Solid Rolling Project: 1991 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

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With a buy-it-now price of $2,500, this 1991 Chevrolet Camaro here on eBay might be a decent deal for the right buyer if you happen to have a spare drivetrain laying around, as it’s a Z28 model with a pretty much complete body other than a couple of pieces of lower moldings missing.  The bad news is the engine has been borrowed, but if you’ve been looking for an early nineties roller, maybe this one’s worth checking out.  The car is sitting in Belvidere, North Carolina, if this F-Body seems like perhaps it just might fit your needs.

Except for maybe the spoiler, there’s really not much visually appealing right now about any of the Z’s panels, but if you try to look through what’s left of the finish the body doesn’t seem all that bad.  Other than on the surface, I’m not spotting any areas where serious rust appears to be a problem unless there’s some hiding under the bottom moldings, but it may be a blessing that the piece is missing on that rear quarter, as the metal in this area seems OK as far as I can tell.  There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of dents and dings either, so maybe not too much more than just a careful body massage and sanding will get this one ready for primer and a fresh coat of paint.

It’s stated that the Camaro was driven 127,000 miles before the 305 was taken out, and this apparently took place two decades ago as the seller indicates that the car has been sitting for the past 20 years, plenty of time for pine needles to take over the engine compartment.  Some good news is that this was a manual transmission car, with the owner still in possession of the T5 and it is included in the sale.

Although the dashboard is cracked, my preconceived notion was going to be a worse-looking interior.  Not that it looks great, but as long as things in there haven’t gotten wet maybe some of it can be salvaged by just a thorough deep cleaning, and it’s of course a mystery whether or not any of those gauges will still function, with the tach indicating around 8,000 RPMs at the moment.  The seller mentions that there are no rusted-through areas underneath and that the car comes with a clear title, so while I’m not envisioning show material in the future maybe someone with a SBC on hand can turn this Z28 into an inexpensive driver.  What are your thoughts on this one?

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  1. jrhmobile

    No T-Tops. Legit race car fodder, whether drag racing, oval track or road racing is your forte. $2500 less whatever you could sell off this roller is cheap for the basis of a solid race car.

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  2. CCFisher

    This car is a jarring reminder of exactly how old these cars are.

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    • Melton Mooney

      So true. I’m re-doing my 89 IROC right now. What should have been a month or two of bodywork and paint is turning into 6 months of disassembly and eliminating little spots of rust under weatherstripping and mouldings, in pinch welds, and along edges and such.

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    • Brian W

      Had no idea GM produced an I-RUST Camaro. It even has an engine delete option. GLWS.

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  3. Christopher Eakin

    Install a 3.8 v-6 with factory supercharger or added turbocharger, have fun!

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  4. Troy

    Half tempted to get it and put a ford engine and transmission in it or a hell cat engine just to try and relive my younger days when I was putting 327 engines in Datsun pick up trucks and a Buick V6 in a Datsun 510

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  5. Bick Banter

    T-tops were not available on the G92 cars from 1990-92, so I will bet this car has that package

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  6. Stan

    Once somewhat of a boulevard bully in the early 90s. Great looking cars, the much rarer stick shift models were extra cool.

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  7. JoeNYWF64
    • Melton Mooney

      Beee cuz. This car would have had a 305 tuned port motor originally. The long tube runners on the original induction setup have a huge bearing on the power and torque curves the motor produced. You could safely spin it past the redline, but there’s no horsepower there. You’re better off going up a gear and staying in that big fat torque band, which was stellar for a 5 liter.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        If you look at this ’82 z28 with CARBURETOR, it has just as low a redline in this funky redline-also-on-55mph!(lol) setup …
        IMO, i bet Chevy lowered the redline to encourage earlier shifting – to not only lower emissions, espec on manual shift cars, but possibly also to reduce warrantee claims on the entire not so robust drivetrain.
        Curiously, the ’74 pontiac t/a with the “station wagon” 400 has a higher redline on its tach than a ’79 does with basically the same motor!!
        5700 rpm vs. 5000 rpm
        Not sure if the SD-455 with FORGED rods got a higher redline on its tach in ’73 & ’74 than the other v8s. It should have, but i bet it didn’t since Pontiac made so few of those motors.

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  8. Maggy

    If it’s as solid as it looks it’s worth it for sure.Drag car material as someone stated earlier.Glwts.

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  9. Ike Onick

    Whoo-weee Bubba!, tell me that interior don’t stink worse than buzzard’s breath!!! Dang!

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