Sno-Low Cone Truck: 1960 International Metro


I have mixed feelings about customization. When done right, I think it’s awesome, but some builds go a little too far. Thankfully, this International is just the right amount of custom in my book. The original age and scars have been retained, but a more modern frame and drivetrain have been installed to make it a better driver. I won’t lie, I’m not a huge fan of the air ride suspension and would prefer the original ride height, but that can always be adjusted or swapped out for a conventional suspension. It will be up to the next owner to decide what to do on that front, but either way it’s a sweet old truck with a killer look to it, I especially love the old logos and worn out paint! You can find this Metro Van here on eBay in Nashville, Indiana with bidding up to $15k and less than a day to go.


The inside has been painted, but still needs work. The floor has been cut out in the back half, so that will need work. It sure would be cool to finish it up and set it up as a food or ice cream truck! Given the old Sno Cone signage, it would be the perfect ice cream truck and would likely draw serious crowds!


These old Internationals are really interesting trucks and it’s a bit sad that this one isn’t still original, but I’m glad it’s still around. Sometimes vehicles are so gone that customization is really the best option. I’m guessing that was the case with this one. So what do you think of this rat rod? Would you rock it as is or would you raise it back up to the original ride height? We spotted one a while back that was all original, you can see it here, for comparison of the original ride height.


  1. Bob Hess

    Workmanship looks good. Finish sheet metal in the rear, paint the work and run it! If you need more ride height, push the button….

  2. Joe Defelice

    The pix in the listing also show it with the bags inflated, where it looks much better to my eyes. I could see this in my driveway…

  3. Chebby

    I used to sell Italian Ices from a ’67 Dodge mail truck (nowhere near as cool as this) but in order to sell Sno Cones, you’d need a large sliding window on the curb side to serve them from. As cool as the patina looks, I doubt this was ever a Sno Cone truck, and if you wanted to make it into one you’ve got a fair amount of work to do.

  4. RicK

    Heck, the kids in the barrio want ice cream on a hot summer day too!!!

  5. DrinkinGasoline

    Helado ! Helado !

  6. Scott Richardson

    Rusty Balls Speed Shop (me) built this van. The modern drivetrain make this truck very reliable. The original drivetrain was not in any condition to be used. The air bags were to my liking and therefore why they’re in place. It’s a simple fix for the new owner if he so desires. The missing sheet metal is removable and when installed makes the interior complete. Whoever buys it will be getting a quality build.

  7. Howard A Member

    It never ceases to amaze me, what some people will do to any certain vehicle. The IH Metro was the last vehicle I thought someone would resto-mod, but here you go. The owner was wise to ditch the original drive train, as these were pretty much just city delivery. Like Chebby sez, I doubt this truck sold sno-cones, but more than likely was the delivery supply truck for places that sold sno-cones. I hope someone shares the builders interests, I’m sure it handles and drives great,( compared to the old setup) just not sure what to do with it. Cool find.

    • Scott Richardson

      Howard, the truck did in fact sell snow cones in Fort Worth Texas. It was a local truck it’s entire life until the current owner took it to Indiana. And you are correct, the original driveline wasn’t the most desirable for anything other than its original purpose.

  8. Aaron

    I normally don’t like customs, but I would drive the crap out of that.

  9. brakeservo

    When something like this is bid to a ridiculous figure and it still shows “reserve not met” wouldn’t you suspect that the guy’s friends and neighbors are somehow involved in the bidding? I mean, what SERIOUS buyer enters a bid before the last three, four or five minutes anyway??

  10. Neal

    I’ve been lusting after one of these for my Waffle Wagon. Bags would be fine! Nice build, Scott.

  11. Slim

    Like Neal said, well done Scott, that’s really cool.

  12. Scott Richardson

    Thank you Neal & Slim. Check out Rusty Balls Speed Shop on Facebook and see some of my other builds. We’re not the typical shop. Lol

  13. Eddie

    That truck is cool! But 1 seat and zero gauges is not so cool. The new owner needs to figure out what to do to finish the insides to make it practical.

  14. Rolf Poncho 455

    O yes now that’s n nice truck I Like
    job well done

  15. Mark S

    I sure will be happy when this rust bucket style of customization goes out of style. The work that was done looks great but incomplete. The blank interior is a good way to sell it because now it’s a blank canvas for the buyer. If I were the buyer I’d restore and paint the outside, as for the inside I’d turn it into a luxury travel van complete with a/c, entertainment centre, high back reclining leather seats shaded windows and any other modern goodie that people like. I’d ditch that used sbc. In favor of a crates motor with all the modern upgrades. I’d do the same for the transmission 700r4 how cool would this be for the larger family travel van. In the end it would be way nicer than a rusty ice cream truck.

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