Spousal Approval Needed: 1966 Land Rover Dormobile


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According to the seller, “My wife and I reached a compromise whereby I remove this from our yard and I get to stay Married. Now I am looking for somebody to take over this unique project with the time, money and Spousal Approval…” So make sure you check with your spouse before bidding! This fantastic find was sent in by Jim S. (not surprised, are you?) and it’s located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is up for auction here on eBay. The buy it now is $5,000 but lower offers are being accepted (apparently the gentleman really loves his wife)!


Look at that roof! In the same vein as Westfalia campers, if there’s not enough room in the vehicle, the Dormobile designers decided to literally raise the roof! The seller tells us that these were sold by Land Rover dealers (it was an officially blessed conversion) from the late 1950’s through the early 1970’s. There’s a detailed description of the condition of the vehicle in the ad, and there are certainly some issues, but nothing that couldn’t be remedied by a patient restorer. A company has been set up with a website here that sells many reproduction parts for Dormobile conversions, so it shouldn’t be too hard to source parts. The seller has a large number of NOS parts that they are willing to sell separately from the auction as well.


This particular Dormobile was originally purchased by a Doctor from Lillooet, British Columbia to use on a round-the-world honeymoon trip. He purchased the vehicle in England and drove it to South Africa, and as the seller tells us, “back to BC Canada.” They also point out that the sticker for the Kruger Game park in South Africa is still in the window! I still want to know what type of vehicle can drive from South Africa to Canada!


The interior is, well, rough. But it never was that luxurious in the first place–this is a Land Rover, after all! It does look like a lot of the important conversion pieces are there, although they will need some work to look nice again.


The 2286 cc gasoline four cylinder was designed for torque, not horsepower, as evidenced by its 77 horsepower, 124 ft-lbs torque ratings. This is the original engine, and it does turn freely. However, the vehicle was originally taken off the road for a damaged differential, and while a replacement one is included, its condition is unknown as well. But that probably doesn’t scare a dedicated Land Rover enthusiast, nor does the list of repairs required from the seller. I’ll bet at least one of you is checking their bank balance right now! Maybe you want to take your own “round the world” trip–let me know how that driving to South Africa goes!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Bill

    There is a very nice one that comes to the local shows on the island (Vancouver Island) these are gems, and rare. I know that my wife would actually be THRILLED if I brought this beauty home. Well priced given current market and rarity, i just don’t have $5k.

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    • Luki

      Please post a photo of your wife.
      She’s already an 8.

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  2. Bill

    Here’s a finished one

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    • ChasMember

      That’s not a photo of your wife!

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    • Azmat

      If I were to bring this Rover to my home, I will be a single man again…Hmmmmm

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  3. skloon

    but it’s a camper he could sleep in it !! I know I would have to if I dragged it home

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  4. Bob Semrad

    Nice rig to get back up to par….I’m just glad I have a wife that cares more for me than to place such an ultimatum as that upon me….she cares more, apparently, about her marriage (and me) than this man’s……Once a woman reaches the point that they can say something like that, and be serious about it, she’s already gone in her heart…I’d simply say ”Adios”…who needs a mommy/wife. It says a lot about the “man”, too…..”we’ve come a long way baby.”
    It seems the Land Rover, if it can be brought up, without too much trouble/expense, would make a versatile work hoss, in the right arena…..I wouldn’t mind having it, but I live waaay south….it would take a chunk to get it hauled down here…..oh, well.

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  5. Dave Wright

    You are exactly correct…..great post.

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  6. ChasMember

    It’s going to be difficult to find someone willing to take over a project spouse like this wife, especially one who won’t tolerate project cars.
    Oh wait. He is talking about getting rid of the Land Rover. Not the option that I would have chosen if given an ultimatum like that.

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  7. DREW V.

    “I still want to know what type of vehicle can drive from South Africa to Canada!”

    A DUKW or Amphicar…

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      Hell, Drew, a Landrover can take you anywhere; just make sure that the wipers are in good shape…

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  8. Matt Tritt

    Whoever buys this is going to have a hell of a time finding the Doormobile-specific missing parts. The skylights, headliner and canvas alone are going to be a real bugger. Then there’s the rat’s nest wiring. Good lord.

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  9. mgnut

    Here is a group of Aussie’s who did it last year.


    Nice folks. They are now on their way across the US to the NAMGAR/NAMGBR gathering in Louisville

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  10. Luki

    This poor guy is not thinking straight. She said get it out of the yard. Easy enough to do.

    What is in the shipping container?? More cars?

    Where does one live to be able to have a shipping container in their yard?

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    • Glen

      Just get out of the city, lots of containers on properties. I guess she’s ok with a shipping container, …but not a vehicle!

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  11. geomechs geomechsMember

    Nice project but it’s a little more application specific than I’d like to have. I’d just like a basic Landrover to go out for a drive in and even get dirty once in a while.

    Fifteen years ago my (now) ex-wife once told me to get rid of my old junk. I told her that I had that old junk a lot longer than I had her, and therefore it was staying right where it was. I eventually got rid of (4) bad habits in less than a year: I threw two of them out of the house, their mother moved out, and I quit smoking. I’ve still got my old junk, my ex and I get along just fine and I’m a lot healthier. And the new Mrs. Geo (11 years and counting) likes old junk too; she’s responsible for half our collection…

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    • Luki

      Landy. It will get you anywhere you want to go.
      Just be prepared to walk back.

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  12. Jesper

    Out with her, and keep your Land Rover.

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  13. Birdman

    I’m in Calgary if someone needs a closer look at it.

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  14. Chris A.

    Easy guys, now if it had been a 1965 Riviera GS…….hmmmmmmmmm, Decisions, decisions.

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  15. Toopack

    Uh…I want this…pretty bad actually. Hmm…I wonder if there are any old photos of the travels? That might just push me over the edge!

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  16. Tim

    It would be great to meet the couple who took this around the world. See the pictures and hear their stories. Can’t believe this is in my home town!!

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  17. Pharmag8r

    It’s awesome. I am pretty sure that I would be a single woman as well again myself so I will have to pass.

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