Sleeping Dragster: 1931 Ford Model A

Finding any classic car is always a treat, but I feel that some of these hand built specials are really exciting. This 1931 Ford Model A was a part of the “100 M.P.H. Club” in 1959, as well as having won a few trophies. Sadly after spending 40 or more years outside, this race special is still complete enough to be revived in some form or fashion. With 2 days remaining in the auction, this Model A has been bid up to $10,301 with the reserve unmet. Find it here on ebay out of Yale, Michigan.

The builders power plant of choice is a 322 cubic inch Buick Nailhead V8 backed up by a truck transmission. In the vintage photo below, you will see this car was equipped with an Edmunds dual quad manifold and carb set up. The Edmunds manifold is included with the car, as well as the original photos from the car being built, and the awesome trophies of this cars glorious past. Sadly living outside for so long has made the engine little more than a boat anchor. Also the brakes are locked up, so some special efforts will be needed to get this one moved.

Looking in this old tub shows that there is little to the interior. The floors are somewhat solid, as there is plenty of surface rust present. The tunnel is a little crispy where it meets the floor, but the tunnel appears to be bolted to the floor, so it would be easy to replace. A roll bar no longer graces this Ford as it was likely pillaged for another project, or to make the car a “street rod.” Also notice that a windscreen was added to this Ford at some point in its past.

The classic photos, trophies, and history make this Model A so cool, as it was a part of the golden era of wrenching and speed. Even though this Ford has spent way too long outdoors, this project has some promise for sure. The body is all steel, and is really in fair shape considering the abuse it took from 40 years of Michigan winters. There are a few rot spots along the lower edge of the body. Straight, and with little rust, there isn’t much to report on the body other than some patina and paint. In fact, it is surprising how much paint is left on this Ford. Absolutely solid enough to use, it would be fantastic if someone revived this Ford to its former glory. Its history would always be of interest at car events, and at classic drag events for sure. All of our Michigan readers, this is your chance to get an awesome car with some Michigan history. What would you do with this Ford? Restore it to its former race glory, or do something different?


  1. David Zornig

    Looks like my late friend Gary’s hot rod, circa `51.

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  2. grant

    “Sadly after spending 40 or more years outside, this race special is still complete enough to be revived in some form or fashion…”
    No, HAPPILY, after SADLY spending 40 or more years outside…
    Sorry. That was bugging me.

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  3. Benjamin

    I would love to fix this up, and take it out to the flats, and let her live her glory days again

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  4. RoughDiamond

    Oh, if this old Ford had only ended up in a dry part of the country what a difference we would see in its body integrity.

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  5. RicK

    nothing like a split infinitive

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  6. 68 custom

    anybody recognize the carb on the motor? one I have never seen before, guessing it was the original of the 322?

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    • JW454


      I think it may be a Carter WCFB similar to this one but has the pull off removed.

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      • 68 custom

        the Rochester White Cast Four Barrel, makes sense it just looked odd. Thanks!

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  7. TJP

    ONE word comes to mind, DROOL!!!!!
    If only the cars could talk ;)

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  8. Derik Lattig

    @DERIKLATTIG says this is cool. Would love to see it at the Lone Star Round-up in Austin Tx someday.

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  9. Pappy2d

    Ganja is legal in Colorado

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  10. Rock On Member

    Pappy2d- I would definitely give you a thumbs up for that if it still existed.

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  11. Pappy2d

    Thanks Rock
    But my comment landed on the wrong post.
    That 35 foot long semi with the V12 engine resides in North Denver.
    I think it was builtt here too. Thus, the ganja connection.

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  12. Joe Haska

    Vintage Hot Rods are my passion, but this car is too far gone to consider saving. Lots of neat pieces and equipment, but not worth the price, with a current bid over 10K , and the reserve not met, its just too much money for the condition of the car. Great history, but not worth the price!

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  13. B.Davis

    This would be the perfect project for the Race Of Gentlemen .

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  14. Nova Scotian

    Wow, I can mentally see this spinning its tires at the start of a race. Cool find.

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