Solid Floors: 1969 Chevy Camaro X11

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Despite being from Pennsylvania, this 1969 Chevy Camaro is said to be a mostly solid project, with good floors and only needing an inner trunk pan and a few patches, according to the seller. The Camaro has been off the road since 1990, and based on the description, sounds like an unfinished project. Find it here on eBay with an asking price of $19,800 and the option to submit a best offer.

Speaking as the owner of a car from Pennsylvania that needs a good amount of rust repair, I’m slightly jealous that this Camaro remains so solid underneath. The body shows signs of weathering but no major damage, although the seller does later admit to some other “watch” areas for rust, primarily in the driver’s side quarter (if I’m reading the listing correctly), but doesn’t elaborate as to front or rear.

The interior is a pleasant surprise, as it’s tidier than I was expecting. The dash and seats are certainly usable as-is, and the carpets look decent, too. The seller notes the presence of the center dash clock, a good headliner, and all seat belts. No word on whether the interior has been updated at some point but in the past, but it does look like it could be OEM. The Camaro came with A/C as well, although it’s not functioning now.

The seller doesn’t confirm whether the 350 is a numbers-matching unit, and the same question applies to the transmission and rear end. Original colors were LaMans Blue with a white interior, so it could be factory paint (but I doubt it). This Camaro wouldn’t be my first choice for a specimen to restore, but if you’re in the Northeast, it may be the least-rusty project project car you can find.

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  1. Gaspumpchas

    Might be worth it if you really want a 69 to start with. Got its share of sin from what you can see. Close inspection a necessity. These cars are bringing some serious coin. Long range project and everything available. myself for all of that work and that high buy its too much. But nothing in my car collection is worth big money and never will be and I’m happy with that!! Caveat emptor!

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  2. TimM

    Your absolutely right it is to much money for something in that condition!! Muscle car or not!! I really wish people could learn how to use a camera!! Flipping the pictures all different ways to try to see what the heck it is!! Let’s have a clue!! Take a picture that we don’t have to guess what part of the car it is!! That should be deducted from the price!!

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  3. Martin r Nichols

    Camaro paint code 71 lemans blue is true.

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  4. Steve

    As someone who’s restoring a 69 SS, I can tell you that rust lies in many places unseen. One area in particular are the tulip panels, which are located at the ends of the firewall, under the fenders. There’s no way to see this unless the fenders are removed. This could be a nice car, but it will cost serious money to do it right.

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  5. TomMember

    Sorry, gotta say it. I am a big GM fan. Not sure what an X11 is but what it is NOT is it is NOT a Big Block, Manual, SS, RS or Z28 car or convertible. Those are the money cars. Buckets with an automatic on the column does NOT increase the value. If it were an rare special order on the column SS 396 car, different story ….to some degree. Non original motor is NOT helping anything.

    Nice job on the photos for a change trying to show what the car is.

    I agree with TimM above. I will challenge the idea that any small block, automatic on the column shift car, 69 camaro or not, is a muscle car. I know, I know. I am not hating on the car, I am just pointing out that in 1969 this was a grocery getter in “the fancy cloths all the young people are wearing these days”.

    WHAT THIS CAR IS is a money pit. It will take 80K or more to make this car right. Now you have $100K and a ton of time into a car worth what, 35K?

    Check out 69 Z28 clone, done and from the looks of it done well. $37K before negotiations. Get in it, turn the key, turn heads as you go to the local cruise night.

    this car is one of those you are getting sick an tired of hearing me say… it properly, bring it out in about 15 or 20 years when ANY 69 camaro will be north of 70K (if we are not living like the Jetson’s by then !!) start accumulating all the right parts for the resto and you will then, at that time, have something to sell for the right money.

    All done.

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  6. stillrunners

    x-11 ?

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  7. Bodyman68

    Just another camaro not worth 10g . Id like to know how many people on here have ever restored a car ? Id like to know where 80g is in restoring this car ? The car doesn’t look like it needs everything like some of the junk listed here . Yes rust hides in these like every car yet everything is made for this car so parts are not a problem . I have been in this business a long time and know how long it takes to do full resto and just a paint job but 80g i don’t see it .This car like said by others is a run of the mill camaro and we all have seen these turn key for 20 to 30g cloned ,restored and restomoded . This car is way overpriced and not worth it . Its value is never going to be there not now or 80 years from now . This car would be a good donor for a set of good tags .

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