Sno-Fighter Package: 1978 Ford F-250 Ranger 4×4

Back in the day, snow plowing was a serious enough business that companies like Ford offered specially-equipped models to help the enterprising clean-up crew get the job done right the first time. This rare Ford F250 Ranger “Snow Fighter” package is an incredible survivor that would be a standout on its own, but throw in the equipment offered direct from the factory to make this truck a heavy hitter when the snow flies, and it’s off-the-wall rare. The Snow Fighter package puts the Camper Special offering to shame, in my opinion, and this example listed here on eBay retains all of the goodies the factory threw at it. Bidding is at $18,000 with no reserve.

But speaking of the Camper Special package, guess what? This truck is equipped with that option package as well! This is just a loaded-to-the-hilt example. The Snow Fighter package included a still-desirable Dana 60 4,500lbs HD front axle; HD springs and shocks; overhead cab lights; an engine block heater; auxiliary transmission oil cooler, upgraded radiator; an oil pressure gauge and amp meter; and an HD alternator. The Camper Special package adds front and rear sway bars, additional bed storage, and larger sideview mirrors, among other features.

As the seller goes on to point out, out of the 831,000 F-Series trucks built in 1978, only six were built with this two-tone paint job featuring Wimbledon White and Tangerine with the Ranger trim. Throw in the additional options – Snow Fighter and Camper Special – and what are the odds that another truck like this was ever built? This is straight up gold for a Ford truck collector who wants one with awesome period colors and some of the best HD options Ford ever offered. The fact that it’s clearly in exceptional condition is just the proverbial cherry on top.

According to the listing, the original owner who ordered the truck with these options wanted the heavy duty components across the board, and in his mind, that meant it should be equipped with the 460 V8. As Ford did not offer this engine on four wheel drive models, he elected to have a 460 swapped in, thus ensuring he had the beefiest drivetrain offered by Ford that year. The engine bay looks quite clean, and aside from not being offered by the factory in this configuration, there’s little reason to think it didn’t roll off the assembly line this way. A true time capsule and almost certainly unrepeatable.

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Cool truck. Looks great. It would be very “truck-y”. Quite uniquely equipped. However…..

    Pet peeve: Another example of mis-interpretation of Marti Report data (whether a simple misunderstanding, or not, I can’t say). It is not correct, as the seller says, to state there are only 6 1978 F-Series with this paint scheme. What it says is that there are 6 “F250 4×4 Regular Cab” with this paint/trim code (and 91 with the paint code). Adding 4×2’s and SuperCabs and F150’s, there would be many more “Ford trucks” in tangerine/white.

    Another example of how “hot” this generation of Ford trucks has become.

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    • Grease

      Splitting hairs maybe.
      Not sure Barn Finds is trying to be a museum quality publication and that’s ok by me!

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      • Dean

        i’d prefer if it didn’t though, thats what bat and hemmings is for

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  2. alphasud Member

    Good looking truck and I’m glad to see this series get the recognition they deserve. I guess you could say I’m a Ford Truck guy since I’m on my 3rd one. I’m also old fashioned because I prefer a single cab long bed. All my trucks get worked hard and the beds are living proof. A highboy with a 460 that’s what I call a serious truck. And when you drive this you know you are driving a real truck. Not like the soft cushy trucks of today. The other day I saw a guy carrying a single 2X6 on his shoulder. He grabs his key fob and I hear his truck chirp and the tailgate electrically lowers. I had to turn away while I 🤭

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  3. angliagt angliagt Member

    When posting these cool finds,could you please also
    include the location?
    These are really cool trucks.Too bad you can’t buy
    one like it today.I saw a guy start his newer truck a couple of
    days ago,& checked his phone to see when it was warmed up.
    I just shook my head…..

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      The eBay listing indicates it’s in Oakland, CA.

      Insofar as the “modern gimmicks” of the day, an overheard conversation between two ranchers in a casino restaurant back in the day was a lengthy scornful discussion as to the need for the extra cost of a heater in the then-recently purchased new ranch truck..”Modern comforts! What a waste of money! Just make ya soft!”

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      • MattR Member

        Funny story.

        Oakland? That is 15 minutes from my house. You’d have to drive two hours north to find snow around here. I would love to know the history of this particular truck. I love it.

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      • Steve R

        The Marti report says it was sold new in Colorado Springs. Funny thing is, it was built in San Jose, which is less than 40 miles from its current location.

        This seller, like many others, has had several vehicles featured on this site. It highlights the fact that there are people out there who have developed a formula for finding desirable cars and trucks.

        Steve R

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  4. Mr.BZ

    Surprised they went with an AT for a snow plow, but if it’s a C6 it could be up to the task. Nice truck!

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    • AKRunner

      The MT option was not that enjoyable to drive when plowing. You spend almost as much time in reverse as forward and listening to your engine and transmission scream with the low ratio reverse has on the MT plus the extra time it takes adds up. I plowed many lots with trucks like this one with both AT and MT. I’ll take the AT any day over the MT for regular plowing. If it’s only once in a while then the MT is fine.

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    • MBorst

      Automatic is the only way to go for plowing, IF YOU OWN A FORD !
      C6 is the only thing Ford out behind it’s trucks.
      I would not have done the 460. It can still be fixed to some degree. The old saying pass everything but a gas station ! Holds true. !
      I built a 351M 4° crank off-set Crane RV cam and put a smaller 450 Holley with mechanicals on it. Changed from 9-10 mpg to 15. My 460 got about 6 mpg talk about listening to the sucking sounds coming from tank and pocket ! I’m guessing this also can with 4:10 gears.. so did mine. It’s a beautiful truck tho and I’d take it for about half that price

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  5. Rick

    I would give 18k for that truck depending on the miles on it.

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    • Gerry

      I have the exact one I’m selling. All original $15k California truck

  6. timothy herrod

    This is kinda related to this story, about 10 years ago I saw a 79 F350 2 wheel drive camper special. The guy that owned it wanted a 1000 for it. I looked it over and the bed was rust free and thought the asking was cheap for the bed alone but something didn’t quite look right to me, it took a little while to figure out the wheelbase was different and that bed wouldn’t work on my 1/2 ton so i had to pass

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    • AKRunner

      Yes, the Camper Special has a stretched wheel base. Most people don’t recognize that.

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      • Gasoline

        Not all camper specials had the 8.5 foot bed length. That longer bed had the tire storage tucked up under the passenger side (you can tell with the inner bed panel). This looks like a regular 8 foot Bed. The stance on those long camper specials are quite unique with a jacked up rear end look. This with a 460 and 4×4 really disqualifies any numbers matching reference as this is not a factory set up, dealer installed or whatever. Overall very nice condition truck, I give it that, but probably came with a 400 With a 2 barrel carb.

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  7. Superdessucke

    Am I missing something? Why is the “Sno-Fighter” package not listed on the Marti report? I see the Camper Special and Ranger packages, but not that. Is this something that wouldn’t be listed on the Marti (I honestly don’t know enough about these to know this)? Thanks!

  8. Buddy Brown

    Wow that would be impossible to duplicate is right, name a vehicle that has a rear Dana 60 that isn’t capable to do what ever you need much less TWO DANA 60s, most of these had Dana 44’s in the front, the Camper Special with front and rear sway bars and original paint? That thing is a one of a kind

  9. Larry E Spiller

    I cry at least once a month for ever letting my 1989, single cab, F-350, 460 4WD go away. Gas was over 4 dollars a gallon at the time and I had other guzzlers. I just let the wrong one go. That was a truck like no other.

  10. Dwcisme

    Original paint and the overall condition would suggest this truck never saw much, if any, plow duty.

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