before, than his health deteriorated and the car sat in the garage. Now several years after his death she got the car running and she wanted to fix it and drive it as a tribute to her husband. Before you guys get any ideas about finding yourself a new girlfriend, she was a very nice lady in her early 60s.

  8. Jubjub

    Sucky thing about this is every easily picked off, high dollar bit has already been sold off on Fleabay.

    Boo on the title too!

    Singers are nice, but do it your own way! I always wanted a set of those spare steelies with wide 16” jugs for that all business, low spec look.

    I’ve said it before, but when you hammer the living snot out of one of these, like you’re supposed to, then you’ll understand. It begs you to give it all the hell you can dish out then asks for more.

  9. Pete

    This seller has me thinking he bought this car to strip for parts for another car he has. Now he wants to sell what is left over without the actual title. Yeah I don’t think so. Unless your sitting there looking at a rusted out 911 in your garage and need the sheet metal to make yours whole again. I would pass on this thing. I am also a peasant I guess. I like the looks of the 911’s and have actually only ridden in one in my life. It was ok, but didn’t make me fall in love with them. I am more of a unobtainium MB 190SL kinda guy. LOL.

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