Sitting For Twenty-three: 1977 MGB

1977 Mgb Barn Find

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This 1977 MGB is very dirty from its stay in a barn for the past 23 years, but with a thorough cleaning and some freshening it could make someone a fun affordable driver. The color combo may not be to everyone’s liking, but it does make this rubber bumper beater standout. Find it here on eBay in Woodstock, Georgia with a BIN of $3,500 and the option to make an offer.

1977 Mgb Barn Find Interior

Dirty but complete describes the interior. With a good steam cleaning of the carpets and a thorough polishing of the interior surfaces, someone has a chance to make this space livable again without throwing much money at it. The seats are another story though. They will definitely need replacing or recovering before anyone will want to sit in them.

1977 Mgb Barn Find Engine

The engine bay is as dirty as the interior but should clean up easily if the car is to be used as a driver, which makes sense for this car. These late rubber-bumper Bs are at the bottom of the pecking order in terms of value, and power was down from earlier years due to emissions controls, so doing a total restoration would easily exceed the value of the restored car. There are a number of photos of the underside showing what looks like very minimal surface rust here and there, so the car would probably not need structural repairs to be roadworthy.

1977 Mgb Barn Find Side

There is no information on the systems, drivetrain, or mileage, and the car has not been run since it was stored 23 years ago so expect some work. Plan on cleaning and sealing the fuel tank. You will then want to replace all the fluids before attempting to start her up. If you can get her running you will want to go through the brakes before driving anywhere and we would also want to inspect all the wiring because the seller mentions that they found a squirrels nest in the door. It does roll, so removal on a trailer equipped with a winch will work. Buy it low, fix it cheap, and enjoy for as long as you can keep it running.

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  1. manuel

    those are great cars. im currently restoring a ’75 MGB and its been a blast and a challenge. but loads of fun. i highly recommend someone jump right on this project!

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  2. Steve

    Not worth the price. I can find better examples of the rubber bumper B’s for the same price or less all day long. This car has rust issues and the rats ate the interior. Not to mention all of the Smog and correct carb stuff is gone making it impossible to smog in some states. That stuff will cost the buyer close to $2000 in parts.(new) The seller needs to drop the price about $2500.00 then it might be worth it.

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    • VegasDude

      I have a ’68 Austin Healey Sprite… replacing the smog equipment was like $250…. fixed wiring, a few new dash switches.. FUN FUN Cars.. Replacing my BORING land barge Mustang GT with a MGB GT and adding AC to it.. The electrics are easy… it’s basically the Bullet connectors, and the grounding points… replace the bullet connectors, clean the grounds.. and use Dialectric Grease on ALL Connections.. and you’ll NEVER have another problem… LOTS more fun than todays cars… New cars are like driving a Toaster… Bye Bye Mustang.. You WONT be missed…

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  3. Richard Van Hoose

    And then there’s those gawd-awful wheels!

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  4. Steve

    You are correct Richard! Throw those heavy ugly wheels in the trash! Did you notice the stripes are different left to right?

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  5. David

    These cars are so slow that they only put the MGB on one side….just kidden….I’ve had so many of these great little bombs over the years that I can picture in my mind what this car smells like. ….67, 69, early 74 and my last one was a 76 big bumper….engines were originally from a tractor, electrics were my biggest issues. At that price, I think I may look at some 240Zs though….memoriesssss

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  6. George

    I have owned an ’73 MGB for almost 30 years and love the MG simplicity and fun factor. However you can buy decent running examples all day long for this price so this is worth more like $1500-2000 at best.

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  7. jack

    Steve is close to the mark, but knowing these cars rather well, I would want to see more of the electrics before I put a price on it. There was a reason that it was parked so long ago and it could have been any number of things. From a very tired or actually broken engine to electrical gremlins to who knows what. Now is not the time to expect pig bucks from a pig in a poke car. Restoration costs, both driver and semi-show, have not gone down and the unknown factor should keep all but the most delirious folks from jumping in.

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  8. Jim

    That BIN price is a pipe dream. Maybe if it was a pre 74 model and it was better shape but a 77 in this kind of shape- no way $3500.

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  9. Jack

    England drinks warm beer because they rely on Lucas refrigeration… You can get parts easier for these now than you could in the 80’s including new wiring harnesses. This is overpriced but without rust would make a great driver with a lot of work.

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  10. Kraig

    So, waddya want for nothin’, rrrrrrubba bumpers?

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  11. marty

    I am restoring a 77 in Australia the steering wheel changed to right hand drive. Having fun mate but the missus reckons spendin too much time in the shed. She said is this B for me??

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  12. George

    MGBs are dependable little cars once you fix any prior owner shenanigans. We’ve had our MGB for 32 years and another one before that.

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