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Spotless Survivor: 1987 Buick Regal Limited T-Type

If the idea of cruising through life surrounded by 1980s luxury appeals to you, then maybe you need to find yourself a car like this 1987 Regal Limited T-Type. While it might not have even the slightest of muscle car aspirations, its luxury appointments would have put it right at the cutting edge in 1987. This really stunning example is located in Vacaville, California, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Interest in the Buick has been quite strong. This has pushed bidding along to $4,551, in a No Reserve auction, so it’s a classic that is destined to head to a new home.

Finished in Medium Grey Metallic with a Dark Grey Landau top, this Buick really is a classy looking car…in a 1980s context. Today, the square lines of the body look out of place, but manufacturers didn’t really start softening their body lines until the second half of the 1980s. Therefore, this particular car was built right as the “square-rigger” look was beginning to fade. The 1988 Regal was a very different car in appearance to this one. The overall presentation of the car is incredibly good, and it wouldn’t be embarrassed at any cars & coffee, or even in a show. If the exterior presentation isn’t perfect, then it really doesn’t appear to be far off the mark.

The grey interior trim of the Buick is also remarkably well preserved, as this car hails from an era when interior plastics were still prone to succumbing to UV rays. The original carpet looks like it might be starting to show its age a bit, but that’s really the only fault that I am able to identify. The leather-wrapped wheel shows little wear, while all of the upholstered surfaces show no signs of major wear, tears, or staining. In a 1980s context, luxury items abound inside this car. As well as air conditioning, you get the rather funky digital dash. There’s also power windows, power locks, a power trunk release, power driver’s seat, a premium sound system with the optional “Concert” speakers, remote exterior mirrors, cruise control, a tilt wheel, and a rear defogger.

There are no photos of the engine, and this may be the one area of the car that is set to disappoint a few people. For those who were hoping for a V6 turbo under the hood, the news is not great. What you get is the 307ci V8, backed by the optional 4-speed automatic transmission. Of course, power steering and power brakes are also there to make life more pleasant. At this point in time, vehicle manufacturers were still struggling to recover lost horsepower with their beloved V8 engines and didn’t really make headway until electronic fuel-injection started to make its mark. With this V8 wearing a 4-barrel carburetor, the engine produces a rather humble 140hp. On a 3,400lb car, this means that the Buick isn’t a high-performance car, but is more of a luxury cruiser. The car has a genuine 84,000 miles on its odometer, and while the owner doesn’t mention it specifically, the overall condition of the car suggests that it more than likely runs and drives quite well.

When it rolled out of the showroom in 1987, a Buick Regal Limited T-Type would have had a sticker price of around $11,560. This means that in that context, this was not a particularly cheap car when new. That it has survived so nicely and remained so original over the past 32-years means that the next owner has the potential to get a lot of car for their money. It might not appeal to all tastes, but this is a car that has appealed to enough people that they are willing to bid on it. Knowing that our readers have extremely varied tastes, I would be interested to know if any of you are willing to join the bidding.


  1. Darrun

    Did the “T” not stand for Turbo? What makes this a T-Type? Do the wheels and steering wheel make the T-Type package?

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    • Ralph

      There were turbo and non-turbo T-packages in this era, Buick had sort of expanded he T-type options to some models as a just a “T” package, which usually meant the upgraded suspension and wheels and with or without a “monochrome” paint treatment too.

      There were still T-type models available too, it was sort of a strange option packaging era that only lasted a little while at Buick.

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      • Chas358 Chasman358

        Never saw one with a smogger V8 before!

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  2. GTiDave

    I believe the “T” is for touring.

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    • Dane

      My sisters friend bought a brand new Regal T …yellowish..greene 1981..T is for touring..yes…very good looking on the road..sharp

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  3. Superdessucke

    Man, one tick of the option box away from something sweeter than Yoohoo!

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  4. Skorzeny

    I love Regals but that entire drivetrain is a boat anchor. It would be replaced with something fun, and a manual…

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    • bigboy

      needs a twin turbo 274″ stage 2, ‘glide, with large mufflers, drag radials on stock wheels with wire wheel hubcaps.

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  5. 68custom

    nice car but without the 3.8 Turbo its just a nice car. wonder it they paid more for a V8? Love to have it though, no T-tops and in great shape make a great LS swap candidate!

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  6. Fiete T.

    No engine shot…probably hoping prospective buyers don’t read the description too carefully or notice no hood bump. Just saying-

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  7. Mike

    Not a T-Type. Period

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    • damion goodrich

      Actually it is a T type. Just not a Turbo.

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  8. Steve

    The 5.0L Olds was refined and smooth. Not every car is a race car. This is a highway cruiser, not a bruiser.

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  9. Ed

    Sold for 7200. I never thought it would bring that much without the turbo.

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