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Sports Sprint Special: 1967 Ford Mustang

1967 Mustang Barn Find

The donated ’65 from earlier may have tugged at your heart strings, but if you want a painful pony project, this may be the one to actually get. It too is rusty, but unless that blue paint is hiding something awful, the body should require less metal work. It also have a V8 under the hood which is connected to a 3-speed manual transmission. The best part though is that it is a limited edition Sports Sprint model. Ford released quite a few “limited edition” Mustangs to drum up more sales and this one was created to celebrate the third birthday of America’s favorite pony car! The car is located in Monroe Township, New Jersey and is listed here on eBay without a reserve. Keep reading to find out what made the Sports Sprint so special.

289-2V V8

The seller doesn’t mention anything about that fact that this car is a Sports Sprint in their auction listing, but there were a few hints that caught my attention. The most obvious one was the sticker on the chrome air cleaner cover. That alone wouldn’t necessarily mean this car left the factory as any other than a 289-2v equipped Mustang though.

Sports Sprint Features

Other clues included GT style hood vents, rocker panel moldings, unique wheel covers, and recessed turn signals. The Sports Sprint was more of an appearance package than anything actually sporty, but it does make this car look more interesting in a sea of plain Jane Mustangs.

Sports Sprint Ad

This car appears to have everything that would make up the package, so I feel comfortable christening it a real Sports Sprint. That fact alone may not necessarily make it much more valuable, but if I were in the market for a Mustang project, this one would definitely get some consideration. What do you think?


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    My mom’s daily transportation while I was growing up in New York and Ohio was a Sports Sprint in this color (hers had the 6, though). The salt was so bad, Dad had the rocker panels refinished in 1970 as they were already starting to rust through. Loved that car. We moved to England, then came back, and they picked up another one, this time with the V8 and air conditioning. She never liked it quite as much as the first one, but boy, I wish we had it back now.

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  2. rdc

    I had a 67 Mustang Sport Sprint that color, blue interior, auto and small v6. Drove it 3 years and traded it for a new 70 sport roof with a 351c. Loved both cars.

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  3. Roger Owen

    I particularly like the ‘let’s wheel in some hay to make it look more like a Barn-Find’

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  4. piper62j

    I don’t recall the 67s’ having a v6,,, It was an inline 200ci six… Anyway, this puppy is in real bad shape.. Rails, aprons, floors.. Gonna be major surgery happening here..

    It almost looks as though the car sat in the dirt or was partially submerged in a swamp somewhere.. The interior is moldy and reminiscent of what high humidity does.. Gotta be signs of rodentia infestation.. !!!

    And yep…. cool move on the hay bales.. LOLOL

    Great parts car… Nice find… not a good investment.. Don’t Pony up on this one.

    Not criticizing the car or seller in any way.. JMHO on forewarning my fellow gear heads to avoid a lot of pain and suffering.. :)

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    • rdc

      That was a typo in my post. I had a V8 in my car. :)

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  5. Rick

    I had the same Mustang Sprint model. a ’68 same deal, i.e. chrome air cleaner top, hood signals, fancier hub caps, and flip top GT-style gas cap, except 6 cylinder

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  6. McQ

    I have a question for Mustang aficianodos. Could the Sports Sprint package be available for the following Mustang a friend recently acquired:
    1967 GT Coupe; 390GT -S- code; 4 speed; 3.25 open nine inch rear-end; Deluxe interior with console and roof console (black); full exterior appearance package ala GT – rocker mouldings, recessed vents with turn signal indicators, fog lamps. Acapulco Blue. And here’s the reason for the question – there is a Chrome, red insert Sports Sprint badge on each side of the front fenders just behind the headlights. My friend has purchased a Marti Report Deluxe. His Mustang is a true GT coupe with the powertrain mentioned. What is not mentioned on the report is that it is a Sports Sprint.
    In summary is this GT 390 Mustang Coupe a Sports Sprint?

    Thanks for the facts!

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  7. RoughDiamond

    If Kevin Marti does not indicate the option on his report, I’d say no.

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  8. TBall

    I’d say looking at that front rail – that’s a bit more than “rust in the normal places”. Not to mention the “formal” battery leak. Car looks solid from above, but oh that underside – lots of work there and can really mess up the car if not done correctly.

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    • racer99

      I hope that it stays together long enough to put it on a trailer. Would almost need to start with another chassis. Have to agree with the above comment that this thing was sitting in the dirt somewhere — it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a driveshaft that crusty.

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  9. William H

    Beginning to think they only made the Sprints in blue but after a quick Google that’s proved to be untrue. They even had a Dusk Rose Pink and boy is it pink. I had one myself, about 20 years ago – same blue color and, other then some appearance differences, it was identical to the parts car I was using to rebuild it. I think the only thing that really stuck out was the little piece of cove trim, it was marked different from anything I recalled seeing on all the other Mustang I built through the years, with the two bars in the center. Certainly would like to have any one of those back but, then again, they’re not sitting everywhere and they are definitely 10 times more than the $500 to $1000 you could pick the up for back in the day.

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  10. EB

    Just found a 67 sports sprint ht three speed in a barn. rough shape from the outside looking in…am I in over my head for a novice rebuilder?

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