Special Delivery! 1963 GMC Panel Van


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This sedan delivery (to use the old term) is an unusual sight now, especially a GMC one. It’s up for sale here on eBay and is located in Sutter Creek, California. The no reserve opening bid is $2,500. The seller tells us that unfortunately there’s no drivetrain, but does note that the wooden floor is solid and they have some of the replacement panels necessary to tackle the rust. There’s no interior apart from the two original seats, but for our California readers the seller has filed the necessary non-operating papers and they are up to date. I could easily see this being restored as a work truck for a repair or restoration shop, perhaps with a more modern drivetrain (since it’s missing anyway) and air conditioning? I realize that’s sacrilege to those originality enthusiasts out there, but in this case, since it’s collector value isn’t that great, I think it would be the way to go. What do you think?

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  1. Woodie Man

    No drivetrain, Nuts

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  2. Paul

    That would make a great retromod or a hotrod.

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  3. Mark W

    I thought a sedan delivery was basically a station wagon with metal panels where the rear side glass would have been…

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      JW, Mark, I think you are both right. I’m going to leave the post as-is so folks aren’t confused when they read your comments, though.

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  4. JW

    I agree with Mark W, I had always thought sedan delivery’s were built on a car platform while Panel Trucks were built on a truck platform. I have a real soft spot for Panel Trucks but I prefer the late 50’s Ford models maybe 58. This one would make a nice restomod project but I would not pay over his starting bid without the drivetrain. JMO for what it’s worth.

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  5. Will

    I think you are all right but since we are on the subject of semantics. Why would it be called a sedan delivery? Isn’t a sedan a four door? I know it never was used but I think a more accurate term would be “Coupe delivery”. I know even that wouldn’t apply to this panel truck but I have wondered why two door wagons were called sedans when the back windows were blacked out. They should be coupes.

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    • JW454

      Will, You may have over looked the “2 Door Sedan” term that the delivery was built from. There were 2 door coupes and 2 door sedans produced. Just because a car had 2 doors didn’t necessarily make it a coupe.

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      • Will

        I have never understood how Coupe or Sedan is determined other than a door count. What, other than that, explains a Cadillac sedan deville and a coupe deville? Other than door count what is the difference. I am not saying you are wrong I am just saying I don’t understand how one determines the difference.

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      • JW454


        In your Cadillac example the door count is the determining factor. Although the correct term would be 2 door hardtop for the coupe DeVille and Sport Sedan for the 4 door Sedan Deville. However, 2 door sedan would be a version of a vehicle that had a bit more room in the rear seat area. Some coupes had less room or even no back seat at all such as a business coupe. These cars were commonly chosen by traveling salesmen that needed more room for their wares and less for passengers.

        Google 2 door coupe vs. 2 door sedan and you’ll see examples of both types of 2 doors that were available.

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  6. HoA Howard AMember

    I think the term “sedan delivery” could still work here. These basically, were the next generation in delivery vehicles, and people found out soon enough, the car platform just wasn’t cutting it, so this was the next logical step. It did the same thing as the car ones, only heavier duty. Years ago, I used to help a friend with his paper route, and the Milwaukee Journal had a fleet of these, that they would hire high school kids to drive, part-time, to deliver the papers to the carriers. These guys would beat the crap out of these things, and the Journal soon found out, that wasn’t the best way to get the papers out. Not sure what you’d do with it, maybe a camper, or nostalgic carpenter.
    Can’t see the front fender, if it has the bullet-proof V-6, which it probably does have. Probably one of the best motors ever made. Not many around today, thanks, in part, to those teen age paper boys.

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  7. DENIS

    Slammed, nice paint, LS engine/trans out of a Silverado. Very easy to do interior-I have done ’em and have little skill w/wood. Great rolling billboard for business and I’m goin’ with Sedan Delivery while you guys argue about it…still a kool term.

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    that is a panel wagon or a suburban if you speak gm english came with a 345 six jimmy motor hard to find now have truck with one in it and a freeze damaged spare also too

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  9. TMP


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  10. Grant

    ??? Sedan delivery? It’s a Suburban….

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  11. Dabig Kahuna

    Not a sedan delivery!!! It is a PANEL TRUCK!!. End of story

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  12. Dan Strayer

    A sedan delivery is based on a station wagon (car) body. It does NOT have dual rear doors, but a one-piece lift gate (usually unique to this body style). Therefore this is a panel truck, panel delivery, or van.

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  13. Rufus

    stop me if I’m wrong, but the sedan/coupe is simply a matter of the post. A two door sedan has a B pillar (the post between the front door and rear window/door).
    A Coupe de Ville had no post, so it was a coupe. My high school buddy (back in the 60’s) had a Buick four door coupe. Four doors, no post.
    This however is a Panel Truck…
    I had one that I used to tow my SCCA racer back in the early 70’s. Six cylinder stick. I found a 327, 400 Turbo, Detroit Locker with a .35, and some leather buckets out of an early Vette. On top of smoked Cragar’s. Paint looked similar to this one (without the rust), but mine ran like a scalded ape.

    Have fun

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  14. DENIS

    Sorry Rufus, coupes were 2 drs only, that Buick was a 4 dr hardtop…used to sell ’em.

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  15. Rufus

    thats why I said stop me if I’m wrong.
    It was late, and I’d had a couple and confused my terminology.
    Hard top vs Sedan is correct. Coupe is a 2 door.
    have fun

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  16. Mike

    Back in my younger days, I camped a lot and can remember seeing an Chevy Panel Truck that had been modified into a really sharp camper for some folks, I am thinking it was in this body style, they had area in the back with a bed, and they hauled just about everything they wanted to haul. They had placed an AC unit on the roof, like in most campers you see today. I wonder what happened to that old thing.

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