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Some Assembly Required: Devin SS Body


All that’s needed is a chassis, right? And an engine, transmission, suspension, electrical components, interior, steering gear, exhaust, and everything else you can think of! Thanks to TireFriar for sending us this great find! Bill Devin’s bodies were designed to be modular, with many different wheelbases and configurations available. You could even put the engine in the rear in some configurations. The seller of this body is marketing it as a Devin SS: I don’t know enough about the various Devin versions to tell the difference between them. I thought I remembered reading at one point that the SS’s were actually factory built cars with proprietary frames; maybe a Barn Finds reader can help with clarifying information? The body is located in San Gabriel Valley, California and is up for sale here on craigslist for $5,000. Are you interested in taking this on as a project?


  1. John

    Not to detract from the cool factor of this, but the seller has been making these for years. You couldn’t make a real Devin out of this, although you could make a cool car . . .

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  2. Pete W.

    Devins were initially designed as replacement fiberglass bodies made in various wheelbases and tracks and designed to fit on existing sports car chassis.

    Devin also came up with it’s own tube chassis, installed a Chevy V8, and intended to offer it as a complete, turn key, vehicle. From what I remember, they assembled 5 of them in Ireland for sale to the public and that’s pretty much where it ended.

    God only knows whether the 5 still exist, or where they are now.

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    • JohnP

      Bill Devin actually built exactly 15 complete Devin SS turn-key cars and every single one of them still exist and are accounted for. They’re highly sought-after and often turn 6-figures at auction.
      You’re right, you can build a nice car with this body but it’s doubtful that you could could find all the pieces to build a complete SS.

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  3. RayT Member

    Until not too long before his death, Bill Devin was still supplying Devin bodies and parts to enthusiasts. I visited his home once (out somewhere east of Riverside, CA) in the late 1980s, and he was finishing off some SS parts (and, if I remember right, a complete “new” SS) for customers. He still had all the original molds, patterns, etc. I’m guessing the body currently for sale is a “splash” from a finished body, and not from the original molds.

    I’m not sure I’d go for a new SS, but a “D” (VW power) or “C” (Corvair) could be lots of fun in a ’60s, low(er)-tech way!

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  4. Cat7

    You’re right-The SS had a tube frame from Devin and SBC power. The last unfinished one was sold by Bill Devin more than 20 years ago and was built up in Seattle over many years. No more chassis=no more SS.
    Devin said 18 were built by the factory plus the unfinished one.

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  5. jim s

    does seller have a license to make these and the others parts listed in there add? have all the copyrights, trademarks, and patents expired? if it was the real deal it would be worth a lot of money. as it is i think not. interesting find.

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  6. Martin Larsen

    Toluca Lake Motor Sports. Looked up the phone number and went to their web page. Lots of pictures but not much more info then with this post

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  7. Richard

    How much for the mattress?

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  8. Bill

    I realize this is a really old thread but buyer beware! I purchases one of these shells to build a tribute car so I have first hand knowledge. I have 30 + years composite experience so I have a good idea what I’m looking at. Quality is just okay but workable on 80% of the shell. The RH side from the door forward is not, does not mirror the left by inches. Their mold appears to be in two sections, shell spliced thru the rockers. This resulted in the right side door opening being too short for the door, you can see that in the pictures. I have the shell as straight as I can get it fastened to a buck. Planning on reshaping the right side to match the left so I can take a splash off it and lay-up a right side body section to replace the existing one. Brought this issue to the attention of the seller and all communication stopped!

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    • JohnD

      VERY good comment! Thanks for sharing.

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