Solid Gold Survivor: 1974 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Two days remain in the auction for this nearly perfect, all original 1974 Chevrolet Camaro Z28.  The car is located in Boise, Idaho and is listed for sale here on eBay. The bidding has been strong and reached $36,100 although the reserve has not been met yet. The car was originally purchased in Spokane, Washington and has traveled just 24,745 miles since new.

The original gold paint is striking along with the super clean and untouched interior (i.e. no speakers cut into the door panels or console!). The car was parked in 1984 and put up on jack stands during it long storage. The gauges in the dash look new with no fading and the glass, body and decals are in nice original condition. There is one ding in the rear driver side quarter panel according to the seller. The Z28 has new tires on the original rally wheels. The trim rings looks good with no curb damage. The only modifications to the car are air shocks in the rear, a new muffler and a new radiator.

This Camaro Z28 is equipped with its factory 350 cubic inch V8 engine (5.7 liter). This version of the Chevrolet 350 cubic inch V8 is the same engine that was put in the Corvette with a L82 designation. It was rated at 245 horsepower (net) from the factory. Chevrolet produced almost 14,000 Z28’s were in 1974 out of 150,000 Camaros that were produced total. The US government safety regulations were changed for 1974 which resulted in Chevrolet adding 5 mph bumpers to the 1974 Camaro which increased the length of the Camaro by 7 inches.

In 1974, Ford introduced the Mustang II and had dropped the V8 from its pony car. However, Pontiac was still producing Trans Ams which outperformed the Camaro in both straight line acceleration and handling. The Chevrolet 350 engine was easy to work on and could be modified to produce significantly more horsepower. This car is a true survivor and should bring strong money from Camaro enthusiasts.


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  1. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member


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  2. joenywf64

    I’ve never seen a ’70s z28 without a rear spoiler – factory mistake? / special order by a mgr?
    It’s also missing the AIR pump & the fender emblems.

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    • Camaro82

      You could get them that way in regards to the spoiler. I thought they had fender emblems as well, but this one doesn’t.

  3. Raymond

    That must be the nicest, cleanest of the lamest, phoned in Z28s ever made….

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    • Dan H

      Although it lacked the excitement of the high rpm 302 MO/DZ engine or the torque of the 350 LT1, a 4 speed muncie, a 12 bolt posi, it did come with REALLY BIG Z28 LETTERING!

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  4. Ed Gierlach

    My ’73 Z/28 has no spoiler or stripes, that’s the way my father ordered it.

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  5. gbvette62

    The spoiler package and those (God awful) stripes were both optional in 74. This car has the front spoiler, so it must have been added by a previous owner. The spoilers could only be ordered as a set of both the front and rear one.

    In 74 I had a Cosworth Vega on order. When Chevrolet delayed it’s release till 75, my dealer offered me a 74 Z/28 demo they had that was a near twin to this car. It was the same gold color, with a black interior, automatic, and the stripes, but it also had the spoiler package. I didn’t want a automatic, and couldn’t stand the stripes, so I passed. I ended up buying a 74 400 4 speed Trans Am with the “screaming chicken” on the hood, which strangely enough, I didn’t find as ugly as the 74 Z/28’s stripes.

    I still don’t like the 74 Z’s stripes, but otherwise this looks like a really nice car. One thing I find strange is the sellers choice of tires. All 74 GM cars came with radials, including the Z/28, but someone has decided to downgrade the handling and performance of this car by adding a set of reproduction bias ply Firestone Wide 60 Oval tires to it.

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    • joenywf64

      Finding out that the rear spoiler was OPTIONAL! on the ’70-74 z28 to me is more of a shock than hearing that the std wheels on the ’77-’79 SE t/a were GOLD RALLY II’s! Virtually none were built like that, since the Bandit movie t/a had the aluminum snowflakes.
      I seen the inside of the glove compartment door on a ’74 firebird & the 2 biggest tire sizes listed are F60-15(NOT a radial) & OPTIONAL EXTRA COST GR70-15.
      Same on the z28 …
      The F6O-15 may actually make either car car corner & look better because it is wider than the radial, but would not track as good.
      Back in the day, i saw only ONE ’74 Z28 EVER with those stripes & wild hood graphics! With this car above having those & NO rear spoiler!!, that might make it 1 of 5 or less cars built as such!
      But certainly not more desirable or valuable. On the contrary.
      GIven a choice between the graphics OR the rear spoiler, i would think virtually everyone would get the spoiler instead on the ’74 z28.
      BTW, that ’74 t/a came std WITHOUT the hood bird, tho i bet there were none as such on the lot – would have to order the car as such.

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    • ken Worthington

      The spoiler was an option. There were no front fender emblems when the stripes were ordered as an option. I bought one new.

  6. joenywf64

    The above does not explain why the small chrome z28 emblems are missing from the fenders.
    Check the vin # for z28 id …

  7. Tony Primo

    This guy doesn’t really want to sell the car. $36,100 for a 1974 Z28, take the money and run.

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    • Bick Banter

      Interesting car but I agree, too much $$$. 36 grand get you into new Challenger Scat Pack, Camaro SS, and Mustang GT territory. And IMO, it looks weird with those stripes sans spoiler. But cool car. Someone will pay big.

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  8. Bob-O

    I bought a new 1974 Camaro base car back in the day. It had a 350, automatic, 3.08 axle, HEI delete, bucket seats and console, sport mirrors, AM radio, rallye wheels. It was white with a red vinyl interior and I mean RED! Mine didn’t have a smog pump which excited me at the time.

    When I took delivery of the car the dealer had a new 1974 Z28 in the showroom. It was a light pistachio green color, had the spoilers and the big Z28 stripes. On that particular car, the stripes looked pretty cool. I don’t recall seeing that color again so I’m guessing that there weren’t many made.

    This gold Z28 is the only 1974 Z28 with stripes that I can remember seeing wtihout the spoilers. It’s a cool find.

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  9. ken Worthington

    The factory tires that year were the firestone 60s not radials. I bought one new.

  10. General Ed

    In 1974, Hory Chevrolet in New Rochelle NY was known as a Hi-Performance dealer. The had about 20 of them on the lot. Every one had spoilers and the gawd-awful stripes. I agreed to take delivery on a red 4spd Z – but only if they removed the stripes. They did. I was really pleased with the overall performance. Yes, it was under powered at 245HP, but handled very well. It came with the Firestone 60 series bias ply tires. To my knowledge, no radials were offered – or I would have opted for them. Sold it 3 years later for $750 less than I paid for it. . . regretfully.

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  11. half cab

    Friend of mine had a yellow and black ’74 Z28 with no spoiler.

    He put and off road Chevy cam in it and it really woke it up.

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  12. Mark Hagene

    I was told if you got those stripes you didn’t get fender emblems. The rear stripe contained 2pcs to accommodate. for the spoiler

  13. Al

    This guy should take that money & RUN lol!! Like they say in the car biz, theres an ass for every seat. At $37k for a decal edition & NOTHING more at all, is almost comical. Some poor sap buying this probably thinks he’s on to something of a great investment. No more than a $14k car at THAT! Just because it’s clean with low supposed miles. For just a few thousand more, you can have REAL excitement & more ‘looks’ with this here & will always hold up it’s value despite not numbers matching.

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    • Dallas

      Al, there are three bidders on the auction to whom the car was worth at least $34,900. Not sure what your data point is that this is a $14k car. The market does move on these cars and that’s just a fact.

      If the market value is REALLY that low, your strategy should be to buy up all of these cars you can at $14k, put them on eBay and more than double your money.

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      • Al

        As I said about an ass for every seat. Only one paid that. By your logic, were you bidder # 2 or #3? Buyers remorse will set in when he learns it’s an imitation Z w/o all the hype the previous years, earned. BUT it has nice stripes & advertising!

  14. David Ulrey

    I will admit that the stripes and lettering are somewhat garish but for some reason I really like them. Yes, I’m sick and twisted.

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  15. Claudio

    Is there another year z/28 that is SO fugly ?

    • half cab

      Yes the ’77

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  16. sparkster

    Many of us were dirt poor in 74′ and couldn’t afford a new Z28, including me. Now in 2021 I can easily afford this car at $36,000. This car will be bought by someone with means that they didn’t have in 1974. The value of this car will only go up, unlike the new Lexus LC500 I’ve been looking at. The stripes don’t bother me, no rear spoiler does.

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  17. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    There was another perfect ’74 Z/28 that has been listed on here a couple of times.
    I would call it the benchmark car for this year:

    The first picture made me think this was a Hot Wheel.

    • joenywf64

      Did you take a look at the rear decal on that benchmark car ?
      Either it was applied crooked or MADE crooked!!! Seeing that certainly would make me skip those optional graphics. I would sooner get a vinyl roof – i think. lol
      I don’t think i ever seen a t/a with crooked decals, tho on most ’70s f-bodies, the 3 parts of the optional rear spoiler never lined up properly together.

  18. joenywf64

    No such thing as HEI delete – you could not pick between HEI & pts/condenser. During approx mid ’74 model yr, GM swiched over to HEI, but only on certain motors, such as pontiac big cubes(except sd-455) & the ’74 z28 350 – this car above has HEI – so it was a later build.
    In ’75, all GM motors with cats got HEI.

    I have never seen a ’72-’74 small block chevy motor w/o an air pump – even non Calif ones. Perhaps this was an export model? I would like to examine those exhaust manifolds.

    I just noticed, most, but not all, of the ’74 z28s here
    have the fender chrome emblems – maybe Chevy ran out of them at some point?

    Fair possibility the headliner was replaced – would not be surprising, even with low mileage.

    Picture this particular car with std EXPOSED wipers & an optional vinyl roof!

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