Special Order Paint: 1984 Porsche 928 5-Speed

This 1984 Porsche 928 is a claimed barn find discovery that runs and drives, and it features the desirable 5-speed manual transmission. The paint is also a special order color called Slate Blue, and overall, this looks like a 928 project worth taking on. Special order colors will always drive some additional collectibility among P-car enthusiasts, and the 5-speed is the preferred transmission in a car like this. Find the 928 here on eBay with bidding over $5K and no reserve. 

The 928 looks sharp in its special order slate blue metallic paint, and the period-correct aftermarket wheels don’t look terrible. Glass and trim both look quite nice, and despite being described as dirty from barn storage, I don’t see too many cosmetic ills worth faulting. The seller says there’s no sign of accident damage and that the body panels appear to be original.

The cabin is slightly tatty, with some distortion to the seats and carpets. This isn’t exactly a dream color combination, and it’s a shame the special order paint didn’t come with a black interior – that would make for a far more desirable combination. The cockpit appears entirely original, though it would be nice to see some Coco mats covering up the grungy tan carpets.

The big miss with this listing is zero mention of any recent maintenance. 928s can be needy when neglected, and even if this were a carefully barn-stored example, there’s still plenty of deferred maintenance to address. The seller would be wise to provide any copies of the history file they can muster, along with a video demonstrating the claimed drivability. Still, with no reserve and some potential value in the unusual paint code, this could be worth taking a chance on.

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  1. redwagon

    even a swap to black carpet would go a long ways to making the interior more presentable. purists would shake their fists but i’d be happy.

  2. Brian

    I did a Carfax on this car. Back in 1992 this car showed 108 thousand miles. Was looking at this car when it first popped up on Ebay. This is the third or fourth time around on ebay I think. I don’t care what the seller gets in terms of dollars, just don’t represent the car as a low mileage car when it’s not.

  3. Too Late

    Years ago I bought a car at a Manheim auction, week later I received all the final paperwork, title at that time I found the odometer had been rolled back. I contacted the state of California dmv and they informed me to pound sand as the car was over ten years old and they don’t enforce the laws on that old of a car.

  4. Ralph

    Are those Gotti wheels? Those should be worth a few extra grams….er dollars.

    The stick and special order color are cool, I always seems like 90% of these were automatic, because they probably were.

    I always liked the 928, its looks like this is an S from the steering wheel insert, the tan interior looks good, it just needs some detailing, the lack of service info is scary, the post 82 or so 928’s are interference motors from what I recall and it would be great to know if someone changed the 8ft timing belt.

    • Clay Bryant

      If it has sat and you don’t change the timing belt right away you get the nice multi-$1,000 dollar valve job coming up(or worse)

  5. Wrong Way

    The 944, is a far better car all the way around! IMHO, I wouldn’t fall for this fuzzy add anyways!

  6. Vintageant

    “There’s nothing more expensive than a cheap Porsche!” – Anon

  7. Danh

    Better get that cam belt swapped out. Have fun getting crank pulley bolt loose. Lol

  8. Karl

    Wrong Way I had a couple 928 cars of different models and years, keep on maintenance and they were fine reliable cars, I test drove a brand new 944 turbo before I bought my first 928 and all I am going to say is I bought a really nice 928S

    • Wrong Way

      I recently bought a 356B Cabriolet, I am in the process of resto on it now! Looked pretty bad from pictures, but once it got to me, really not too bad! I have seen much worse!

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