Almost Snake Bit! 1969 Torino 428 Cobra Jet

When the seller first brought this 1969 Ford Torino Cobra Jet home, they thought they had gotten a good deal, but actually almost got snake bit! After they got home, they ran the numbers on the “428 Cobra Jet” engine that came with the car and it turns out it was a 390. Luckily, the seller went back to the person they purchased the car from and came back with the correct 428 Cobra Jet engine! Now the whole package is for sale here on eBay, where bidding is up to $11,000 already but has not yet met the reserve. The Torino is waiting for you in Cypress, Texas.

The Torino Cobra was, as Ford put it, “…the nearest thing to a NASCAR stocker you can bolt a license plate onto.” With the engine rated at a conservative 335 horsepower, this was a classic case of a car that could pass just about anything apart from a gasoline pump! This one even seems to have the optional functional hood scoop mentioned in the bottom of the brochure copy.

Other than riding high without the engine and the wrinkle in the driver’s side front bumper, this looks like a pretty decent body shell. The seller even states that the paint is original, and I can’t find any signs of overspray in the close up photos. There is one rust hole, described as the size of a silver dollar  and located in the passenger rear quarter panel. Other than that, the seller tells us there is some surface rust only.

As you can see, this side is pretty clean. I might even try buffing what’s there for a while–remember, it’s only original once! However, I fear the brightwork would let the rest down; there seems to be plenty of localized damage in the way cars tend to look when they’ve been stored for a long time. According to the seller, it’s been sitting in a garage for most of its life! What a shame!

Honestly, the interior doesn’t look bad at all, but I’ve never liked this generation of Ford steering wheels — to me they all look like they belong on a base model Fairlane. Just imagine a GT350 steering wheel in there; that would brighten things up a lot. Of course, you’ll have to prefer the automatic transmission as well; some do, some don’t. How do you feel about the mileage claim of 62,488 miles? Let us know in the comments, along with what you think this Cobra will sell for!


  1. JW

    One of my favorite years of the Torino and a 428 Cobra Jet just adds to it. Too bad it’s already out of my financial reach.

  2. Anastos

    What a dick move by the original seller…the complete, original engine isn’t just a minor detail you forget about. He probably thought he really pulled a fast one until the current seller showed back up to point out his scam.

    • Mike W H

      Not unusual in this part of Texas, a suburb of Houston. The prevailing cultural attitude I encountered there was “ifn you allowed yourself to get scammed, that’s on YOU.”

  3. Mike S

    I love the Torino’s in the Fastback model. The hood scoops were made functional for the 428 engine. The other Torino’s that came with the smaller engines (390, 351) the hood scoops were for show only and no go.

    • Ed

      Mike is right. The scoop was functional on R code 428’s. If you had a Q code 428, it also had the non-functional hood scoop. Nice car to find with original 428 as lots were scavenged and scrapped for replacement mustang powerplants.

  4. RicK

    Or you have this nice original ’69 Cobra automatic that’s been repainted once for $30K

  5. RicK

    This Cobra

  6. RicK

    Photos won’t load. Sorry. Anyhow, saw it driving on Thanksgiving Day, was dark blue orig Cobra Sportsroof 428 C-6 auto, with hood scoop, black interior, when the driver parked at the grocery store. I stopped and talked to him, very friendly guy, he let me take photos and told me all about it, very strong #2 car, I asked him what he thought it was worth and he said $30K, and it was mine if I wanted to throw down, I told him sure, after I win the lottery.


    There was a whole row of these at MCACN this yr. Most i’ve ever seen in one place. I didn’t see anyone to talk to about the cars but I think that number is correct.

  8. Larry K

    This is # 1 on my list, besides a white Talledega.

  9. Ty

    The 69 Cobras were never named Torinos. The Cobra is based on the bare Fairlane trim level car and aimed at budget performance minded individuals. There is a lot of confusion since they share the same body but if you look closely the only name displayed on the car is Cobra.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Ty, thanks for that clarification!

      • z28th1s

        That is also the reason that they got the cheap steering wheel.

    • MorganW Morgan Winter

      Thanks for posting, Ty, most people these days don’t understand this. Things are made more confusing by people putting Cobra emblems and stickers on their Torinos…if it’s Cobra, it won’t have a Torino emblem.

      • Tony C.

        Morgan, in Australia we have all these wanabees that put Chev bowtie badges on their Holden Commodores and drive around like their s…..t. doesn’t stink just because GM made them and they look similar to the US Chevs. I laugh when I pull alongside one in my 77 El Camino, there jaw drops a bit.

  10. flmikey

    …wonder if he got to keep the 390 too? Very nice car….

  11. Joe/lane

    one of my favorite years definitely worth for whoever is gonna buy it. Considering that you could sell the 390 for a profit. And Good luck.

  12. Grid Member

    At Hertz we had the fastbacks by the gazillions. Remember, smoking was allowed back then, leaving a film all over the inside. Even as management, sometimes I had to pitch in and wash a bunch to remain humble. You’ve never consumed so much aspirin until you’ve cleaned a dozen or so inside fastback windows.

  13. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Old story…it was found many years ago near Dallas complete with the correct engine in it…..guess it’s been being flipped since – as it was flipped soon after it was found…and know one’s driving it….sad…..

  14. Rustytech Member

    This was my favorite Ford ever, the Cobra was on the top, but even the plain old Torino was a great looking car. I had a 2 door hardtop with the 390 and it was fast. This one is way above my pay grade though.

  15. Steve

    My uncle bought a red 69 cobra with a four speed new. Not sure if it was a super or drag pack, but knowing him, it was. He always had fast cars. It was before my time, but my older brothers said it was hell on wheels. Unfortunately he totalled it after only a couple of years. Took a curve too fast and rolled it. He ended up upside down in a ditch full of water. Luckily he was able to get out mostly unhurt but the car was lost. He is still around, 72 y.o. And currently finishing up a 37 chevy sedan street rod.

  16. Chris Rohrer

    When I was 15yo and in search of my first car in 1988.. I ran across a 69 Torino GT, 390 4speed… my dad took one look at the hood scoop with the 390 badge and said “boy, your gonna wrap this thing around a tree”. So long story short, my cousin bought it, still has it, and has never let me live it down…love the wheel hop and body style..

  17. Bruce Best

    One of the better designs that looked fast even if they were standing still. I like them then and still do.

  18. M/K

    my second favorite ford, right behind the 71 boss 351

  19. Mike R

    $12K BIN seems fairly reasonable if the car is as mostly rust free as described.

  20. Steven Lee

    A very interesting site , I am in the middle maybe buying a 1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra Torino . It’s a 428 as far as I know with auto and a 3
    3: 50-1 diff , is it correct that they don’t have a engine number . So how do you tell for sure it’s a 428 , he has the Marti Report and the Deluxe Marti Report which states . It’s a 1 of 1

    SERIAL NUMBER 9A460108560
    63E T CA 18J 13 3:50 -1
    ENGINE NUMBER 1889116
    I know I have given you a engine number that’s on the Marti Report ? .

    I hope somebody can help clear this up for me , thank you .
    Steve .

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