SNEAK PEEK: Amazing Backyard Find!

We have had the opportunity to see some amazing collections over the years, but last week we got a call about one that still has us pinching ourselves! The person on the other end of the line asked us if we could come take a look at a few cars and see if we could help find some new homes for them. We have created a video to show what we saw when we arrived on the scene. It’s not the quantity of cars that gets your blood going. Just take a look and you will see what I mean!

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Fast Finds


  1. RayT Member

    You lost me just after the one-minute mark, when the bonnet was raised on the silver coupe…. As I’ve never had the slightest interest in the 2+2 E-Types, the presence of an automatic in the yellow car didn’t really affect my judgment, either.

    Now, if the lawn mower’s for sale, we could talk!

    • Squanto

      He lost me when he said “Jag-wire”

      • Jesse Staff

        Give me a break Squanto! Porsch, Porscha, Lanseea, Launcha, Jagwire, Jag-u-ar… Who cares? I’ve heard guys from the Porsche Club of America leave the A off the end and personally I like it better that way! Here’s an idea. Let’s have all the know-it-alls and critics get their cameras out and film a video. Now that would be entertaining!

        Like 1
      • scott

        Well now we all should learn to say Jaguar with an Indian accent. Chevrolet with French or Midwestern?

        How about we all film ourselves saying Honda with a Japanese accent and send them in.

        Will be great fun.

    • dan

      Right behind you on this except I love 2+2s. That V-8 made me sick as well as the automatic in the yellow one.

  2. Capt Doug

    Both cars should be entered into the XKE data base using the chassis # at:
    with all the newest information.

    The series 1 that suffered the vital organ transplant will suffer from it pricewise.
    The 2+2 is generally the least expensive E-type but has a good following and club support.


    Never cared for the “pregnant” Jags either but I’m sure these will sell fast.

  4. Joe Haska

    Thanks for sharing, ” That you have no interest in these cars “. I have no interest in knowing you don’t have any interest in them!

    • Horse Radish

      Perfect reply !

      I would have probably embellished that with a few blunt expletives….

      Anyway, these are comments to be accepted by the crowd that is into these cars, a bunch of garage queens (and with that I don’t mean the cars !)

  5. Jesse Staff

    What a bunch of Debbie Downers! You may not like what E-Types cost these days, but there is no denying the fact that they are one of the most beautiful automobiles ever built. They offered the performance of a much more expensive car too and would be a real treat to own today.


      Let’s not forget the old saying, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For my eye I can think of a lot of other cars that are better looking and that I would much rather have than anything built by Jaguar. No offense intended, I am just not into Jags. And that is the beauty of the hobby, there are a lot of different style seats out there. Something for everyone.

      • Rocco

        @ Cathouse,
        I’m with you on the Jags or any other import. The only import I like is the AC Ace after it became a “COBRA”.

    • dan

      Jags are pieces of art ! Putting a V-8 in the silver one is blasphemous. Automatic ? almost as bad.

      • Dave Debien

        But at least it will run for a while before breaking down!!!

  6. Show73 Ron Jellum Member

    I would take the one with the SBC.

  7. Chuck Foster 55chevy Chuck Foster

    I like both of those Jag Yoo Arrs, a lot better than that RWD dually looking red one. I have 10 projects I’ll trade for either one LOL. Back in the 90s I looked at a coupe body with no driveline or suspension, the guy was going to put it on a Caprice frame with a big block engine, he said it had the same wheelbase, but he found a Corvette instead, he was asking $500 for the body. Around the same time I ran across a XKE vert project for $10k, as well as a 50s XK140 roadster for $11k.

  8. JC

    I believe these cars were on some buy and flip car show a couple years back, the combo of the V8 silver Jag and stock yellow Jag ring a bell.

    Every time I see one of these cars, I can’t help think of that disturbing movie “Harold & Maude” and the hearst he built out of one, lol.

    • Darrun

      I was thinking the same thing. I remember seeing a show that had two very similar, if not the same cars. I believe it was an episode of Fast and Loud.

    • Miguel

      What was disturbing about the movie?

    • Jack

      I always think of “Vanishing Point” when Kowalski races an XKE and it ends up in the river, love the sound of that Jag!
      Here is a link to some of the race

  9. MikeG

    I had a series 1.5 E 2+2. It was fun and I loved it, but didn’t fetch a whole lot compared to the coupes or convertibles.

  10. Wayne

    Hearse not hearst.

    • Miguel

      I have had to correct people on that for the last 32 years of my life.

  11. Jay M

    I really like the silver one. So what if it’s not original? It would be a blast to drive!

  12. Dr. D

    Well Jesse I’m impressed even if others in the peanut gallery are not. Sure, there could have been 2 NICER Jags behind that unassuming fence, but there also could have been 2 rusty 4-door Dodge Aries K-cars back there. So on the grand spectrum of possibilities, I’d say you did quite well.

    Also nice to see you in the video and hear your voice, I think this is the first time I have seen any video of you, or anything other than your avatar. You look like a decent, regular guy of the type I’d be happy to share a beer with.

    It’ll be good to see these cars once they are all cleaned up and ready to sell!

    • Keith

      Well said Dr. D. Now, if it had been a K Car WAGON, I would have been excited.

  13. Sam

    They are both nice cars that will provide alot of enjoyment to someone.

    The silver one is sharp…so what if its a sbc…at least you can drive.

    Here’s a completely different idea for the yellow one…how about building a “hopped up” 225 slant six…lay it on its side and have a fake “Jay ag e que wire” valve cover made.

    The knock-offs are killer.

  14. Scott

    I preferred the coupes myself until one day. I was in the parking lot of a grocery store. Woman and man come over to a 2+2 with a shopping cart full. The open the rear door/hatch thing and proceed to fit every one of those bags in. Jumped in and drove off.

    Right then it struck me. The 2+2 is not the best looking of the bunch but it is the one you can use as a daily driver. I instantly fell in love.

    I would be happy with either of them.

  15. RoselandPete

    Always loved that style. I’d go for the yellow one with the automatic.

  16. Warren

    Nice find. I like the grey one, but would sell that engine and look for a stock one.

  17. Chris In Australia

    I’d have the SBC powered one. Lighter, cheaper, faster. Easier to work on.

  18. rando

    I wouldn’t be a player on these in any way. But I can appreciate the cars for what they are and what they were. I don’t care how Jesse says Jaguar in the vid. Cool find. The comments on this site are so negative I am losing interest in the site. I like reading Howard’s take usually. Howard seems to consistenly be the most knowledgeable or interesting. The rest of the comments are often so negative – just tearing down the post, the car, or whatever.

  19. Jeff Staff

    Jesse, great find. Are you and Josh going to handle recommissioning them for sale, or doing a quick detail? Either way – amazing to think they were sitting in a backyard right in town.

    Love the video component. Imagine what we could do with our junkyard finds!

    • Jesse Staff

      We are going to attempt to get them running again, detail them, and present them the best we can. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Some footage from the junkyard would be lots of fun!

  20. JC

    If you’re a car guy, stick around and enjoy the finds, cars, videos and conversation. If your focus is on grammar, spelling, pronunciation, go find a woman’s knitting or reading blog and have at it.

    • Scotty Staff

      Ha! Thanks for sticking around, JC!

      I’ve always preferred the coupe E-Type for some reason. This had to be incredibly eye-opening to open that gate for the first time!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Thanks, JC! :-)

  21. Jay E.

    SBC with a lumpy cam and loud exhaust… Head turner.

  22. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I just can’t say enough how much I love this find!

  23. JagManBill

    I think if I heard right you said Series 2 on the V12…its a 3. There were no series 2 V12’s (that left Coventry anyway). If it was one of the two S2 V12 prototypes, …THEN we’d be talkin some money!!

    • Jesse Staff

      Yeah, you’re correct. It’s a series 3.

  24. Grant

    Thanks for taking the time to record, edit and post the video.

  25. Doug Towsley

    Harold & maude move was the BEST,,, Love that movie! My Doberman had a high prey instinct and while he was a wonderful dog he just plain wanted to kill other animals. My wife used to tease him and repeated the lines from Harold & Maude at the recruiters office as well as the scene from Alices restaurant from Arlo Guthrie.
    We once had a jag,,,I wanted to go V8 SBC and wife and her family were appalled.
    No way. Until it caught fire with their dodgy Fuel injection and blown head gasket.
    I showed my wife all the online documentation about the stock drivetrains and she finally gave in. (Not a E type) I would happily bring home a 2+2,, still very sexy cars

  26. Anthony

    These cars are a work of art in looks. Too bad one got converted and the other is automatic.
    Old British cars are beautiful.

    On another note… Today’s Barn Find listings are ALL interesting and look forward to reading them all which is rare for me – as I usually click on a few to read that interest me. Today must be my birthday!

  27. Jeffrey osborne

    All I can say is : You Lucky Dog !!! 2 Very nice Jags !!!

  28. David J David J

    Wow! What a find. Way to go, Jesse.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  29. Rjc

    Great find guys! Thanks for the fun video.
    I would love to have either of them.
    Will be fun to clean and sort them out.
    Good luck selling them, im sure you will find many intersted buyers.

  30. Clinton

    I don’t know what’s wrong with all of you. I like the pregnant yellow one with the v12. If it was running and at cars an coffee people wouldn’t be talking about how much they dislike it. Funny how all of the haters pop up on the Internet.

  31. JagManBill

    Gotta ditto all the slush-box haters. I don’t like ’em either. But, if your so dead-set against it, then help old Jesse out here and buy this then do a Driven Man conversion on it for a quick $5k and have a nice 5 spd tranny instead. The pedal box is the same, just add the clutch master and loose the big fat brake pad if I remember correctly (the left arm of the brake pad is the clutch pedal shaft). Trust me…if you’ve ever driven one of these (V-12) with a stick in it, you’ll get all gooey just thinkin about it.
    As for it being a 2+2, if your over 5’10” this car is your friend. I’m 6’4″ and I don’t touch the headliner in mine (69 S2 2+2). The other plus on a 2+ is the slightly more leg room for the driver. Just an few inches makes all the difference in the world.
    Great intro Jesse. Ya know…with the values of the early cars skyrocketing, the silver car might be worth putting back correct if priced right…

  32. CanAm

    Funny how the conversation has developed into a love hate of E Types and completely glossed over the ‘barn finds’ that were clearly driven recently. OK, they may have been cleaned up prior to filming, but, GPS hanging off the dash, hmmmmmmm :)

    • Jesse Staff

      That’s because I said they’ve been back there a few years, not a few decades.

  33. Kralik

    First, it’s a great find. They’re not my favorites, but I enjoy seeing them and hope they find good homes.. Also, I hope the sale works out well for the owners. Good on you for doing this.

  34. Horse Radish

    Actually, the cars are not the problem, but having this mutt next door barf/bark all day long would make me go postal…….

  35. Jack

    I’ll take the silver one any day, hopefully it’s been tuned up just fine!

  36. Cosgrove

    Would love to know where they are and a price.

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