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Solid Body: 1946 Chevrolet AK Pickup

This 1946 Chevrolet Pickup is a solid survivor that runs and drives. It would make a fantastic restoration project, or the next owner might choose to drive the vehicle as it currently stands. It is loaded with character and has attracted its fair share of attention since being listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Valley Center, Kansas, where bidding has reached $13,000. The reserve has been met, so a new home is just around the corner for this beauty.

When I first looked at the Pickup, I was struck by just how straight the panels are. There are some dings and dents, but there is nothing that requires urgent attention. Even the steel in the bed is remarkably straight. Carefully examining the supplied photos reveals a small spot of rust in the bed’s front corner, but the rest of the Pickup seems to be sound. The frame looks good, and there are no problems with the floors. The lower cab corners can be a rust-prone region on these old classics, but these appear to be close to perfect. I believe that they are probably the best that I’ve seen in an original and unrestored survivor for quite a while. I would say that the timber in the bed has only recently been replaced, and this is now one of the vehicle’s highlights. The glass seems to be in good order, and all of the exterior chrome appears to be present.

The Pickup was originally equipped with a 216ci 6-cylinder engine, and a 3-speed manual transmission backed this. The vehicle has received a recent transplant, and there is now a 235 under the hood. For those who might be worried about maintaining originality, that isn’t an issue. The owner will be including the 216 in the sale. The new engine will not have provided a significant horsepower boost, but it will have pushed available torque up by around 10%. Every little bit helps when there is a load in that bed. As well as the engine upgrade, the Chevy has received a new fuel tank, new wheel cylinders, and new tires. It is now said to run and drive well.

The interior of the pickup isn’t perfect, but the new seat cover that the owner has fitted makes it look like a pleasant place to pass the time. There is some type of felt on the floor, but I would probably invest $130 in a rubber mat to provide a neat but hard-wearing alternative. The rest of the interior appears to be complete and is in a serviceable state. The painted surfaces are showing their age, and an interior repaint would make the world of difference. One of the real highlights is the crank-out windshield. That is something that will provide excellent flow-through ventilation on hot days.

Classic pickups are hot property at the moment, and they have been for many years. This is a trend that will almost certainly continue for years to come and explains why the bidding on this one has reached the level that it has. This is a vehicle that offers the next owner a world of possibilities. It would make a sound basis for a restoration project but would be equally suitable for a custom or ratrod. I would be tempted to restore the interior within an inch of its life, but then leave the exterior untouched. That would leave it with heaps of character, and would also provide an excellent contrast. What would you do?


  1. Turbo

    Pretty neat old truck. My prediction is that the next owner will probably personalize it to his tastes: a Mustang II suspension with shock waves, small block Chevy engine with a turbo 350 trans. Billet wheels. You know, to express his uniqueness.

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    • Jimmy Novak

      I like the Barn Finds logo that reads both “To Preserve and Restore” and “Only Original Once”.

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  2. 1-MAC

    235 is a common upgrade over the 216. 216 has splash oiling of the crankshaft and oil pump only to cam and lifters. Although they went millions of miles. the 236 is a much more modern engine. Hard to tell them apart visually

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  3. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    One of my favorite automotive memories was the 41 Chevy 1/2 ton I got in a trade many years ago. Judge told me either sell my 58 Impala or spend 4 months in jail. That came after a certain street race where a police car got blown up trying to catch me. Tip, you can’t outrun their radios. So my mil came to my rescue promising the judge she wouldn’t let me have the car if he let me out. He agreed, so I traded it for the 41 pickup with 392 hemi under the hood. And life goes on.
    God bless America

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    • Howard A Member

      Oh, I feel your pain, brother, it’s how I lost my Diamond T pickup. Never thought of having my mom show up, dang.

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      • BravoCharleyWindsor

        Wait a minute…you were in a street race in a Diamond T where a police car got blown up trying to catch you?

        I always knew Diamond T’s were awesome trucks but didn’t know they were that awesome!

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      You have a real good mil, John! So many of them would be wagging their finger in their daughter’s face, saying, “I told you so!” One like you had is definitely a keeper. A 392 in one of those? The first question I have to ask is: “How?” Then I have to say that gearheads are a determined bunch…

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  4. Rex Kahrs Member

    Nice story John. Glad to see you got the photo of the Riv oriented right!

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    • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

      Thanks Rex. Did I ever tell you about the time…..
      Sometimes I just go on and on.
      God bless America

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  5. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    A good-looking pickup that seems to be a sound basis for a restoration. The 235 is a sound motor that will give adequate performance though this truck is probably not geared for the highway. Brakes should be upgraded for safety and fresh paint, maybe two-tone, would be the way I’d go. The pine boards in the bed should go; do it right and go with oak. Maybe whoever ends up with this pickup will go the hotrod route but it would be nice to see it preserved mostly stock.

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  6. Howard A Member

    Baloney, now that I can confirm the bids being phony, I believe very little that belches forth from this machine. Nice find, but I just can’t believe someone is willing to pay that much. Like mom said, if it doesn’t sound true, it probably isn’t.

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  7. Jerry

    Yep, just checked the bids on Ebay and hardly any feedback on the bidders. These are scam bids! A set up. Buyer beware, if the seller is a crook, then don’t trust anything in the listing.

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  8. wizzy

    No reflection on this very nice truck, but if those are real bids someone has lost their mind(s). That is WAY over value at $13,700.
    These cabs rusted typically on the bottom of the cowl between the front fenders and the cab. Very common, and you won’t see it until you take it apart. Also, directly opposite that location on the inside of the cab, at the floor. Again, very common.
    The crank out windshield is always an issue as the gears were very soft metal and frequently stripped out, making the device inoperable. The only way to open the windshield was to push it out by hand and hope it stayed in some relative position. Parts for the cranks in excellent condition are hard to come by and your best bet is to find someone that is reproducing the gears in brass.
    The original wood beds on these were never Oak. They were always a treated / painted pine.
    Nice truck though.

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    • Jerry

      I agree, The bids are fake. Look at the feedback on the bidders. this is a set up!

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  9. BrianT Brian Member

    I love this style. I had one, a first series ’47. Before any of you get all upset I got it out of a field and no restorer would have touched it. I put IFS, 8″Ford rear, 350 Chevy with a turbo 350 trans and chopped the top 3 inches. This is the one I never should have sold.

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  10. Johnny

    Most of the HIGH OUTRAGEOUS BIDS ARE THE SALER DOING IT. Their might be $2,500 worth of parts their. Alot of them will need replaced upon lose inspection. Many states it is against the law. It might be a felony now. To have people raise bid and have no intention to buy.

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