Sinking Feeling: 1964 Amphicar 770

The Amphicar is one of those vehicles that leaves me torn. I love anything with wheels, but I’m terrified of boats. This particular Amphicar reinforces my belief that I should be keeping my feet firmly on dry land because, in its current state, it’s inevitable that my feet would get wet very quickly if the car were to ever be pointed at the water. Having said that, these are a vehicle that has developed a true cult following, and good examples are selling for some pretty serious prices. This one represents an enormous project, so take a look and see if you’d be willing to take it on. Located in Barnwell, South Carolina, you will find the Amphicar listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set the BIN price at $12,500, but there is the option available to make an offer.

When you look at the state of the Amphicar, it is a great relief to remember that glass doesn’t rust. That’s one of the few components on the car that hasn’t succumbed in one way or another. Everywhere you look there’s rust to be seen. It looks like any steel blow about the mid-line of the body has rotted away, and that includes the floors. Any restoration on the Amphicar is going to be a “nut & bolt” project because the level of deterioration ensures that shortcuts are not going to be an option.

With the panels painted in Fjord Green, the interior trim would almost certainly have been finished to match in green and white. All of that trim is long gone, as are the seat frames. The dash is complete, but this is an area that would require complete restoration.

The “770” designation for the Amphicar was used to identify the claims that the car was capable of traveling 7 knots on the water, and 70mph on the land. There are many people who question these claims, and I’ve never actually seen definitive proof one way or the other. Regardless, when we look at the mechanical components of the car, we are left to face the fact that there would be a lot of work required before the car was able to move under its own power. Having said that, the 1,147cc Triumph Herald engine does appear to be complete, while the transmission and the equipment to drive the twin propellers all looks to be present.

The cult following for the Amphicar means that they do sell for some pretty surprising sums of money. Prices well in excess of $50,00 are not uncommon, but the BIN price for this one leaves me a bit breathless. I have found a running and driving example that is currently for sale for $27,000. It looks like it might not need much more than some cosmetic work to return it to its best. This one will need a whole lot more than cosmetic work, and I personally think that the owner is being pretty optimistic.


  1. Ian C

    Nothing left of it, so…..

    Tube chassis.. pro street or gasser

    Or just go full “southern” (which I am) and put it on a 4X4 chassis.

    Or….. I guess you could cut away a little more rust and ratchet strap what is left of the body to a 3 seat Jetski or jetboat and have a ball! HAHA!

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    • Rushid al Moud

      The only thing this pile of junk is good for is yard art.

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      • Roar

        Agreed…on land as yard art and as an anchor at the lake.

        Brand new, out-of-the box, they we’re a crappy boat AND a feeble auto.

  2. Bill

    too far gone to make it float again, where would you even start to get the parts?
    hand form the underside? wow.

  3. Arby

    Amphicar indicates that it does both land and water.

    This does neither.

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  4. BlondeUXB Member

    “Shiver-me-timbers… “

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  5. gord

    where did you find one for 27.5? please send a link!

  6. Retired Stig

    What, did that thing get sunk during the battle of Midway and just get salvaged? Tow it out to sea and sink it as a very small artificial reef.

  7. Solosolo UK ken tilly Member

    It would make a good anchor.

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    • glen

      I think this already was an anchor!

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  8. David Zornig

    The seller has been at sea too long…

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  9. Spud

    Dock Find.

    I think that car was actually stored in the water.

    • Small White Car

      I think it may have been stored under water…

  10. Terry Bowman

    I kinda recall back in the 60’s, a game show was giving them away as a prize or maybe it was an advertisement during the show. A friend of mine had one about 20 years ago and there was not much to them. No frills to speak of. The color was the same.

  11. The Crow Flies In Square Circles

    I like the Amphicar because for some inexplicable reason, amphibious vehicles fascinate me. However, I will always wonder why they didn’t make it out of fiberglass. Where’s the fun in driving a boat car if exposure to water will cause it to disintegrate?

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  12. Gaspumpchas

    This one comes under “u gotta be kidding me”…
    BJ syndrome and some cheap booze I guess…SMFH—not even a parts Car. Crow makes a good point- fiberglass doesn’t rust!!
    Anyone who ponies up 12 large for this deserves whats coming.


  13. Terry Bowman

    I have a friend now that has a boat on a 4X4 Chevy frame with a 350. Not pretty but it sure is different. (it does not float) This is for “Crow Flies”.

  14. Fred H

    It should be put in the water and let it float )))

  15. Andre

    Do the FL watercraft registration numbers indicate Florida? IE: one could venture a guess this saw some marine use in salt water? …Would kind of make sense

    • Terry Bowman

      Good Question Andre. Would it be registered as a boat or auto or both? The appearance of the FL 155N was painted on and I don’t see the State of Florida decal that should of been placed in front of the FL. I think it was an add-on for Ha Ha. Most of these real #’s I have seen are much longer, so not make it look real on purpose.

  16. Steve H.

    Ironically, it appears as if the only thing salvageable on this thing are the fins.

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  17. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Maybe some of the drive train might be salvageable for parts, but that’s about all.
    God bless America

  18. Poncho

    Fresh water boat repair shop yard art…but not worth it for the BIN price. Fresh water so it will last longer than in a salt water environment.

  19. John Oliveri

    I think it’s a wrap, nothing left, not enough left to make a good anchor

  20. Poncho

    Is that coral already established on the passenger side of the car? $12500 BIN? Snort!

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  21. Terry Bowman

    I disagree John, It will make a great sign display for a “Junk Yard” or boat supply store.(I think I watch to much of “Pickers”)

  22. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Must be just trying to sell the vin!

  23. Pacekid

    Nice Ampha-POS

  24. Dom Colucci

    Its all been said………

  25. Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

    Ran when sunk.

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  26. OhU8one2

    About as sea worthy as the S.S. Minnow. It is amazing how much money these pull in. While I have you on the hook, the pictures really show the extent of the rust. Don’t want the new buyer to get steamed, you’ll see the anchor in his eyes. Well think its time to go get tanked. I’ll keep a watchful sockeye on this one. I keep thinking the new owners name is Gil?

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    • Terry Bowman

      Is that “GILAGAN”? If Ginger came with it, I’ll buy it.

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  27. Mike

    Don’t bother with these puny bathtub toys. Go big with an Alvis Stalwart!

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  28. Jim Z Member

    Looking at the tire remnants, can’t even be called a roller.
    This seller is smokin’ doobies, asking $12.5k!

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  29. v

    what a project. why even the propellers are rusty. i especially like the barn a kulls on the upper half of the car. why no barn a kulls on the lower half? i don’t know. i guess the lower half of this fish bowl find was the low rent district. maybe a left over from gilligan’s island. where’s ginger and maryann…maybe the professor can fix this machine with his special home made coconut glue…why there goes the millionaire and his wife . they will fix it, just throw money at it…

  30. Steve H.

    Every square inch appears to be shot.

  31. Bakyrdhero

    I wonder what body of water it sat in and for how long?

  32. Chris in Clover

    parts car at best and darned few of them, it appears.
    scrap metal price at best.
    the asking price is the latest in a long line of jokes we have seen here.

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  33. TimM

    Does anyone think it’s a good idea to make a boat out of a car????? Or is it a car out of a boat???? Oh well!!! If it lives it’s next life as a planter it will still see water once in a while!!!

    • Del

      I think he means 12 buçks 50 cents

  34. robert bruck

    If money was no object, I’d buy it and park it where it could be seen from the road. Then, as people stop by to inquire about purchasing it, I’d get to say “No, it’s not for sale. I’m gonna fix it up some day.”
    With, of course, no intention of doing so.

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  35. Pacekid

    Ginger !?! Have you seen her lately? Mary Anne is still smokin hot!

    • Terry Bowman

      Pacekid, I had to Google it. Ginger(Tina Louise) 84 yrs old, and Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) 79 today. They are the last two survivors of the show. As stated by you, Tina and Dawn are both still “Hot”.

  36. PatrickM

    Well, I have to say, “I wouldn’t give them $12.50 for it, even if they paid for shipping.” This really is an unrealistic dream.

  37. Terry Bowman

    Drive train? I didn’t see any oars.

  38. Oldnash

    Just spray a little Flex Seal on it and you are good to go.

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