Solid Short Bed: 1956 Ford F100

Found in a barn in Missouri, this solid F100 is a great looking project that runs, but needs some finishing touches to be a true driver. With a few new items installed, and now located in the sunny state of Florida, this truck is currently bid up to $4,902 with the reserve not met. Check out this sweet looking project here on ebay out of North Port, Florida.

With a spacious and simplistic engine bay, this old inline 6 runs great off of an external fuel tank the seller hooked up to get it running. Despite the temporary fuel tank, this truck is a driver, but needs the factory tank and fuel system cleaned to be road worthy. Also the seller has added an electric power steering column to make this truck easier to drive. Although not quite original, I could see where someone who may struggle with driving vehicles like this would appreciate that addition.

Inside is a very simple and empty interior, with the temporary fuel tank present. Also make note of the power steering column, and its seemingly original appearance, aside from the massive electric motor assist. There is no evidence of a bench seat in the photos, but the seller claims to have a recovered bench installed in the truck as of now. The floors are rock solid, and the dash as well as the rest of interior is evenly covered with oxidized paint.

There is some rust present on this old Ford, but there does not appear to be any serious issues with this pickup. The cab corners look awesome, and as a whole the cab appears rock solid. The front end of this truck is solid and straight with only minor evidence or surface rust. The bed is also in very nice condition but the wooden bed floor is long gone needing to be replaced. Scrutinizing this truck a little harder the driver side vent window glass is cracked, and the windshield has a worn area from a faulty wiper. Overall this looks like a great start to a solid classic truck project. What would you do with this solid short bed classic?

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  1. Gear Head Engineer

    Cool truck. Looks like a hunk of bondo missing from that right front fender. I would bring a magnet to the PPI.

    My buddy in high school drove his Dad’s ’56 occasionally. Looked a lot like this one with bad paint and surface rust. That one had a 390 w/auto in it. Damn fast out of the hole.

    I always wanted the panel version of this. For some reason I just love the way they look.

    – John

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  2. JW

    I too like the 56 to 58 Ford panel trucks, almost bought one last year until the guy told me it had a Camaro sub frame and a LS motor.

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  3. Racingpro56

    Learned to drive in one of these. The old man had swapped a 392 Chrysler Hemi for the original v-8. If I remember correctly, he said it bolted right in. This one looks well worth the money if it doesn’t go
    much higher.

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  4. Howard A Member

    Well, that’s a new one for me, an aftermarket electric assist steering.( that doesn’t appear to be plugged in) I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Am I alone? I never thought the steering was that tough, really. My ’72 Peterbilt with manual steering, THAT was a hard truck to steer. ’56 was a 1 year style with that built in visor. Great find. Pretty standard condition for a farm truck. This was one basic truck. It looks like the only option was the heater, again, typical of a farm truck. That engine looks a little lonely in there, any upgrade would do. And for folks who believe mileage claims, this truck has the speedo cable disconnected. Perfect blank slate, one of the few times I’d say go nuts with this.

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  5. LAB3

    Looks like you could do pretty much anything you want with this truck, a gem for any fan of this era.

  6. Warren

    I have had many of this era of truck and if the kingpins were not tight from lack of lube, these 100s steered pretty easily.

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  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    Quite a find! For myself it would be a restoration, right down to the 223 six. There was an old farmer in my neighborhood drove one very similar to this. His eyesight wasn’t very good but he recognized that and drove accordingly–15 mph. You’d see that blue ’56 creeping down the road, and if you looked real close, you might see a hat and a pipe behind the wheel….

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  8. Joe Haska

    I have a 53 F-100, my daily driver, with a 351W, C-6, nine inch, and Mo-par clip. This is my 3rd one, and the best one so far. A friend liked it so much he wanted to buy it, I said no, so he bought one with the understanding, I would do it for him. His truck is a little better than this one, but this one could be a great truck. The cost of the truck I am doing, will be 20K plus when done, plus labor. Paid 8k for the truck, have spent 4K at Mid-Fifties, 3k in parts, 2k tires wheels, 2K interior, exhaust, glass 1K, That gets us to the twenty. Luckly the truck had a 302, AOD, late rear and Chrysler front clip. This will be a nice truck, but most of all a driver. No metallic paint, Lexus interior, giga watt stereo, and chrome under carriage, just a nice truck for 20 to 25K. I know allot of you will cringe at that, but do the math, and that’s buying the truck at less than 10 and closer to 5K. I am cheap labor, “you get what you pay for”, he will be all under 25K, and It will be basically just like mine and I can get 25 any time I want! Trucks are Hot right now.

  9. Rustytech Member

    I had my first accident trying to pass one of these when the left rear fender fell off and hit me. The old farmer was terribly embarrassed, and was quick to offer to pay for the damage. This one looks much better now than that one was in 1971. I’m not a big fan of patina, so I would have to restore it.

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  10. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Is that telephone truck green ?

  11. Johnny

    Some people sure do have some easy money coming in to pay that. For that price he should have put in a new tank and line . Anyone that would say it was hard to steer. Better not get a job bagging grocery at the store. I have a 56–c-600 and it wasn,t hard to steer. Its called grease the parts once in awhile. For $4,500 you could look around and get one in better shape for about half.

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