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Spotless Survivor: 1976 Ford F-100 4×4 Ranger

Classics with a long-term known ownership history will always prove attractive to potential buyers. That is the story behind this 1976 Ford F-100 Ranger 4×4. The seller confirms its previous owner was its custodian for forty years, and it has never been wrecked or restored. It presents superbly and would suit someone seeking a classic Pickup that would function as an effortless tow vehicle. The F-100 is listed here on Craigslist in La Habra, California. The seller set their price at $25,000, and I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder numskal for spotting this stunning survivor.

Ford introduced its Sixth Generation F-Series range for the 1973 model year, with examples rolling off North American showroom floors until 1979. It enjoyed a slightly longer run on some foreign shores and sold in numbers that must have put a smile on the faces of those at Ford. This F-100 Ranger emerged from the factory in 1976, with its original owner ordering it in stunning Copper Metallic. The seller confirms it has never been wrecked or restored, meaning the paint is original to this classic. That makes its condition noteworthy because any flaws or defects are too minor to show in the supplied photos. The panels are as straight as an arrow, and its Californian lifestyle and garage-kept history make the complete absence of rust unsurprising. The exterior is clean, while the floors and frame retain most of the original factory undercoat. The trim and tinted glass are as impressive as the rest of the exterior, and the bed cap and larger wheels are practical additions that improve this Ranger’s versatility.

If this Pickup’s exterior is impressive, the interior serves us more of the same. It is trimmed in Tan cloth and vinyl, with no evidence of wear on any upholstered surfaces. The door trims sport a few minor marks but nothing that justifies replacement. The dash is clean, while the pad hasn’t succumbed to the Californian sun. The carpet shows age under the driver’s feet, but there is no significant wear. The new owner could leave it untouched, spend $200 on a new carpet set, or throw in some mats to hide the problem. Aftermarket additions include what appears to be dealer-installed air conditioning, a wheel wrap, and a Pioneer radio/cassette player. The A/C compressor has no belt, suggesting the new owner may need to diagnose and repair a system fault not specified in the listing.

The seller includes a Deluxe Marti Report with this F-100, confirming the original owner ordered the vehicle with a 360ci V8, a four-speed manual transmission with a dual-range New Process transfer case, power steering, and power brakes. Emission regulations were biting deeply into engine power by 1976, with this V8 producing 143hp. However, Ford focused on torque with the 360, which most buyers sought for effective towing or off-road adventures. Teamed with the “Granny” low, this Ranger could almost climb the north face of Mount Everest. It should also effectively use the hitch receiver to tow heavy loads effortlessly. Potential buyers face plenty of positive news with this classic. It is unclear when the seller purchased the F-100, but they confirm the previous owner was its custodian for forty years. It is in excellent mechanical health, running and driving perfectly.

This 1976 Ford F-100 4×4 Ranger is a gem, and the seller’s price looks competitive in the current market. It appears to have no needs beyond returning the A/C to a working state. Its overall condition would allow it to turn heads as the average person admires its presentation. It has only been on the market for a few days, and I suspect it will find a new home quickly. Are you tempted to make it yours?


  1. Avatar photo KC

    Nice clean and what seems to be a well maintained truck. Not sure about the 25k asking price though?

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  2. Avatar photo Greenhorn

    Compared to a Chevrolet, these to me were not very attractive trucks. But the paint and wheels REALLY help on this one. It looks like a 25 year truck for the next owner.

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  3. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    My favorite generation of Ford pickups. Normally I don’t care for camper shells but this one looks good as a complement to the white wheels. Granny gear 4-speed would remind you that you are driving a truck. Clean and in good shape, I like it.

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    • Avatar photo John M.Stecz

      You might want to replace the heater core because it is bypassed so it probably leaked. Who needs a heater in California? Otherwise beautiful truck love the color

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    • Avatar photo Peter Pasqualini

      Very nice survivor. Nice options. Great color, and rock solid trucks. Considering the crazy condition, I understand the asking price. I think it sells for $20k

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  4. Avatar photo Chris Cornetto

    Another great American work horse. Pound for pound for me it is tough which one is better, these or their counterparts over at the bowtie palace. In many ways their only enemies was rust. You cannot go wrong with this. I have a friend with a 4 x 4 unit he has had since he was out of high-school. I’m starting to think Barn Finds is the old vehicles underground railroad for escape from California….lol

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  5. Avatar photo Nelson C

    Holy smokes. What a good looking rig. Great color and options. The wheels and topper are icing on the cake. Would love to row through the gears. Ahhh.

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  6. Avatar photo Harvey Member

    Nice, just glanced at the outside thermometer reading 21 degrees fahrenheit and wondering how you drive a vehicle with no heat or air.

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    • Avatar photo Nelson C

      Fixing the heat would be a plus. No air is not an issue.

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  7. Avatar photo Buffstang

    4×4? Check.
    Smog? Check.
    A/C? Check.
    Heat? Heat?? HEAT???

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  8. Avatar photo AndyinMA

    Very very nice. I hope it doesn’t get the restomod treatment.

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    • Avatar photo Nelson C

      C’mon, blown 460, 5″ lift on 37s. Why not?

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  9. Avatar photo Ashtray

    The exterior paint looks really new to me. Not like a vehicle paint that is 47 years old? No fading on the hood, but the the dash pad right next to the hood is extremely faded? How does this work?
    The unexposed paint on the firewall looks 47 years old, so does the engine compartment.
    But, the exposed paint on the hood and fenders is shining like a newly minted penny?
    Remember, this is 47 years of California sun. The dash pad remembered?
    No heater hoses, no AC belt.
    So, someone maliciously maintained this vehicles exterior and drove it around looking top notch with no heat and no air, and a defroster not working in the early mornings?
    I think the truck looks awesome, but I also believe the seller failed to be completely transparent?
    Just my oponion!

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  10. Avatar photo C.Tay

    I didn’t see the $25000 value, but ignition coil mount on compressor makes it one of a kind.

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    • Avatar photo Ashtray

      I must have glossed over the high tech ignition coil configuration?? Or, I saw it and couldn’t believe my eyes, so I blocked it out mentally??
      This must have been a special order vehicle to have the coil sprouting out of the compressor?
      Just my oponion!

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    • Avatar photo Jimbob

      Is that a repair on the passenger door? Or a funky shadow?

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  11. Avatar photo Patrick

    Where’s the a/c components under hood never mind the missing belt

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