Solid Off-Roader: 1967 Ford Bronco

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It seemed that during the 1960s, the late Lee Iacocca had the golden touch. After the monumental success of the Mustang, he gave product approval for the first Ford Bronco, and the model repaid his faith by becoming an initial sales success. Today, original 1st Generation Broncos are sought after, and this particular car is a solid example with only a few issues to attend to. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, you will find the Bronco listed for sale here on eBay. With bidding at $15,100, the reserve hasn’t been met. There is also a BIN option available, which has been set at $20,000.

Finished in Springtime Yellow, the Bronco appears to be a fairly solid old beast. There are a couple of small spots of rust in the driver’s side floor and tailgate, but neither of these is too bad. The rust in this photo is one of two spots that will require some careful attention, which is located on the inner fender on the passenger side. However, it does look like a fairly easy repair. The rest of the car appears to be in good order, with only some minor cosmetic refurbishing required on the outside of the vehicle.

This is the other spot that will require some attention, and it is on the opposite side to the previous rust spot. Once again, addressing this shouldn’t be too difficult. The fact that the rust has appeared in the same location on both sides of the car suggests that there might be mud or gunk stuck up in the inner fenders, so this would be worth checking. There are no photos supplied of the interior, so we’re flying blind on that.

The standard engine in a ’67 Bronco was a 170ci 6-cylinder, although a 289 V8 was available as an option. This Bronco features the standard six, which produces 105hp. The transmission is a 3-speed manual, while the rear end features a bullet-proof 9″ and the front is a Dana 30. Designed to compete directly with the Jeep CJ-5 and the International Scout, the Bronco acquitted itself quite well. In its first year, Ford managed to sell 23,776 Broncos, which they admitted was a better result than expected. From there sales did dip, and the introduction of the Chevrolet Blazer, International Scout II, and the Jeep Cherokee further impacted the Bronco until a 2nd Generation was introduced in 1978. The owner of this Bronco says that it runs and drives well, and certainly, the presentation under the hood doesn’t hint at any nasty leaks or problems.

The 1967 model year was one of the worst from a sales perspective for the Bronco, with 14,230 vehicles sold. However, today the 1967 Bronco has developed a strong following, and nice examples can command some pretty respectable prices. It is possible to find relatively clean examples with only minor rust issues for around the BIN price of this one, but an immaculate example could run you to twice this figure, and sometimes more. This one doesn’t appear to need any major work, and it holds the promise of a lot of enjoyable off-roading for its next owner.

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  1. Chris in Clover

    nice to see one with a 6 instead of a V8……
    great find for someone who has the deep pockets these babies require today…..

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    • Mike W H

      Know what else is nice to see and exceedingly more rare these days? A Bronco from this generation without the rear fenders cut!

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      • Jimmy

        My 68 didn’t have the rear wheel opening cut but my 73 did and the proportion of the 73 looked much better and if the renderings of the new Bronco are correct Ford thinks so too. I would take a straight 6 or a V8 but I want the dual gas tanks.

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  2. half cab

    Funny that 10 yrs ago this would be about a $3-5 thousand dollar rig. To be honest I rarely get mine out anymore. People worry the crap outta ya wanting to buy it.

    Be glad when the NEXT big thing takrs over….sorry yawl just ranting.

    Like 8
  3. Jimmy

    Was just at a car show here in Missouri where there were three of these, a rusty driver 6 banger owned by a girl, a decent none rusted daily driver owned by a guy with a V8, a tricked out maroon and black one with a V8 owned by a guy, not one was interested in selling. I’ll wait the crazy prices for these will end soon then I’ll buy me another.

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  4. TimM

    The only thing bad I can say about the Broncos after owning them since I was a kid is that the run from 66-77 was to short!! I just got another one in bad shape with a 302 and an automatic and it sitting in front of my shop and I get 2-3 people a Day stopping to try to buy it!! These things are like a modern day gold rush!! This little gem with the 6 cylinder will run for decades with that motor with very little maintenance!! The worst thing it would need is probably the clutch!!!

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    • half cab

      Or allot of rust repair

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  5. tasker

    LOVE them all, big or small…..sweet little rig

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  6. Bongo

    I love people admiring mine. That’s the price of owning one. Plus its helped prices go up. Would you want yours to drop in attention and price. Not me.

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  7. half cab

    I’ve owned this particular(my bronco not this ad) bronco for almost 40 yrs so pricing it would be like pricing a family member. I guess I’m getting old as I don’t mind talking Broncos or vintage 4x4s or classic cars in general but I’ve had joggers jump out in the rd trying to stop me to ask is it for sale? Fuel stops are beginning to be a head ache. They drive up in my yrd regularly asking it for sale.

    Just been around them to long I guess because when you see what use to be a $100 rust bucket called a solid ride.. Well idk.

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  8. chrlsful

    no Todd comments on da bronk?
    Where R ya bud?

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    • half cab

      Mr. Z busy signing books these days 👍👊

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  9. JP

    Was looking for an image for what should be the correct air cleaner for a straight 6 – 170ci motor for my 67 Bronco……came the image of this motor showed up in google search and after further examination, this is my bronco! HA

    I’m the happy sap that probably over paid for this Bronco, but am enjoying the hell out of this rig. We’ve had it 2 weeks and already put 300 miles on is. Whoever said the comment about the clutch is absolutely right. That along with the oil sensor are the first replacements. Restoration has commenced, it will be as stock as possible (right down to the manual steering, 4 drums all around and the amazing vacuum wipers). I have removed the spare time arm and will set it on the inside of the tailgate like the 68 models had. I will not be repainting the Springtime yellow. Sorry folks, that’s the only thing I am not a fan of. I did do a Marti Report – it is and has been an Albuquerque car since it left the Michigan plant in 66 and was sold at a dealership in 67.

    Very happy new owner who enjoys the offers to buy – 10 minutes after I purchased the Bronco and was making the 25 minute journey home, I had a guy stop me a 3 stop lights wanting to buy it. Don’t get that everyday.

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