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Special Touring Edition: 1984 Olds Toronado

After featuring a well-preserved Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Touring Edition, I have been spending way too much time pouring over craigslist for nicely-preserved (but cheaper) Touring Edition models across the Olds lineup. Imagine my surprise, then, upon finding this 1984 Toronado here on craigslist that is also claimed to be one of the elite Touring models with a host of visually pleasing upgrades that make this malaise-era coupe quite tempting indeed.

According to the seller, the body striping and mesh wheels were just part of the package; other upgrades included dual exhausts, the power bulge hood and four-wheel disc brakes. Personally, I am shocked by how the looks of the rather uninspiring Toronado are transformed by a set of wheels normally reserved for BMWs and Trans Ams. He further claims the window sticker shows it to be a special order car, which could be interpreted multiple ways.

Did a GM employee spec this one out? Or was it an actual model offered in limited quantities? The badge would seem to indicate any customer could walk into the dealership and check the box next to the STE package, but I can’t find evidence of that in my cursory Google search. Does anyone else recall how GM offered these upgrades? Could they be applied to any vehicle your heart desired? While the Touring Edition line became more standard fare throughout the 80s, it doesn’t seem nearly as widespread on Oldsmobile vehicles from this Toronado’s generation.

Inside, note the sport-style steering wheel, which I assume to be another upgrade. The interior looks mostly par for the course otherwise, but if you spot anything out of place or an apparent upgrade, let us know. The seller is asking $5,500 or potential trades, and given he knows about as much as I do, I would presume he just wants to make some quick money or pick up a different kind of project. If I were closer, I’d give this one a closer look and see if $3,500 would take it home. Does anyone recall a special edition Toronado equipped like this one?


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    I don’t recall this car…but I love it, whether a “real” limited edition or someone’s interpretation! It actually looks to have Pontiac STE badging, wheels and steering wheel, but it certainly seems well done, doesn’t it? Striping I’m so-so about, but overall I like it!

    Love to show up with it at an Olds show with a bunch of made up data, brochures, etc. (with the disclaimer that I would NEVER actually try to pass it off as real!)

  2. Scot Douglas

    Only if there’s a turbocharged 3.8 under the hood.

    • Trent Poole

      Not in ’84 on the Toronado. You had a choice of a 4100 V6, The Y Code Olds 307 or the nightmare known as The Oldsmobile 5.7 Diesel.

  3. CCFisher

    Pretty sure Olds never made an ’84 Toronado like this. That’s definitely a Pontiac 6000 STE badge. The mods seem carefully planned and well-executed, but not OEM.

  4. Trent Poole

    I worked for a Cadillac – Oldsmobile Dealer back in the 80’s. There were all kinds of “Special Edition” cars coming through. Most were offered by the individual dealerships or the dealer zone. You could get a Carolina Cutlass in NC & SC. Pretty much like this Toronado. A few stick on badges, some cheesy striping and a tape on, fake hood scoop. Yes, a tape on , fake hood scoop. Most of the time, the center hood trim wasn’t even altered. Just slap the hood scoop down on top of the trim and push it out the door. Desperate times call for desperate measures and these “special editions” were about as desperate as you can get. :)

  5. al8apex

    Trans Am steering wheel, Pontiac STE emblem

    Certainly NOT an off the assembly line car, but maybe the selling dealer was also a Pontiac dealer …

    Cool that it has no vinyl top though

    • CCFisher

      Good catch on the T/A steering wheel. Looks like it’s sourced from a late 70s version, which makes this seem more like a home-grown special edition.

    • Clinton

      Also look to be trans am snowflake wheels too. Someone robbed the Pontiac parts bin for sure. Kinda cool overall for what it is

  6. Trent Poole

    4 wheel disc brakes were standard equipment on the 1984 Olds Toronado. The dual exhaust was probably a Cat-Back set up thrown on at the dealership.

  7. Bill Terwilleger

    Maybe I can’t view this add on my phone like on my PC, 10 photos, none under the hood?what engine does this have? How many miles? is that 107K? I presume it’s FWD? I presume it’s repainted?

  8. Veloce33

    No such thing as this out of the factory. Buick had a T-Type Riviera, and Cadillac had a touring suspension package available on Eldorados and Sevilles, but this thing never existed in nature.

  9. nessy

    There was never such a model offered on the Toronado and if it was, I don’t think anyone would have ordered it. I like my Toronado Broughams with padded tops, moonroofs, big white walls and true wire wheels. This car just has Pontiac 6000STE badges and a Firebird steering wheel with the Oldsmobile Rocket stuck on the wheel. This was never a factory model. 1000% not.

    • ACZ

      Don’t forget the Choo-Choo El Camino SS “hood scoop”.

  10. Rhett

    I like this car, I like the treatment but I don’t recall these being offered as even a dealership/regional model. I was in and out of a lot of Olds dealers in 84 too…

  11. BRAKTRCR Member

    I have always liked Toronado’s ever since 1966. This body style also, always appealed to me. I think it looks classy. I, like everyone else have never heard of this “Option”, but you could order a lot of different stuff in those days. many dealers wouldn’t take the time to do it with you, as they would rather just turn their own stock. In 86 I ordered a GMC Caballero (El Camino) and it was pretty cool with bucket seats and a console. I could have got a 4 speed, but I let the Salesman talk me out of it.
    Right or wrong, I like this car and it’s lines. They were very comfortable to drive, and that 307 Olds motor is a good motor. Never cared for those style rims. As clean as it looks, I thinks $3500 would be a gift, $4500 would be ok $5500… a bit optimistic

  12. Vincent Stansbury

    Someone probably built it sold it to this guy told him it was special order make a few bucks off him.looks like GTA wheels regal gn hood scoop trans am wheel,Pontiac badging although not bad execution on a fairly blah car imo.I’d would defiantly like to have it though.sorry about scoop I blew up pics actually looks like a scoop I have on a choo choo custom elcamino,might be a choo choo car never heard of on on these bodys

  13. nessy

    I wrote the guy and he said the car is original and that he has the window sticker. I asked him what the window sticker says to be exact, however, he did not respond again. Hmmm. The only two special editions offered on this era Toronado, the 79 to 85 body style was the sporty XSC in 80 and 81, which did have highback bucket seats and the plush Caliente Edition in 84 and 85 to compete with the Eldorado Biarritz. The 79 to 85 Toronado, Riviera and Eldorado were all beautiful looking cars. I like all three, if I could have one of each, I would take a triple white 79 Biarritz, a black 79 Riviera S Type with the Turbo and a cream yellow 79 Toronado without a vinyl top. The 79s had the best looking front ends and the best drivetrains. As an Olds guy, The Toronado is my top pick.

    • Dave A

      Kudos Nessy for reaching out to the seller. I agree with you 100% on this. I’d be curious to see the dealer that sold it on the window sticker. Dealers to this day still “option” their own cars and produce a modified window sticker to reflect the additional cost of their dealer options. The seller backed down likely because they didn’t realize how much exposure this would gain and be questioned.

  14. Tom Driscoll

    It’s a shame Oldsmobile was left out of the loop and didn’t get a sports/touring edition like Buick and Cadillac. My favorite is the Eldo touring edition, with blacked out trim, stiffer suspension, and the beautiful buckets/console interior…unfortunately it only came with the 130 hp HT4100…

    • nessy

      Sure they did Tom, but Oldsmobile only offered a sporty Toronado for two years, 80 and 81, called the XSC package. It was dropped due to low sales. It even had highback bucket seats and a console. They are very hard to find today.

      • Tom Driscoll

        Thanks Nessy, I never knew that. They must be pretty rare, I could only find 1 doing an internet search.


    I remember and Eldorado TC that was all blacked out, it was a few years later though.

  16. cudaman

    I worked at a Oldsmobile dealer from 1978 to 1980 and never heard of this option or saw one. I think this was a dealer added option package. I’ve owned many old first series Toronados back in the 70’s and 80’s, and again, never heard of this…….

  17. Car Guy

    Buick had the factory Rivera T-Type with a blacked out grill and alloy wheels but this package looks like a dealer, or very creative owner did it…….

  18. Jim

    I like the looks of this car, I’ve always thought the Toronado of that era looked like a larger version of the Cutlass, same profile.
    I owned a 1980 Cutlass Calais. White with camel high back buckets and console. It was a Midwest car though and started to show signs of rust after about 4 years, too bad.
    I live in the Southwest now and bought an 1984 Toronado Caliente. I’ve put a pile of money into making this car like new again, I still have a long way to go.
    I had BF Goodrich TA tires on my Cutlass, and they looked great.
    I’m going to get some old school mags and BF Goodrich TAs for my Toronado, I think it will look really cool, like my Cutlass did.

  19. Rolf Poncho 455

    I like this car it looks grate to me as a Pontiac owner an fan
    this car I’d like have in my garage!

  20. Jason

    “a host of visually pleasing upgrades”

    Where? I can’t see ’cause all dat bling!

  21. Jubjub

    Looks like someone built a GM parts bin bitsa. I really like the wheels which appear to have acceptable offset. The badging power bulge and stripes are pretty cheesy.

    I disagree with an earlier poster on the wire wheel covers and padded tops. I thought they gave cheapness to clean and elegant shapes. I always thought the Eldorado Touring Coupe and Riviera T Types where striking. Shame their demographic still wanted the gaudy, funeral home trappings.

  22. Jubjub

    I gotta add…the dark accents on the grille and bezels looks awesome.

    And aren’t those Bonneville SSE or SSEI wheels? Whatever letters they threw on the spoilered up, supercharged one.

  23. Kincer Dave Member

    I kind of like this car, personally I think it could do without the stripes and I think silver mesh wheels would look much better. I’m pretty sure this was not a factory option.


    You are all wrong. This is the infamous Trak Auto Mexican Edition made from parts straight out of the isles of their stores to promote aftermarket add ons. This one is missing the flame job stickers and the CHEVY windshield applique. Curb feelers were an option

  25. J. Gabriel

    A nice car seldom seen when new, let alone now. I bought an ’87 Delta 88 Brougham Coupe w/FE3 option. A very fast, powerful car. Same wheels as that beautiful Toronado.

  26. BRAKTRCR Member

    He sold it. Guess we will never know what special order stuff was on the window sticker

  27. Jay.D.M.

    GM has been doing the special editions for ever and sill are.Meet the Chevy Silverado Special Editions :60 | Chevrolet

  28. Jon

    This is a fake mock-up. That roof emblem is definitely off of either a Pontiac 6000 STE or Grand Prix STE. The wheels, if not aftermarkets, are Firebird Trans Am or possibly Bonneville SSEI from the late 80s or early 90s.
    Not an Oldsmobile factory production or dealer add-on.
    Reminds me of a ’68 Chev. Caprice “SS” coupe I once saw at a local car show. Someone put the SS badge on the roof panels next to the Caprice emblems & called it a Super Sport. Yeah, right.

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