SLP Performance! 2001 Chevrolet Camaro SS

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Generally first and second-gen Camaros get all of the attention at Barn Finds. And that makes sense as the first-gen are very collectible and the second-gen are so numerous. And of course, their age plays a part too. Fourth-gen Camaros (1993-2002) get a bit of short-shrift when it comes to discovery and review. So let’s change that up by taking a close look at this 2001 SS example that is replete with SLP modifications. It is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and is available here on eBay for a current bid of $13,001, fourteen bids tendered so far.

There was a performance trough from the early ’70s to the mid-’90s that affected every automobile with an internal combustion engine. Some manufacturers managed this U-shaped race to the bottom with more aplomb than others but the rut was palpable. In the ’90s, performance returned and has continued on an ascendency for twenty-five years and is still climbing, even to ridiculous heights. The 2001 Camaro, the second to the last year before an induced siesta removed it from production until 2009, came equipped pretty well from Chevrolet’s St. Therese assembly plant. The Z28 featured a 310 net HP 5.7-liter engine, an impressive number for the turn of the century.

Then, along comes “Street Legal Performance” of SLP as it is known, an aftermarket enhancer for late model performance cars from Chevrolet, Pontiac, Ford, GMC, and Dodge. The seller of this SS states that it has  RPO Y2Y which is the code for a send-off to SLP but there is no image of the options list decal but the window sticker references the SS equipment which is guts of the SLP performance upgrade. Under the hood is what appears to be an SLP branded airbox feeding the SS’s 325 net HP, 5.7 liter V8 and that’s the lead-in to all the underhood and under-car goodness which includes, forced air induction, a low restriction exhaust system, an enhanced suspension, wider tires and wheels, and much more. In spite of all of this, the seller makes no disclosure regarding this Camaro’s road manners but with only 27K miles on its odometer, this Chevy should still be a very potent performer. The transmission is listed as a manual, actuated by a short-throw Hurst shifter (also part of the SLP package), so it, like the Z28, is a six-speed unit.

The interior of this SS is perfect. I chose the image of the backseat because it best represents the overall condition of this Camaro; the front seat images are limited and narrow. The black vinyl upholstery and matching black carpet are in excellent condition and appear as you would expect the interior of a 26K mile car to look. Same with the door cards, they are in excellent condition. No doubt, the back seat of this SS, and all gen-four Camaros for that matter are real tiger pits, the seats and legroom are suitable for children or very small adults at best.

The exterior of this Chevy indicates that it has been properly stored and well maintained. The Sunset Orange Metallic finish still has great depth and a nice shine. There are absolutely no signs of crash damage, scrapes, dings, creases, or misaligned body panels – the exterior needs nothing. Of note is the Forced Air Induction hood referenced earlier, it’s part of the SS package and is an encouraging enhancement to a very early 21st-century muscle car, a true sign that performance was back.

This Camaro is very well equipped and in fantastic condition, it gets down to a matter of whether a fourth-gen Camaro is your thing or not. It is unique in that it’s pretty far from its bookends, the first-gen on one end and the current sixth-gen on the other. One of the nicest features of this Camaro SS is its more restrained exterior appearance. Sure, it stands out and you know what it is, but it doesn’t scream, “Hey, look at me!” There is one day to go in the bidding so this Camaro may sell for a reasonable amount – it’s not cheap but it’s not overly expensive either. This Camaro SS, according to, is one of only 234 SS coupes produced that year with a six-speed manual transmission and finished off in Sunset Orange Metallic, a pretty exclusive number wouldn’t you say?

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  1. PRA4SNW

    I can’t look at this car without really missing my ’99 Z/28. Same color, but mine had odd white seats. the chrome wheels, and additional appearance cladding – even an add-on piece on the spoiler.. The one I bought was in the showroom, so they let me take out an SS for a test drive. That Hurst short throw shifter was killer and almost threw one in mine.

    There are a lot of low mileage ’02 SS’s out there if you want one of these. I’ll look at EBay every once in awhile.

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  2. Steve R

    If you want a 4th gen Camaro these are the ones to get, LS1, SS with a manual transmission. Forget the LT1 cars, the market already has, it’s like going after a 3rd gen Z28 instead of an IROC, the price differential will do nothing but grow over time.

    Steve R

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    • TimS

      Maybe somebody’s favorite bodystyle of Camaro is that 93-97. People should buy What they want, not with an eye towards collectibility. That rarely pays off.

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      • Keith

        Yes I agree with TimS, there are people out there who go with made up myths that certain car/engine combos are better or worse than others but they have never owned one. The LT1 equipped Camaros, Firebirds, and Corvettes are just as good as the LS1 equipped units. The LT1s may be down a few HP (easily fixed) from the LS1s but deliver just as much fun and drivability as the LS1s. I know because I currently own a 92 LT1 Corvette and 94 Lt1 Camaro. Also in the past I’ve owned a LT1 94 Caprice and 97 Z28 Camaro. Never had issues with any of them and loved driving all of them! Oh I forgot, I also had no issues with the Opti-Sparks on all of my vehicles which is another myth non owners like to nay-say about.

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  3. Anthony James Poirier

    The options list for SLP are on the passenger door by the latch.

    Y2Y WU8 means it’s a Real SS. BBS RPO is Hurst shifter option

    All of the SS Camaros went to SLP to get changed over from Z28’s

    Dual Dual performance package meant 345 HP over the base 325.

    Wrong air box on car as that’s an SLP aftermarket. It came with a BlackWing intake.

    SLP Grille also great option. Makes the car look so much better.

    Bilstein shocks and Auburn high torque Gold differential with aluminum cooling cover even more rare of an option

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  4. AndyinMA

    this color and the atomic orange from GM – great colors, kinda hard to find

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  5. Denis Flaherty

    Beautiful example and well-bought.

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  6. I brown

    I really enjoy reading some of the responses these guys leave. I know cars but these guys have eyes that pick up minute items and a memory that won’t stop.

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  7. Steve BushMember

    Agree with the others. It appears to be a very nice car that you can drive today for $13.6k. Way better than spending the same amount for a 1st gen Camaro that needs tens of thousands of additional dollars and several years of your life invested to be this nice.

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  8. Claudio

    A way better generation than ALL the previous and later ones
    Better everything, i had a few but the convertible version was a pain cause the winshield damnear covered your head while diving and was a pain when going in/out of the car …

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  9. PRA4SNW

    Here I am in my ’99 Z/28, probably around ’02 or so.
    Man I miss this car when I look at that photo.

    I’ve got to scan pictures of my other cars now – LOL.

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