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Sleeper Potential: 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury

This 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury is claimed to have sat in an Oregon barn for the last twenty years. The Fury may not be the most desirable classic out there, but with prices going up on the more sought after cars, they can represent a good bargain. This car looks complete and the seller is only asking $2,495 here on craigslist. Thanks goes to reader Mark for sending this in.

Things are a little dusty inside, but everything looks salvageable. The Sport Fury only came in coupe or convertible body styles and were almost always well optioned. A three-speed automatic selector can be seen poking up out of the center console and the bucket seats add a little sportiness to this otherwise unassuming full-size car.

Fury engine choices ranged from a slant-six all the way up to a 440 V8. The ultimate package had to have been the 426 Hemi mated to a four speed though. Those cars were monsters on the drag strip. The seller does not provide many details  about this car’s specification, but it is safe to assume that this is the more common 318 or 383. It is claimed to have ran when parked, so hopefully it can be made to do so again.

The front and rear styling was very unique on these cars. Stacked headlights and lots of chrome added some flare to these slab sided cruisers. Luckily most of the trim is still in place on this one because it could get expensive sourcing all the shiny bits.

It’s not economical, it’s not fast, and it’s not pretty, but it could be an affordable path into American classic car ownership. Plus when you get bored with it, you could always drop a Hemi in there and have yourself quite the sleeper. Sounds like fun to us.


  1. Patrick Calhoun

    426 cross ram wedge…. run as is!

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  2. paul

    Why not, a cheap way to get into cruise night.

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  3. Clint

    318 car…all Mopar big blocks had the distributor in the front.

    Man…if I had the $2500 I’d be cleaning it next week!

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  4. scot c

    ~ doesn’t look as if it has suffered too badly. just not very attractive to begin with.

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  5. erikj

    Well I just bought it. It hopefully will run. The guy says the body has just a few surface rust spots, so it’s solid. Trunk and floors perfect. Needs carpet and the visors stitching came loose. Anyway I am taking a guess and the money is not too high and I can get it home on my own. It will be a good buddy for the 57 Berkley you featured a while back that I also got.

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    • Wayne Norman Delegate

      x-celent choice

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    • tkd

      good for you.- I hope you will keep us informed as to the results and problems with photos etc. This car brings back some great memories.

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    • Ian Norburg

      The engine is a 318 polysphere. Replacement parts are extremely hard to find for that engine and performance parts simply don’t exist. A 318/340/360 LA series engine should drop right in. Good luck!

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      • Ian

        A couple years after I wrote my comment I found out than there is a company that DOES manufacture performance parts for the poly. Cams, head porting. and an aluminum 4 bbl intake (which looks like it could be adapted for efi)… Looks like not all is bleak for the old A engine.

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    • james burton

      pic of my fury. how is your fury coming along

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  6. Jim Spencer

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so it is said. I owned a 66 Fury VIP hardtop. All White w/ red cloth interior – front bench seat. This was the first car I ever owned with factory A/C cruise control, power seats and windows. It spoiled me, now my cars are equipped like that. Can’t beat it on a long drive in the heat. Mine had the 383 CI motor. The one pictured is most likely the 318, kinda doubt it would have a 273 in the Sport Fury.

    Good luck to erikj with his new purchase. Get it going and drive it like it is.

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  7. erikj

    Thanks for the positive comments. I will head down Wednesday and take pics. I cant wait to clean it up,drop a little mystery oil in the cyl. and see what happens. I always like the first bit of messing around with a car like this, just to see what I’ve gotten into, but I got good vibs on this one.

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    • Barn Finds

      Wow, that was quick! Please do keep us updated. We could probably do a success story on one or both. Good luck!

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    • Larry

      Good luck, i think you got a good buy . Hope you have alot of fun with it.

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  8. Mark

    Wow this got picked up fast after being in the site. I found this yesterday and sent it in. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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  9. Dave

    Yup its a poly 318 and parts are readily avalable short block parrts are the same as a an la 318 heads are never a problem weind makes an aluminum intake for theses moters they were 277 303 and 318 and yes CHRISTINE was powered by the 2-4 barrel version of this engine look around they made single 4 and 2 4 intakes as well ..they were also solid lifter moters any other info just ask and 66 was the last year for these “semi hemi” engines..2 barrell moters were 235 horse that is what this engine in toure car is 273 -360 distributers bolt in also have fun.. o the k frame in these cars is the same for small blocks as well as big blocks and a hemi WAS not available in a 66 fury.

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  10. Dave

    Eric.. just go to… mopar 318 poly intake manifilds. I got almost 60k hits you will go nuts seeing the stuff on there edelbrock made a 3X2 manifold for these moters theres one on there..enjoy this car..the auto on the floor is rare as hell A/c can come later..awesome score!

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  11. Rancho Bella

    I think it will clean up nicely……..you done reeeel good. How many bodies will the trunk hold?

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  12. lurkertom

    My dad bought a 65 Sport Fury (with a 383, auto, Red) new in November 65. He and I drove from Chicago to LA on Route 66 in December. I was 10 years old. That car was a real cruiser.

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  13. Mark

    Maybe I’m just weird but I think it’s a great looking car. But then I lust for wagons and odd cars…

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    • scottski

      Kindred Spirit, Mark!

      Massive, or slab-sided… I still love the mid-to-late 60s MoPars. The roofline is the styling masterpiece, I think.
      I wish I still owned the ’65 2-door Coronet. It was a tool-breaking, arduous lesson in floorboard rebuilding… but, as for a forgiving mechanical maintenance project?
      The first time I did a tune-up on that slant-six, I found that the rotor button was the wrong size, flopping around on the shaft. Yet, It still ran.
      The Chilton manual called it “the darling of the taxi industry”.
      No wonder!

      Congratulations of a killer find. Just the way it is.

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  14. FRED


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  15. Anonymous

    Now that’s the sort of car you don’t want to sell after you’ve restored it! ;)

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  16. erikj

    hey everyone . I got so excited that instead of going Wednesday, I went Sunday and picked it up. So far its as clean as the pics show but there are some issues, not that i was surprised. motor is stuck so mystery oil soak and cross my fingers and looks like the break system rubbers are needing replaced and of course the tank has to come out for cleaning. Thats all typical for a car that was running and than parked for 20 years. One more nice thing, It has the protecto plate still and only 89k orig miles. I think i did well and i will send pics very soon–You got to see the int. way cool with highback buckets and rear seat! console shift.

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  17. ijames burton

    i just bought a 66 sport fru last month just like this one, same colo except mine has red inside. a 383 powers mine with a 2 barrel carb. it had been parked outside since 94. i hade to replace the gas tank all the hard lines and completely rebuiled the brake sys.the headliner and top of the seats are shot. i had to freup all the stuk valves and rebuil th dis. and carb and on the 2nd. crank it firedright up. no knocks no oil smocke 60 lbs. oil pres.the detent check ball in the valve body was stuck so no gear selecktion, just free rloted. i’ve fixed that and have put 100 trb. free miles on it so far.i’ve got about 5 guys that have offered me 3 grand for it but the more i drive it the more i wantto keep it but the oll’lady says no.

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  18. Harold Wood

    Not sure where someone gets that not very fast I seen near the start of this post but I had one. I had just finished basic training and was in tech school, Bomb school at Lowery AFB right outside of Denver. was bugging my dad to bring me my 66 GTO, but he wouldn’t drive it too me said he would get tickets cause the exhaust was too load And claimed he could shift my Hurst close ratio four speed. So being desperate I said just trade it and bring me anything. LMAO, well he went down the local car dealer and they gladly swapped him this pee green 66 Plymouth sport Fury with a black Vinyl top that looked like grandma’s car she drove to Church every sunday. But little did he know that hidden behind the grille were RED AND BLUE Lights and a Police siren that were un hooked. Turns out it had a 383 Police interceptor motor and had be an unmarked police car and that thing would RUN. LOL when I finally came back home after school I made the drive from Lowery to my home town of Athens Texas 990 miles in right at 10 hours driving time. I sat at speed in excess of 120 MPH for as much as 1 hour at a time without slowing down. Came back on the old 287 HWY that ran almost door to door from the base too my home. I seen 140 MPH a time or too.

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  19. Jim

    It’s worth 2500 hundred all day . I have 66 sport fury looking for parts. Motor was frozen split the block 383 325 hp nice car good find.

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  20. Larry Hawkins

    I remember when these cars were new in ’66. The 440 was the top engine option. The 426 hemi was available only on Belvedere, Satellite, Coronet and Charger hardtop sedans and convertibles…(no wagons). This was in contrast to Ford which offered their R Code 427 engine in their full sized sedans, hardtops, and convertibles.

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