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Some Assembly Required: 1963 GMC Pickup


From our ever-popular ‘Some Assembly Required’ department here at Barn Finds, comes this 1963 GMC pickup project. It’s a three-quarter ton model, and appears to be a great deal with an asking price of $1,000. Unlike most others of the some-assembly stripe, this one appears to have a substantial amount of quality work already completed on it.


I find it puzzling though, whenever I see vehicles like this where some of the body is in finished paint, and other parts of it are untouched. It seems more normal to my way of thinking that the entire body is brought up to paint-ready before anything is sprayed. Having finished parts sitting around while work is still being done on others seems like a recipe for disaster.


I guess the thinking behind it is that it’s a way to maintain momentum on the project. Instead of countless hours sanding and perfecting, we don’t have to wait so long to see the fruits of our efforts on at least some of it, and perhaps seeing those finished parts rewards and inspires us to complete the rest of it. I wonder what went wrong with that idea here.


It’s hard to imagine storing parts inside of a partially finished vehicle, but maybe this is just for the photos. There are a great deal of parts either missing, or not shown though, and the seller’s ad doesn’t mention their whereabouts.


Here are a few shown here in this tote. Almost needless to say is the fact that parts for this popular truck are easy to find, both used and new. A few catalogs from the reproduction parts suppliers would get the ball rolling.


Insert drivetrain of your choice, here. Would that be a computer-controlled fuel injected LS engine? Or is carbureted old school more to your liking? Your options are limited only by your imagination and pocket book.


The turquoise and white looks great on this long bed fleetside truck. Of course, if you don’t like it, changing the color would never be easier than it is right now.


If this truck looks like it would be right up your alley, it can be found in south St. Louis County, Missouri. It’s advertised for sale here on craigslist for $1000 as mentioned earlier, and the seller says he has a clear title, needs to clear out some space and will listen to an offer. So what do you think? Build it your way? Is it a great deal? Or needs too much effort and expense to put it back together?


  1. Jeffro

    Put a drive train in it and roll. I’ve seen cars in my home state of Georgia riding down road with less. (Might actually be guilty of doing that myself! ). Nice truck and excellent price

  2. JW

    In the 70’s my father in-law had the Chevy version of this truck, had a big 6 cyl. with a 4 speed and that granny gear would pull that truck up a steep hill loaded with firewood with out a hiccup or groan.. Nice truck & price.

  3. William H

    I bought a basket case ’65 Mustang like that. Completely blown apart other than the suspension, which had all been replaced, and the seller had already done the body work and put it in primer. Lots and lots of NOS parts came with it. Put the roller on a trailer and filled up the back of the truck with boxes and parts then had to make two more trips for more boxes and parts. Turned out that there was almost nothing missing. He had gone so far as to put hardware, nuts, bolts, etc in baggies and label them. Had enough left over parts to probably close up 2 or 3 more cars. The guy had been picking up replacement parts such as doors, hoods, seats, etc whenever he found them for years. He apparently just got tired of messing with it and sold the whole lot to me. One of those right place, right time things.

    • Chris

      Definitely the exception. Glad it was good for you.

      • William H

        Most definitely the exception. Like once in a lifetime exception. I’ve purchased many, many basket case bikes, cars and trucks and have never had one that was as complete or had as many extra parts.

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    I like what I see. Even the color combination is OK. For drivetrain, this being a 3/4 ton, it would probably get a good period correct stump-puller like a 292/4spd. It likely came with a 305 V6 and that would be fine too. I might be tempted to get rid of the 7.50 X 16 6/8 ply tires and go with some wheels and tires that would be a bit more stylish yet still be functional, not to mention a little better riding. It would be a work as well as a play truck for me so I wouldn’t get too fancy.

    A late friend of mine bought a new GMC 3/4 ton in 1965. No frills, just a 292/4spd. Stepside with those ugly 7.00 x 17 wheels. He drove it and drove it and decided that he wanted to have one to drive for the rest of his life. He found another similar to it just a town over. Another 292/4spd. only with a Fleetside bed. Another year down the road he came across a Chevy 3/4 ton in Great Falls, only this one was FANCY, with custom cab, 283/Auto. Between the three trucks he got his wish; he always had a mid-60s GM 3/4 ton to drive and enjoy; there was always one running well enough to take his boat and camper to Duck Lake to fish for the weekend. The guy’s been gone for close to five years now. The three trucks were part of the estate and went as far away as Texas, Missouri and Washington. Too bad the collection couldn’t have stayed together; they were all in very good shape…

  5. Ck

    This looks like a pretty good deal .would make a good father /son /daughter project .Either one of my boys would drive this truck.

  6. Doug Towsley

    looks like a real project but if you know what you are doing it appears to have good bones. I have a 65 GMC version and I swapped it over to a V8. A 283 V8 SBC is a sweet motor for these. But any 350 will do.
    These are starting to really climb in value and have been seeing a few exported to Europe.

  7. Gary

    I would really love this in the Chevrolet name. Just like my dads way back when.

  8. Kevin Reid

    Old school all the way.My ’65 C20 is being put the together old school way-dual quad hot rod small block,real M22,etc-weekend runner keeping it on the road as much as possible.This is my 2ed long bed.Loved these things all of my 57years.

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