Slightly Flawed But Gorgeous: 1969 Mach 1 Survivor


I have to admire this seller–the ad really spells out both the good and the bad about this car. It’s really nice as well, but does have certain issues. It’s located in Mahopac, New York and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding is just over $14,000 but the reserve hasn’t yet been met.


This is a 1969 Mach 1, which happens to be near and dear to my heart as my father had a 1969 sportsroof and I loved it. This one is also in one of my favorite colors. No, I won’t be bidding, but I hope one of you does! The original paint and decals are still very presentable–at least where there isn’t rust.


You can see the rust spots at the bottom of the door and fenders in this shot, and the seller has included lots of pictures of issues. As a matter of fact, this seller has done an outstanding job of honestly representing this car–at least I think so. Take a look at the auction if you haven’t and see what I mean.


I can’t say I’d keep the red floor mats, although I remember similar mats in my Dad’s car; perhaps they are original? Anyway, just look at this great interior!


Here’s another shot. The seller tells us that the original owner parked the car indoors in the mid 1980’s until it was rescued in 2014. There’s unbelievable documentation as well, including the original invoice, window sticker and title. It’s showing 70,429 miles and for once I can believe that!


Remember I wrote he put the bad with the good? On the left, you can see some rust in the floor. On the right, a horribly “repaired” torque box. You’ll need to replace or at least repair (I vote replace) both torque boxes. But how often do you get the chance to start with a car this original?


Here’s the original 351, which according to the seller starts, idles and revs “beautifully.” I’ll tell you, I really like this car, but based on the pricing, everyone else does too. If one of you likes it enough to buy it, please let us know!




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  1. Jeffro

    Nice looking car. Shame about the rust but plenty of aftermarket parts to repair. Should do very well in auction. Kudos to the seller for pictures and representation of car!

  2. Mike

    it is refreshing to see somebody that does a great job of showing all the troubles with a car, especially on EBAY, more than once I have gone to look at a car only to be surprised at what the seller does not show.
    Nice car which it was closer I would take a stab at it.

  3. Michael V.

    I wonder what the odds of this car showing up being sold by someone else without the pictures of the rust? I guess I’m just a cynic, but that’s the first thing that popped in my head.

  4. JW454

    Based on CPI in today’s money this car only cost 24K considering his $3646.36 purchase price. He paid cash at the time of purchase after trading in a 2 year old 1967 Mercury Cyclone GT for only $1200.00. It seems like such small numbers today. Nice car and nice pictures in the advertisement.

  5. JW

    69’s are very desirable in the Mustang world and if you have the skills this one could be repaired as Mustang sheet metal is sold everywhere. Kudos to his honesty !!!

  6. Vegas Vic

    Beautiful pony, the Amaizin Mets year and Namath, what memories! oodles of value in this fine beast, bidding should tick up over 30k. And? Great, stylish color.

  7. Rob

    The red “floormats” are actually inserts in the carpeting. They are part of it and not removable, original style. Matching red “bar” in the front seat upholestry. Exterior color determined these insert colors.
    My raven black ’70 Mach has black floor inserts and charcoal seat bars. 😉

    Like 1
    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Thanks, Rob!

    • Rocco

      I knew about the red inserts and red seat bar, but I never knew about the black & charcoal ones. Great info.

  8. Glen

    They did a good job in cleaning it up. It only makes sense to make a car as presentable as possible, you are trying to sell it, after all.

  9. David Miraglia

    Love the car, could do without the rust.

  10. roselandpete

    The 69 is my favorite Mustang of all time. For me, they got everything right that year I’d be happy with a sportsroof.

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    70,000 miles and the torque boxes look like that…..

    • Al D

      What does mileage have to do with rust? The cars of the era were never intended to be around nearly 50 years later. Snow belt cars paid the price heavily. Rust preventative from the factories were still several years down the road. This one looks better than most, but still should have a knowledgeable eye put to it before pulling the trigger.

  12. Loco Mikado

    The heater hoses running through the firewall into the front passenger area is a very bad design flaw. On two of the Mach 1’s less than 4 years old the hoses decided to let loose. Accompanied by my screams, not being able to see as the car instantly turns into a Turkish steam bath with a total loss of vision while cruising down the freeway at 75 mph and the driver yelling WTF, I consider myself lucky to be writing this 40 years later considering it happened to me not once but twice.

    • JW

      That’s odd because we have owned 4 Mustangs from 67 / 70 / 78 / 95 and never had this happen. But I’m a maintenance nut so I check my coolant, hoses, belts, oil, brake fluid, trans fluid on a regular basis and change when needed.

    • Rocco

      I’ve had and still do have a ’65 Mustang (same set up). I’ve had the heater core go bad and had fog and steam, but never in my 40+ yrs. ownerships of many Mustangs have I seen the hoses come off. I’ve never liked that set-up, but never had THAT problem. That had to be an isolated (times two) case, unless the mech. at the dealer (under warranty) just told you that.

  13. Al D

    Of the couple of dozen I’ve owned, none have ever had that happen, nor have I ever heard of it before.

  14. Clint

    Most cars have the heater hoses run through the firewall into the passenger compartment.

  15. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning bid, $22,000.00. 43 bids. I’d say well bought.

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