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Spare Parts Included: 1989 Alfa Romeo Spider

The Alfa Romeo Spider is one of the more instantly recognizable sports cars ever made, and perhaps that’s why its value continues to hover in the basement of vintage car pricing. The fact that it’s so familiar can make it seem like there’s never a shortage of a good project inventory should you decide to go hunting for one, and that’s certainly true – this is not a difficult car to find in a semi-neglected state. This 1989 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio listed here on eBay runs and drives but will need some TLC, and you can start by using the spare parts in the trunk.

The Alfa Romeo Spider came in a few different flavors styling-wise but they all pretty much used the same design with mild evolutions over the years. The later cars certainly felt a bit more modern inside and this example comes with my favorite interior color scheme featuring the cardinal red carpet option. The Alfa is located in Arizona which makes its status as a retiree’s forgotten weekend car seem likely. The cockpit isn’t in terrible shape but the driver’s seat has definitely been used and will need some work to be supportive once again.

In my opinion, one of the bigger reasons for the Alfa Spider not taking off as a collector car of choice is the fact that it was never a particularly high-performer in the speed tests game, offering sprightly but not exhilarating performance. One of the more reliable indicators as to how treasured a car will be 30 years after its prime is whether the 0-60 times and roadholding abilities set road test editors’ hair on fire back in the days, and the Alfa was never that car. A great weekend toy, a status symbol, or entry-level access to the Italian car community – all of those are likely more top of mind when buying one than its outright performance.

Now, this Alfa has a variety of new parts in the trunk, including a gasket kit from Centerline which is far and away considered the Alfa spare shop of choice here in the U.S. So, someone was caring for this Spider at one point in time, which is a good sign. However, you also have to wonder if these were bought just for basic tune-up reasons or if there’s some bigger jobs lurking. Certainly, a valve cover job is no big deal, but I’m curious what all the other gaskets are for. Regardless, this will sell cheaply, so get some bids up there if you’re on the hunt for a Spider project.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    This car was designed to be a touring car. When working with the local Porsche/Alfa dealer in ’84 it was obvious to me that it wasn’t designed to be a race car. In fact, the owner used the new 4 door sedan on race track days because it was faster. Considering the condition, this car will make someone happy who wants a weekend fun car.

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    • Paul Root

      That probably also has to do with competition. The production classes back then were very competitive, but that V6 in the GTV6 and Milano would have done well.

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  2. Big C

    All those gaskets are probably just an ounce of prevention….sure.

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    • Jamie

      Ahh, it’s only $3,000 with one day left. Looks like an affordable way to get into a decent Italian sports car. The main selling point to me is the lack of rust. It’s located in Arizona, so there’s a good chance it’s totally rust free.

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    • iliketea

      Had a spider and loved it. But if it stops leaking oil then there is none in it

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  3. t-bone bob

    Located in: Quartzsite, Arizona

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