Six Cylinder Conversion: 1970 Porsche 914-6

Genuine Porsche 914-6s are among the more desirable vintage P-cars you can buy, but they cost very real money considering the rarity and the out-of-the-box performance. That being said, it’s not all that difficult to make a clone considering the parts are available to convert a garden variety 914 into a fire-breathing six cylinder model. The seller didn’t oversee the conversion of this former narrow-bodied, four-cylinder 914, but bought it as an investment at the urging of a friend. Now, he is hoping to cash in on his gamble, and you can find the six-cylinder 914 here on eBay with bidding over $35K and the reserve unmet.

The best part about a six-cylinder conversion, besides the increase in horsepower, is the awesome stance. The 914 was always a humble specimen, but like almost any car that gets the fat fender treatment, it looks infinitely better with bigger hips. This also allows for the fitment of more aggressive tire/wheel combinations and the handling benefits that go along with it. The seller doesn’t offer much in the way of history or even who built it previously, so you’ll have to do your own detective work to determine who the original builder was. The rear apron looks a bit unfinished but the badges and dual exhaust are right where they should be.

The seller confirms the 914-6 has been brought to a shop to get it running, so it will technically be alive when you pick it up. However, there’s no commentary offered as to whether it’s running particularly well, just that it’s running. The shame of it is I’m sure there were other upgrades made when the engine was swapped in, and I can definitely see some upgraded suspension/chassis components underneath, but no details are offered as to what all was improved upon. The engine looks dry, which is a good sign considering how prone to wetness Porsche six-cylinders can be after a few years of sitting.

Pictures aren’t the best, but we can see factory 914 bucket seats in excellent condition – were they refurbished, too, when the engine swap was performed? The seller encourages in-person inspections, and I can see why given the limited information offered. Fortunately, the 914 looks to be rust free, and I doubt the original builder would have started with a rotten example to base such an extensive conversion off of. The seller notes he bought the 914-6 along with a Renault R5 Turbo 2 from the same dealer, which makes me want to pay a visit to that shop to see what else is available for purchase. If you’re near Essex Fells, New Jersey, pay this converted 914-6 a visit and let us know if it’s as good as it looks.


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Nice car. Pretty hefty price but the workmanship looks first class. Valance needs to be installed to finish up the rear. Probably will require slight trimming to clear tail pipes. Over all a good looking build.

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  2. DRV

    Don’t touch it without knowing all about it. The potential for problems is high. It looks great.

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  3. Chas H

    This is not a conversion car. The VIN is a 914 -6.

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    • A.G.

      Not a P-car guy but I’ve driven a 914 2 litre and would love to own one, hold the rust. The write up says it’s a conversion to from a 4 to 6. You says it’s original. No judgement but other than the badging how does one distinguish between a real one and a conversion?

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      • Chas H

        The VIN says 914-6, not me. The “conversion” appears to be the addition of the GT fender flares.

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  4. Euromoto Member

    Chas is correct, by the VIN, this is an original 6, not a conversion. Jeff made an assumption but can be forgiven. The eBay ad is a little unclear as, at one point, the seller refers to it as a “914 2.0” But the bidders aren’t confused and the price is at $46.5 with 13 hours to go, reserve not met.

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  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    ’70 911s had the 2.2 six available with the 2.2 right behind it. Good detective work guys.

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  6. Scott

    Not one pic of the top of the motor – battery area / hellHole. Hmmmmmm

    This is the first place I look at any 914. The rest is window dressing. I have one now- I have had 13 so far and think I will do one more in my life.

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  7. Steve Clinton

    $58,300.00 and the auction was ended. Reserve not met. Perhaps the seller realized the car would never meet its reserve…or maybe someone with money to burn offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse.
    Why would anyone spend this kind of money on a repro?

    • Chas H

      Not a re-pro. The seller posted a poorly worded and pictured ad.

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  8. t-bone BOB

    Ended: May 30, 2021 , 10:01AM
    Current bid:US $58,300.00
    [ 69 bids ]
    Reserve not met
    Item location:Essex Fells, New Jersey

  9. bobhess bobhess Member

    Correction: 2.0 ltr instead of 2.2 for ’70 911s. 2.0 ltr was what they put into the 914 6. Shouldn’t be trying to do numbers at TV race pit stops….

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