Southampton Sedan: 1960 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron

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I will admit that 1960s American sedans are not my go-to when it comes to preferred classics to covet. But I absolutely love this 1960 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Southampton. First of all, the Virgil Exner styling will forever be enchanting, hailing from an era wherein big-body sedans and coupes ruled the roads. But there’s also a fair amount of intrigue around this car which should absolutely be part of a high-end Mopar collection but was seemingly used as a means of controlling t traffic based on all the stop signs littered on it. The seller estimates it to be one of seven left in existence – do you agree? Find it here on craigslist for $18,000.

As someone who doesn’t trade in vintage Chrysler products of this era, I’m not in a position to judge the asking price. The seller himself seems worried as he includes a line about keeping the negative comments to oneself, which is usually an admission of guilt that they know the price is going to ruffle feathers. However, there’s no denying this is a rare model we don’t see come up for sale often, and the design is truly stunning: as the listing points out, it’s not just a four-door sedan with a post but rather a four-door hardtop. The seller may in fact be correct about its rarity, as various online sources confirm that a mere 1,026 Imperial sedans were built to the “Southampton” specifications.

The Southampton designation really kicked things up a notch if you were an Imperial buyer in 1960. These cars were built in a closed-off facility to heighten the exclusivity factor (just like the Chrysler TC by Maserati and the Buick Reatta!) and the price was eye-watering for the era: $6,428 for a Southampton model. The seller reports the engine 413 V8 pushes out a healthy 350 horsepower with a factory push-button transmission. This was a loaded sedan when it was new and it wasn’t just the styling that was opulent. Everything about the Southampton screamed top-of-the-line, but it’s the pillar-less design that does it for me. A two- or four-door model with no post – well, it doesn’t get any better than that for me.

The push button features extend throughout the cockpit, which, at the time, was reserved for high-end vehicles. I wish the seller had told us the story about how this rare luxury sedan ended up in this sort of condition, as its rarity would seemingly almost guarantee that it never falls on hard times. The listing reports that the car is very complete, down to four matching hubcaps and an optional “Continental” trunk lid for it. The Southampton comes with front and rear air conditioning and the seller confirms all of the glass is present. Despite looking fairly rough, rust is said to be limited to one spot. What do you think of the seller’s asking price – is this Imperial LeBaron Southampton rare enough to demand almost $20,000?

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    Tell you one thing, it sure has maxxed out that trailer. This car tips the scales at an incredible 4979 pounds. Better haul it at night, lest an ambitious trooper will be waiting. BTW, always bothers me seeing stop signs not on their poles. An accident waiting to happen,,,
    While it surely WAS an incredible car, be hard pressed for anyone to actually restore it. The cost would be astronomical today, and for what? A tank that gets 10 mpg, and takes up 3 parking spaces. I just don’t see a practical use for even a nice one. As a common theme with all these, I think the time has just past on these projects.
    Be a dandy parts car for say a grand. I bet someone would love to have that “signal seeking” radio,,a pricey option in 1960, but obviously, cost was not an issue when buying a Southampton. This car cost TWICE as much as the fanciest Plymouth. I feel there will be a glut of these kinds of deals that nobody will want.

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    • Imperialist1960

      Golly. I have one that’s plated, rebuilt driveline, nice interior, and thin paint with no rust – needs paint, newer tires (mine turn 12 this year) and chrome only to be very, very nice. I figured it to be a $15,000 car. Both of us can’t be right on our pricing, can we?

      They only made 999 of these, and I had to purchase and discard 6 to get to my gem. After purchase and a $60,000 restoration on this one, you’ll have a fine $30,000 car. Send pictures, please.

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  2. "Edsel" Al leonardMember

    Amen Howard……………………..

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    • Yblocker

      Love those Edsels!

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      • Gary

        Especially the 60, that was a truly beautiful car.

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    • MLM

      Nice collection!

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  3. angliagt angliagtMember

    Best to heed those signs on the car.
    STOP! (And then run the other way).

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  4. tiger66

    Lots of confusion here. “Southampton” was just Imperial-speak for pillarless hardtop. It did not connote extra luxury and could be had in any of the three Imperial series: Custom, Crown and LeBaron, with LeBaron being the top of the range. Rear air conditioning was an option, not a Southampton feature. “Southampton sedan” is an oxymoron. It was either a sedan or a Southampton, not both.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember


      I’ve owned many, many 1955 to 1968 Imperials of all models, even owning a former White House limo and a Ghia limo. I know these cars well, and have owned an original triple black 60 LeBaron Southampton.

      Yes, you are correct, the term “Southampton” refers only to an Imperial hardtop, but starting in 1955 the original Southampton referred to a 2-door hardtop, and ever since then the term refers to all the Imperial hardtops, 2 and 4 door versions.

      While this is a fairly hard to find car, if one googles 60 imperial Southampton, there are quite a few listings. Due to the rough overall condition, especially for interior and exterior trim, the costs to bring this car to a nice running car to enjoy, just cannot be justified. This at best is a parts car, the most valuable aspect is the entire dual A/C system.

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    • Gary Chamberlain

      You’re absolutely correct. I had a very very nice original condition ‘62 SouthHampton, (4dr was SouthHampton) & sold it several years ago, seeing a $6,000 sale hard to find, but finally did! It was originally owned by a George Green, (Big Bands) in Burbank, Ca. I had it in Palm Springs, so it was rust free as well…..Gary C

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  5. Mike D

    $18k seems pretty high for a full-restoration candidate. Low production quantities doesn’t always equal high value. Parts will be a nightmare. Here’s a low mile, running and driving similar example (same body style, different year) for under $20k. I’ve seen it in person and it’s a complete, nice looking driver.

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  6. Yblocker

    Not a Chrysler Imperial, just Imperial. Maybe the cost of restoration should be calculated by the cost per foot. That’s a whole lotta car to take apart and put back together. And maybe, just maybe, there’s some parts sitting on a shelf somewhere. Just maybe.

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  7. David Zornig

    For that kind of asking price, the seller should start the process of getting a current title in his own name.
    To avoid potential problems down the road with a Bill Of Sale only sale.
    Particularly if it ends up being an out of state sale.
    Countless issues can arise with Bill Of Sale only sales, especially on cars that have been off the roads for decades.
    It really should just be a common courtesy in the hobby at this point.
    I’ve walked away from more than a few sales because the effort was not made.

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  8. Joe Machado

    Spare trunk lid sure looks to be a 59.
    Auto Pilot is an option I really like on mine.
    I stock shelves of parts for my two 61 Imperials. One a LeBaron.
    So, parts are not a problem.
    The Imperial club has tons of parts, literally.
    My 61 LeBaron weighs 5,500 pounds with no spare or jack, and a couple gallons fuel. I weighed it on a truck scale. Had it almost 40 years. Half Million miles

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    • Billyray

      Spare trunk lid is a ’57. Parts will definitely be a problem. Price seems outrageous. Good luck with that project!

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  9. Ray

    Maybe $1000 tops.

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  10. Eric_13cars Eric_13carsMember

    The seller is a dreamer. The Missouri car in the link from Mike D is the same price and a pretty nice driver. The attitude doesn’t help either. Knock off a zero and he might get some interest.

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  11. Steve

    Perhaps those ‘STOP’ signs are a warning to those who might be considering purchasing this nightmare.

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  12. Troy

    Those magnetic lights you put on it to tow it home messed up the paint so I’m not interested

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  13. Mountainwoodie

    Into the late eighties I had a ’63 Imperial pillarless 4 door, two tone cream over bronze. All original and looked like a 5 year old car. I traded it for a 10 speed and seven hundred bucks! It wasnt a Crown though. The steering wheel was the best part of the whole deal, that and the headlight pods. I missed the days when we could just buy what tickled our fancy and move it along when we got tickled elsewhere.
    I don’t know whats gotten into people with cars. Must be the internet. Trying to sell a worn out Imperial wreck on a trailer, even in Southhampton trim, with STOP signs crammed in the windows..for 18 large! WTH?

    Good luck! Says the peanut gallery

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  14. DA

    A Hunka-Junka that doesn’t run. Rust is limited to just one spot? I’ll give fifteen bucks and two Snickers bars for the trailer, he can keep the car.

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  15. Comet

    Howard, you don’t see a “practical use” for this car? Neither do I, or probably the majority of the readers of this website. Many of us are owners, builders, and enthusiasts of impractical cars, i.e. B/B Chevelle’s, two seat sports cars, Hemi’s with carburetors, etc, etc. Most of us are or probably have been underwater on project cars and bike’s, so I’m guessing ROI and fiscal responsibility are not often top priorities. I’m sure there are websites dedicated to more “practical cars”, you know, like corolla’s and civics, but this aint it.

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  16. JimZMember

    This car will take a LOT of work to earn $20 large! I sold one identical to it in 2017 for around $22k to a Miami Museum. One owner, low miles, and complete provenance since new. The car has been relocated to Orlando, and I got to ‘visit’ it last summer!
    Check out

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  17. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    I don’t care if it’s one of seven left. How does he know that? Granted these cars were never popular and most got thrown away to the junk yard and consequently crushed. Even if it is rare, and most Imperials are, you can get a much better example for more than half the price.
    Running: $2500
    Not running: $1000
    Sorry Charlie, that’s my opinion

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  18. 62 Linc

    Whatever happened to the old saying “if you haven’t got anything good to say etc etc. it does not take three parking spaces. Who cares if it gets 10 mpg. Are you going to commute 120 miles each day to work? It is probably not worth asking price but they have to start somewhere. if it is a rust free example which it probably is then it is an excellent candidate for restoration. You do t want to be that person? Then go buy something you want. Maybe an older Camry or Lexus. Or a Camaro that you can built with Chinese panels and a small block Chevy and overdrive transmission. This site is supposed to be about people who care about cars. That includes all cars.

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    • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

      Well said, 62 Linc. It does get frustrating, to me at least, that so many cars are boo hooed on here or not restorable because you’ll spend more than the car is worth.
      That’s for the bean counters and the super rich. This car is restorable, it will take time to track down the parts and yes you will end up upside down financially. But don’t you love the car? You’ll be saving it for future generations.
      But not at this price. The seller is being way optimistic. Lower your price to something reasonable and someone will save it.
      The hobby has been ruined by too many flippers and too many who want to make a killing.
      People will only pay what the product is worth to them, not the seller. I feel this Imperial is only worth $2500 tops. The seller feels its worth $18,000. I won’t buy but, it’s unfortunate if the seller insists its worth so much because it will sit there, probably outside and rot away.
      Convertibles and 2 door coupes are at the top of the echelon, but there’s a lot to be said for 2 & 4 door pillard, base models, station wagons and the like.
      Everyone has there own opinion and this is mine. You don’t have to agree or like it.
      I’m done rambling.
      Ya’ll have a great day. Yes I agree with 62 Linc

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  19. Rollin Stone

    I got me a Chrysler, it seats about 20, so c’mon & bring your juke box money

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    • "Edsel" Al leonardMember

      ….”It’s as big as a whale….”

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      • Big C

        “And it ISN’T about to set sail!”

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      • "Edsel" Al leonardMember

        “Sign says stay away fools……”

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  20. Alan Henry

    It’s a shame that just about every car I ever had the hots for is considered unpopular, worthless, etc. And the thing about “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”, I give it my best to be one of those people. This deserves better than just being a parts car, rare or not. But, disassembling it and selling off the parts to other Imperial owners doesn’t bother me though.
    I saw a mint condition ’60 Imperial LeBaron sedan years back, I thought they were only pillarless hardtops. I think ’61 and up through ’66 had only pillarless models. This one here won’t go for $18,000, I sure agree with that.

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  21. cjm

    Seller is off his rocker! He’s got an extra zero on the price. He’d be LUCKY to get 1800 for this car. It needs everything and they aren’t worth a great deal even when fully restored. And there are way more than 7 of these still in existence.

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  22. Big C

    Those Stop signs are included to patch the floors on this Brontosaurus. They’re much, much better than the usual license plates.

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  23. DON

    The last picture in the sellers ad has got to be the worst looking door panel I’ve ever seen . !.
    I think the stop signs were a half assed attempt by the person he got it from to keep rain out of the car as it looks like both are down. It also looks like they were down for a long time, judging by the interior shots

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  24. MarkO

    Didn’t the “old man” on Pawn Stars have one of these? I don’t remember if his was a “Southampton” or a “post” , but I can assure you that the old man first asked the seller”what are you looking to do with it?” … to which the seller replied “I’d like sell it” . The old man (or his son Rick… or even “Chumley”) would have asked “what are you looking to get for it?” Whatever price the seller stated, they would arbitrarily offer them HALF of that. Then…they would bring in an “expert” to put a “retail” value on it… and then ofter 1/2 of that number. “Reality TV ” at its finest!
    The “old man” recently went on his “final journey” to the cemetery… I wonder if they buried him wearing his fredora and made his beloved Imperial into a mausoleum?

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  25. Yblocker

    My kind of attitude, I like it.

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  26. DON

    A classic now, but remember when this was a ten year old car it was just a old car. by the first gas crisis, it would have had no value at all -nobody wanted a gas guzzler, let alone an old one. The fact that its survived all these years is kind of amazing; Most would have been long scrapped when the price of steel was high

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    • Joe Machado

      I’m curious, as the term gas guzzler was never used and I started buying cars in 1957.
      With every car I owned, and that’s in a few hundred, 13-14 was tops in my 55 Chevies, 69 Dodge Daytonas, 56 Fords, 49 Cads, 66 Chargers, 69 Hemi 500, 79 Chrysler 300. Just a few examples.
      So, tell me what is the mpg for a gas guzzler?
      Even my new 68-70 Charger RT’s were that fuel mileage range.
      Fuel was $19.9 to 32.9 cents a gallon range when these were new.
      We did NOT want tiny suicide cars back then, and still today, no new small cars for me. I even Hate the wife’s Lexus. Fuel mileage is Way less important to me. I want a large car as added protection against a small car anyday.
      Back then, a small car was a Falcon, Mustang, Corvair, VW, Toyota, and anything weighing less than 3,800 pounds about for my liking.
      I drove big rigs from 1963 till 2005. Small car drivers have small minds and think, or lack of thinking, constantly cut us off.
      I even had one in San Diego run into my Kenworth with his smallie with his left rear quarter and I was pushing him sideways down the freeway to the shoulder.
      He responded, he did not see my truck. So, hence, tiny mind.
      I need a gas guzzley explanation since that is not the reference I remember. I prefer Luxury over mpg. Gas is cheaper than blood

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  27. Chris Cornetto

    The car hobby is well…. in some cases insane. Long ago I bought this exact model from an older fellow for 250.00. I drove it back to my layer I extracted its driveline for of all things…a 58 Fury with a busted 350. What a death trap that Fury was, in the prehistoric times of no brake updates. The only bummer was the two fours from the Fury didn’t swapped to the 413. 18 k for a man cave couch and 4500 lbs of scrap, lightened for rust drippage is a bit of a stretch considering the rather nice 57 convertible featured on here last week.

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  28. DN

    I saw (&bid on) this nicely restored ‘60 LeBaron that failed to get past $25k at Mecum earlier this month…. And it’s in slightly better condition…. Seller of this parts car is delusional. I think the line about “keep your negative comments to yourself” is an indication that he anticipated pricing feedback was going to be brutal.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      That’s a beauty!

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