The Ultimate Sleeper: 402-Equipped Chevy Sprint

At first glance,  I really thought this was a listing for a low-mileage Chevy Sprint. Sure, not a world-beater, but the Turbo Sprints were pretty cool and certanly finding one with low-mileage today would be a rare find. But take a look at those rear tires: something else is motivating this cheap econo-hatch, and that’s when it hits you like a ton of bricks: this Chevy Sprint here on eBay puts out nearly 1,000 b.h.p. in its tiny body and is completely road legal. 

This little Sprint is literally a one-off monster. I can’t quite fathom what would possess you to invest so much time and money into the chassis of a car like the Sprint in order to handle the insane amount of power on board. A custom “street rod” frame was used with the Sprint’s body fastened up top to provide maximum sleeper looks. A TH350 transmission from GM is on board to handle the nearly 1,000 b.h.p. it spits out.

Taken from the eBay listing: “The engine is an all-aluminum twin-turbo 402ci dry-sump small-block built by Duttweller Performance Ventura CA. Only the best components were used: Brodix block/heads Comp roller-cam forged crank/rods CP pistons twin Precision Turbos and Big Stuff3 EFI. This engine dynoed at 954 BHP on pump gas.” Well, then – some serious money thrown at a project seemingly designed to draw the most gasps and stares at a drag strip.

Very little is said about the cabin features (yes, I’m kidding) but what is there is functional. The sticking point for me is the $34,995 asking price: now, I’m sure, they put a ton of hours into this thing and I could imagine there’s value just in knowing you’ll never see a hopped-up Sprint like this again. But if you don’t have an NHRA membership, how do you intend to use this Sprint? Personally, make mine a well-preserved original Sprint Turbo.


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  1. 8banger dave Member

    A kick in the pants to drive, I’m sure!

    • Pa Tina

      Based on “Rock On’s” comment, be careful whose pants you kick

  2. Rock On Member

    Would be very easy to soil your pants driving this car!

  3. Pa Tina

    And folks were laughing at the “Stanmobile” this week? This shall be called “Son of Stan”

  4. Kevin Culver

    Cool ! Not sure if it’s $35,000 cool but they might have that much into it . Certainly justifies the ” Sprint ” name though .

  5. elrod

    The fake straw sized exhaust outlet makes me grin! Is there any way this car could WOT without wheelie bars? I think not. I would add a drag chute hidden behind the rear plate for the extra Batman effect. “To the Sprint Batman!”

  6. Miguel

    It could very easily flip on it’s roof.

    $35,000 gone.

    I just saw a Chevette do that on You Tube video.

  7. RayT Member

    Can you say “turbo lag”? I knew you could….

    Siting those big pinwheels behind the driver, while necessary to fit that ten-pound lump of machinery into the five-pound bag, makes for some loooong lines up to the intercooler. Which, itself being placed directly behind the radiator, is not going to cool the charge as well as it might if put somewhere else.

    Might be good if that setup chokes power somewhat. This doesn’t look all that stable to me, and I see neither a sturdy roll bar or even the outboard halves of seat belts.

    To me, this seems to be the product of some bucks-up guys playing “Hold my beer!” Definitely a fun idea, but I wouldn’t want to drive it.

  8. Dan

    That would be a beastie on the street…..shew….

  9. AF

    Carny’s dream car.

  10. Craig

    Hilarious fun at stop lights without a doubt.

  11. DanH

    Haha, look at the fat rear tires!
    I love sleepers!!

  12. Wrong Way

    I am old, but young at heart! I would love to get my hands on this one! It would be a fun driver! Redo the interior make it look like stock, and have a ball raising hades with all the young punks who think that they have a hot car!

  13. rod

    Let’s give credit where credit is due. This might not be everyone’s driver, but holy cow, someone did an amazing job on this car. Cramming a 402 into the smallest car GM ever sold is one thing, but the builder managed to not only keep it looking stock on the outside, even the interior isn’t a dead giveaway until you see that huge transmission hump and the Dynomat. I’d go the extra three inches and get some factory looking carpet to cover that floor to complete the deception. And putting those twin turbos out back over the axle? No easy routing feat.

    This is 35k of fun! Can you imagine a street drag with one of those wanna be ‘fast and furious’ rattle-can Honda boys and just walking all over him with a final speed about double what his little 1800cc wheezer could do? GLORIOUS fun! There ain’t NO replacement for displacement! YeeHAWWWWWW!

  14. Adam T45 Staff

    Most cars have a 0 – 60 time. This one potentially has a 0 – dead time! It would be a giggle off the lights, but I suspect that the giggle could rapisly turn to hysteria when you meet a corner.

  15. stanley kwiecinski

    i thought a 70 maverick with a 4spd, 302 was hot! yellow even. tried to deal my 70 SBee stick, sorta bent? for it. musta saw me droolin’ like a wolf! no deal, B got smashed. not by me.again. back about 77 when muscle cars were like beer cans.

  16. Poptheclutch

    Awesome build!…if you’re into sprints
    I guess that’s cool and your willing to lay
    down that amount of cash for one cause
    That’s what you are gonna be looking at
    No matter what’s under the hood.

  17. David Miraglia

    35,000 is way to high. I could by a newer 2012 Mustang or a 1997 102DL3 motor coach for the price. By the pound it is too much for too little.

  18. SRyan

    Great build. Been for sale for what seems like forever.

  19. William

    Holy crap!
    A. Hope there’s some heat shield in the back, or do you wear spf60 and a fire suit?
    B. Forget about doing a tune up. Ever.

  20. Royal Ricci

    Some people have way too much time on their hands.

  21. Stu

    $35K and no cup holders?

  22. Jwinters

    how does 1000 HP go out through that tiny little exhaust pipe?

  23. Jay E.

    Brilliant. I agree, a bit more finish for the interior would round out an amazing build. Every hot rodders fantasy, the biggest engine into he smallest car. You will not see another like this or Woodward cruise, ever. I would think the engine and plumbing alone is worth the asking price, even if you wanted to put it into a different build.

  24. Mark J. Soderberg

    Building any car is a challenge as well as enjoyable! Hats off to the builder, it’s one of a kind!

  25. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster 55chevy

    Only new car I ever bought was a 1988 Chevy Sprint blue 4 door, at least it had a 5 speed, the 3 cylinder got 50 mpg, don’t see them anymore.

  26. Todd Fitch Staff

    Doh! I love this thing! I’m not clambering to own it, or enter it in an autocross, but great concept and execution.

  27. Pulc

    Lolz. In pakistan this car is still on the roads. And the price is 1500$

  28. Mountainwoodie

    All that work and money into this?

  29. carsofchaos

    How fast do you think you’d earn $35k worth of pink slips with this thing?

    Like 1

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