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Sleek Long Roof: 1964 Pontiac Tempest Wagon


Are you a fan of wagons? Even if you’re not, it will hard to not like this 1964 Pontiac Tempest Wagon. It’s a gem. This beautiful long-roof is listed on eBay with a current bid price of just under $9,300, but the reserve isn’t met. Yes, this one will get up there in price, as it should. It’s located in Antioch, Illinois, a handful of miles west of Interstate-94 between Milwaukee and Chicago.


(insert fireworks here)..  Man, what a gorgeous car! I’m not normally a resto-mod fan, I like things original or restored to original spec. But, that being said, this Tempest is a jaw-dropper. 1964 was the first year for the second-generation Tempest and it solidified the Pontiac “look” that most of us remember, at least the Pontiac grille. There was no more wacky driveshaft from the previous generation cars and this car has a frame, unlike the unibody previous generation cars.


The seller has done a lot of work on this car and it shows. They say that it probably wouldn’t be considered a “show car” but it looks great to me. They also mention that it runs great and idles like a charm with no stumbling or missing or any of that nonsense.


The interior is just as gorgeous as the exterior is. This would be a fantastic daily driver for anyone who doesn’t have to worry about road salt and/or snow on the roads. The rear power window works as does everything else, other than the factory AM radio. There is new carpeting throughout the interior and the only thing that needs attention is the headliner. If you can get this one for under $15,000 it would be worth doing any minor work that it would need and you still wouldn’t be upside down, financially. I’m guessing the “value” of this car is between $15,000 and $20,000?


Here’s the great 326 Pontiac V8 with newer Edelbrock 4 barrel Carb and HEI ignition. Originally this engine would have had around 280 hp! There are no issues with this entire drivetrain, according to the seller. There’s a nice, low rumble with the exhaust that’s not loud or annoying inside or out. This looks like a great car to me, I can’t imagine what the seller’s reserve is but I’m guessing it’s at least $15,000. Are there any Pontiac wagon fans out there? What is this car worth with the modifications? Is it worth more or less than a restored original-spec car would be worth?


  1. RicK

    Beauty. Reminds of another old Tin Indian wagon a buddy of mine had, ’67 Bonneville Safari, had a factory 421 4 speed, brutally fast way to get your groceries

  2. John

    Absolute agony! I have had a 1964 Tempest convertible, sedan and 4 door.. ALL in this color! This would finally complete the set but the $ isn’t there right now. I am going to sulk all day because of this car.

    • redwagon

      john – you have to. simply have to. it would be better than a trifecta it would be a quadfecta. do it and play iterations of 1-9-6-4 in the lottery forever!

      • John

        If there was any way, literally any possible way at all I would be on this like you wouldn’t believe. Know anyone that needs a kidney?

        My first one (the vert) I was 15 and half of it was in boxes, they are my go to car, doesn’t matter what’s happening I hit that key and am just fine again.


  3. Dolphin Member

    I can believe the seller when he says he gets lots of interest and questions about his ’64 Tempest wagon. I’d stop, look and talk to him if I saw it too.

    My guess is there weren’t too many of these built in this configuration—assuming the 326 was the original build. Even if not, it’s still a cool wagon, and for me would be a great wagon to have since it’s usable for lots of purposes, and as the seller says there can’t be many of these plain-Jane wagons left running around.

    I’d prefer a first-year GTO, but if not a GTO, then this wagon would be my next pick, ahead of a sedan.


    And why wouldn’t it be a show car? This would have fit right in at the MCACN show or for that matter any car show, and do well. Cool car but I can’t believe I’m even saying that. 20 yrs ago it would’ve been a different story.

    • Scott

      The bodywork looks pretty wavy. It’s a shame, too – otherwise, the car is pretty decent.

  5. Dan Farrell

    I worked at a Pontiac Dealer in the 1960’s and a lot of guys raced the Tempest with the 326 and had success with it.

  6. Alan

    A good base for a “GTO wagon” restomod, or just leave as is and drive it. But with Rally II wheels and a buckets and console interior, it would be great. (And a tri-power 389, and…) :-)

  7. JW

    I would love to have this car, my folks bought a new 64 Tempest convertible with a straight 6 / AT. Then bought a 67 Lemans with the 326. I ended up with the vert after my sisters trashed it and I wanted to swap the 326 in to it but ended up running the lemans in a demo derby, yes I know I was a punk kid at the time and they were just used cars back then.

  8. DrinkinGasoline

    389 Tri-Power and 8 lugs. Just my 2 cents. Sharp wagon.

  9. boxdin

    Beautiful non Vista Cruiser as all Pontiacs were. I love this car.

  10. Fred W.

    Anyone out there about to buy a new daily driver? Like a car based SUV or minivan? If so, I would seriously consider this one instead. Keep it in the garage, maintain it and in 10 years this will be worth considerably more, while your “new” car will be worth one quarter MSRP. Only drawback is gas mileage.

  11. ROTAG999

    Well never knew the HI/PO 326 was 280 hp beat a few with my 56 Chevy with warmed over 265. I do like this wagon there getting harder to find these days.

  12. David J David J

    This car deserves much better pictures to bring in the long green.

    From what is offered, I’d assume this a “20’er.”

  13. jeff6599

    Certainly not a No. 1 car but a no. 3 which needs quite a bit of rear quarter work on each side to make it straight again. Either bumped in the rear which made it buckle or separate crashes/incidents on each side. Either way, it is not like bolting on a fender or door. These are welded in quarters. A solid no. 3 is worth about $10k according to the Old Cars Price Guide. Add 3 or 4 k to make it straight. I think anyone who goes to see the car will limit himself to 6 /6500 or so.

  14. Alan (Michigan)

    I am glad that my eyes don’t deceive, and others see it too. The lower rear quarters on this car appear to be the work of am amateur body job. Would not surprise me to learn that they were pretty much completely gone from rust, and someone rebuilt them with fiberglass and bondo. No photos of the underside.
    A really good inspection might just reveal that a heavy dose of lipstick has been applied here.

  15. Vince Habel

    Arnie ” The Farmer” Beswick

  16. erikj

    love this wagon.

  17. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: this car was a no-sale at a high bid of $10,099.99.


    If it was a 65 id be all over this . Been looking for a long time.

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