Snow Queen: 1968 Corvette Convertible

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Winter in the Northeast isn’t an opportune time to sell a classic Corvette, or any Corvette, for that matter.  This time of year most Corvettes are tucked away in garages and winter storage facilities of all kinds.  But give the seller of this ’68 convertible, available here on Craigslist, kudos for pulling this ‘Vette out of hibernation and into the cold to take some striking photographs of the car against a snowy backdrop.  Genius marketing strategy, if you ask me!  Located in Oswego, New York this beautiful first year C3 ‘Vette can be yours for $24,800.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  That phrase will need to hold true for the seller because he sure didn’t provide many details in his Craigslist ad. “20-year barn find” and “very good condition” is practically all of the info we’re given about the car.  It sure looks pristine and even after blowing up the pictures on my computer I’m hard pressed to find any scratches, chips, dents or dings in the paint.  Is it safe to assume it still wears its original LeMans blue paint?  The chrome bumpers and trim look flawless too.  For some reason, I prefer convertible C3’s like this one dressed in wire wheel-like hubcaps with raised white letter tires.  Considered a tamer look, according to less than 20% of ‘Vettes sold between 1968-1973 wore the wire wheel look.  The white soft top looks to be in great condition but just in case you want to cruise during the winter, a hardtop with the rear glass still intact is also included in the sale.

The interior looks to have aged softly and appears to be in original condition.  From what can be seen of the seats they look well preserved with no rips or tears.  The only thing that looks odd is the color of the steering column.  It doesn’t quite seem to match the rest of the blue interior.  Is that common in older Corvettes?  I’ve Googled some interior pictures of other ’68 ‘Vettes and don’t see any that stand out as this one does.

The seller claims it’s a numbers matching car and the small block 327 with a 4-speed manual transmission is the recent recipient of a tune-up.  Only one photo is provided of the engine bay and although it appears relatively clean, it certainly isn’t pristine.  It’s hard to tell from the shadowy picture but it looks like there is some corrosion about the engine block and the valve cover sticks out sorely with its ugly coat of peeling paint.  Mileage is listed at 14,500 with no mention of the odometer turning over.  The seller’s sub $25k asking price seems reasonable, although confirmation as to the car’s original condition and true mileage is necessary before pulling the trigger on this one.  It’s been listed for sale for a couple of weeks now but I don’t think it’ll last much longer.  What do you think?  Could this ‘Vette be the cure for your winter blues?

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  1. Andre

    As a 4-speed convertible, if this is as nice as it looks, it’s a bargain… Even considering the 1968 gremlins.

    Nice car!

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  2. TimS

    That’s the first thing I want to do when it snows is cruise in my open-top Vette. Flipper didn’t want to wait for the spring thaw.

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  3. Bear

    Most people don’t realize that these Gen3 Vettes have a LOT of sheetmetal body components hiding underneath that fiberglass. & RUST of these sheetmetal structures can be a major expense to repair. Potential buyers should request pictures of the underside (frame, floor pans, trunk floor, door bottoms, etc. & pay attention to the A-pillar/door-hinge areas).
    I’ve seen WAY TOO MANY Vettes of this vintage from the road-salt states that look solid when doing an exterior walk-around, but are full of holes & structural problems when you put them up on the rack & do a thorough inspection of the underbelly.

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    • Llouis

      I used to sell Corvettes and the 1968 was the one nobody wanted. Never buy the first run year and this holds true for the 1968.

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    What Bear said! Sure looks sweet from the top but the underbelly needs a real close inspection, on a lift. His sage advice covers the bases. ny cars are the worst. Thanks Bear!! Good luck to the new owner. Keep us posted.


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    • ACZ

      Both Bear and Gaspumpchas are on the money. The frame needs close inspection but so does the windshield frame. That is often overlooked and is a real bear (sorry about that) to fix. It ends with cutting into the cowl, possibly removing parts of fenders or even the whole front clip to do the job right. Then there the other gremlins, as mentioned, that are unique to the 68 model…..overheating, passenger compartment temperature level, and so on. Buy this if it has sentimental value, but you will get upside down quick.

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  5. Chris In Australia

    Thanks for the Corvette link! Now I’ve got some great holiday reading.

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  6. CCFisher

    The steering column seems to match the console and the seat upholstery, not to mention the exterior. Perhaps the dash pad and door panel have faded.

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  7. mach1joe

    Bet it’s just a fiberglass replica . . .

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  8. R Soul

    If I could pick that up for around 22k, I’d get it certified out the back door of some shady shop and enjoy it. Nice looking 68, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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  9. Philip Barry

    I agree with the gentleman: just buy it and drive it! Looks great!

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  10. S Bayes

    Just made a massive mistake buying a Vett
    I only paid 950 for mine but at 9 miles to the gallon how will I ever sell it!!! these dinasors are dead.
    Don’t make the same mistake unless you want life long garage art.

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      S Bayes,
      Sounds like you got yourself a BBC in that one at 9 mpg. Between that and handling that’s the 2 biggest reasons I can’t say nice things about them. With a SBC under the hood, you can get performance, handling and a lot better mileage which increase the joy of owning and driving one.
      I have an 86 convertible with a 350 – 5 speed in it. It may not be the fastest car on the street (remember the reduced hp due to emissions laws of the era) but it was purchased as a cruiser. It’s great to take out on a summer night, put the top down and run it through the gears.
      My opinions.

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      • JamesMember

        I’m with you. Got a ’69 garage find thanks to Barn Finds! Small block convertible that gets crappy mileage, but whatever. If the gas bill scares someone, American muscle isn’t their thing; just means more for us!

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    • RP

      9 mpg? Wow, fire it up and watch the gas gauge drop! I don’t know if I could match that, though. No mistake buying mine!

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      • ChevelleSS

        Lovin’ the C5’s for sure!

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  11. ChevelleSS

    A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far far, Oh wait, that’s something else… it’s rare that anyone on BF can say this, but, I know this car! In 1979-80, fresh out of college, I worked for the owner of this vette. He was the second owner and it was one of his babies. It got only the best of care. I know this because it was with this car that he taught me the ways of the force, darn, sorry, taught me the ins and outs of a small block Chevy, how Delco products were the best with no exception, he taught me about indexing spark plugs and other little tweaks to get the most out a SBC. This vette got the kind of care it deserved and the fact that he still has it until recently, shows how much he loved this car. (Age gets us all sooner or later and that is why the car is for sale now.)

    I got to drive this beaut a couple times and it was almost a religious experience. It ran like a top! He kept it in his barn/garage and it was a fair weather car only. Never abused. Not ever in snow and in rain only if he got caught in it. There is no reason to be afraid of this car and if it wasn’t for the C5 sitting in my garage (also a blue vert) I’d be all over it. I really hope someone buys it and will love it as much as Billy did.

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  12. Karl

    These older vettesneed to scrutinized very diligently for rust in the frame, especially at the body mount location forward of the rear suspension. This area rust can be fixed by cutting out that section of frame and then forming/creating new pieces to weld in and of course the body must be removed to accomplish this, it’s a hell of a lot of work to do yourself and incredibly expensive to have a shop do it, it’s always been a deal breaker in my book!

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  13. 86_Vette_Convertible

    On the issue of frames, there’s 2 directions that can be taken. There are places that sell reconditioned frames which is a decent option. On the other hand there are places that make and sell replacement frames like the roadster shop. For the right car and price, I’d personally go with the 2d option, then the 1st assuming you can’t or won’t use the original frame.

    There are some excellent replacements that use C4 suspensions under them to improve handling.

    Just some thoughts.

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  14. Wrong Way

    Tempting, but I will wait for that 64 or 65, I have been waiting to come along at a reasonable price! Keep them coming! LOL

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  15. Butch Morgan

    After owning and restoring 1 of 12 black 67 427 rdstrs, and letting it go way to cheep, I’d be all over this vette if transport costs were affordable…the gremmies you folks are cryin about are minimal distractions, an affordable smb 4 speed car is a bargin, especially if it looks this good and drives at all, wake up and smell the rubber burn…

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  16. ACZ

    If you’re so daring, go ahead and buy it. Or you could buy a 69 or 70 and not worry about the frailties of a 68. There are plenty of the out there.

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  17. Chandler Davis

    This is actually my friends car, funny to see this on here! It is a nice car and everything is very solid. Frame has no rust, birdcage has no visible rust through the windshield or kick panels and all body mounts etc. are good! Runs and drives great! I’ve owned 5 C3s and this car is more solid than any i’ve had. Give him a call through the number on the post and he’ll give you more info!

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  18. nic69

    I’ve owned a 68 for about 6 years now. I drive it during the week and on weekends in the warmer months. I’ve driven it from Ontario to Carlisle and didn’t worry about a thing. Its not perfect, but a perfect driver. The 68 gremlins may not be as bad as everyone thinks. So if you like it buy it and enjoy it. That’s what these things are all about.

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  19. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heydayMember

    You don’t buy collector/performance oriented cars for the fuel mileage. You buy them to enjoy!

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