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Solid Project Car: 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

From the outside, this 1965 Mustang Fastback 2+2 looks like a pretty solid car. We don’t get a lot of information about how things look underneath the car, so it does have an air of mystery about it. If it is solid, then it might be a fair prospect as a project car. Located in York, Pennsylvania, you will find the Mustang listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set the opening bid at $15,500, and while he hasn’t had any bites on the car at this stage, there are 133 people who are watching the listing.

As I said, the external appearance of the Mustang does look promising. The owner says that it appears that all of the steel is original. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of rust, apart from a couple of very small spots in front of the rear wheel arch on the passenger side, and possibly a small spot in the bottom corner of the driver’s door. We can’t be sure how things look under the car, but there is a shot of the trunk, and apart from a couple of spots of surface corrosion, it looks quite good. The owner also says that he believes that the car underwent a repaint at some point in the past. That is really starting to show its age, especially on the top of the car.

Just like a magnet, my eyes have been drawn to the dirty great hole that has been hacked into the dash where the factory radio would have been. It looks like someone had a field day there with a can opener. This could be repaired, although it might be more viable to try to source a replacement dash. The rest of the interior is a bit of a mixed bag, with the rear seat and trim looking pretty good. The front seats will need new covers, while the dash pad is also cracked. There’s a bit to do, but the interior is actually serviceable as it is.

When this Mustang rolled off the production line in 1965, the engine bay would have housed to 200ci Thriftpower straight-six engine and a manual transmission. It now houses a 302ci V8 and an automatic transmission. Given the current lack of a carburetor, it would be stating the obvious to say that the car currently doesn’t run. The owner doesn’t say whether the engine turns freely, but I would be surprised if they would drop in an engine that required any major work. Still, stranger things have happened. One notable upgrade is the fact the car now has new disc brakes on 5-lug hubs. The original 4-lug hubs remain on the rear.

In an ideal world, I would dearly love to have a 1966 Mustang Coupe parked in my garage, but I would need to strike it lucky in the lottery first. My second choice would be a ’65 Fastback because they are a great looking car. If this one is a solid car, then it would be a pretty decent sort of basis for a project. The lack of the original engine and transmission means that the new owner has the option to configure the car exactly as they want, without compromising a numbers-matching car. The price does seem higher than I would expect, so it will be interesting to see whether any of the 133 people watching the listing will be willing to make a bid.


  1. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    Equipped with the rare aerodynamic rear antenna, I see…

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  2. karl

    I’m no expert , but shouldn’t there be Mustang emblems on the fenders ?
    I also like the shock tower braces that brace nothing

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    • CCFisher

      “MUSTANG 2+2” to be specific.

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      • Jay

        Put the 200 back in it or it will be a Rustang


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  3. LARRY

    And no shocks…

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  4. LARRY

    That antenna only came on a few select mustang’s and special order only..as well as the shock tower braces..lmao

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  5. LARRY

    Honestly it’s a good looking project but too much $$$

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  6. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    LARRY, got it, that special order obviously included the radio-on-trans tunnel as well…

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  7. healeydays

    It does look like a solid project car from what can be seen, but being that it’s a bastardized 6 cylinder car, the price seems awful steep. Why wouldn’t you just place a bid on one of the other 65 2+2 on ebay if you’re going that route. It will cost you alot less in the long end…


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  8. art

    May have been worth the price if not modified so badly. I see a rather large hole in the dash where the radio should be. Ouch. New Jersey=ru$t.
    I concur with healeydays, find a better specimen and it will cost less and probably be worth more in the long run.

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    • PatrickM

      Yeah… and only a two barrel.

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  9. Maverick

    Wow .nothing but dreams. Flipper..

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  10. Gaspumpchas

    I’d bet its bad underneath, why no pics?? You would still need a 5 lug rear. A rustang with no pics of the underbelly–beware. I know fastbacks are up but this one seems spendy. Kee-rect Healeydays- pass on this one and find a better one. will be interesting to see if some one Ponies (sorry) up 15 large. Good luck to the new owner. Caveat Emptor,

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  11. Jeepster

    What ever happened to the GT350 Hertz that was found last fall ??
    featured here on BF https://barnfinds.com/little-old-ladys-1966-shelby-gt350h/

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    • CFJ

      $15,500 starting bid? Please! $5,000 would be a stretch, considering the condition of the car. Who knows what lurks beneath the car, floor replacements, dash replacement due to the gargantuan hole would be a monumental task even for the “brave-at-heart!”, the engine, transmission, etc……

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  12. RoughDiamond

    You’d be upside in this Mustang in a hurry.

    Yes, please give us an update on that ’66 Shelby GT 350H.

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  13. Maestro1

    Adam, the car is way over priced.

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  14. Tort Member

    I knew I would kick myself if I hesitated just last week when thirty miles from home a father was selling his Son’s 1965 Mustang fastback. Fresh 302 , beautiful body and interior except racing seats and no rear seat because being a pro street. $10.500. One day and gone naturally. Dad must have been really mad!

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  15. TimM

    Who in their right mind would take out a standard transmission and put in an automatic??? I’ve converted a bunch of cars but always the othe way around!! Even if it’s a three on the tree, which no mustangs were!! It would be so much move fun with a 302 and a three speed!!! The amount of money these are going for just isn’t cost effective to build a nice car!! The bidding should be ending at $15,500 not starting there

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  16. Srt8

    For me the Mustang of my dreams is a Hemi GTX

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  17. PDXBryan

    Seeing a profile shot of a 1st gen Mustang fastback, even a scruffy one like this, takes me back to the excitement I’d feel as a kid every time I saw one.

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