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Squished 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback 390

It doesn’t matter where your allegiances lay, seeing a classic like this 1967 Mustang Fastback in this state is a bitter pill to swallow. It isn’t clear what landed on this car, but whatever it was did so with a thud. Before this incident, it appears that restoring this vehicle would have been a straightforward proposition. There is no reason why it couldn’t still be returned to its former glory. It’s just going to take a lot more time, money, and effort. The Mustang is located in Los Angeles, California, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. The BIN has been set at $39,950, although the owner will entertain offers.

It’s a crying shame that this damage has been inflicted upon the Wimbledon White Mustang. When you delve below the surface, what you find is a structurally sound vehicle. The owner provides some clear photos of the vehicle’s underside, and the floors, frame, and the torque box region all appear to be solid. Similarly, there is no rust in any of the lower locations that we expect like the rear quarter panels and rockers. The panels sport a few minor dings, and the paint is tired in places, but this would have been an easy restoration project. Replacement roof panels and braces are readily available, and you can purchase a kit with a panel and braces for less than $600. Add in the cost of fitting it, and it still doesn’t look that bad.

My biggest concern about this Mustang stems from this photo. That gap between the door and the rear quarter panel is enormous. They don’t usually look that bad. This suggests that the damage might go deeper than a mere roof panel. You have to wonder whether the A-Pillar is bent, or whether the entire bodyshell has been twisted in the accident. That is something that would need to be confirmed with a closer inspection. It is especially true if the restoration is to remain financially viable.

The owner has a Marti Report for the Mustang, and it confirms that it is a true S-Code GT. That means that the 390ci V8 that you see here is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip rear end, while the original owner also chose front disc brakes. That V8 should be capable of producing 320hp, which would be enough to propel the Mustang through the ¼ mile in 14.1 seconds. The owner doesn’t indicate whether this is a numbers-matching classic, or what state the drivetrain is in. The lack of hoses and plug wires are a fair indication that the Fastback doesn’t currently run or drive.

The Mustang’s interior comes equipped with luxury upholstery, a Sport Deck rear seat, floor and roof consoles, and a factory tachometer. The condition of the interior is generally quite tidy, with no rips or tears on the upholstered surfaces. If the owner is looking at retaining the vehicle’s level of presentation as a survivor, then it needs nothing. However, if a high-end restoration is the goal, there are a few items that are looking a bit care-worn. The Fastback doesn’t need a trim kit, so getting it up to scratch shouldn’t be a big or expensive undertaking.

Before receiving the damage, this Mustang would have been the sort of restoration project that a competent person could have tackled in a home workshop. That is still the case with the majority of the work. I would have the roof professionally repaired because it is vitally important that the vehicle maintains its structural integrity. The worst time to find that your welding skills aren’t up to par is when the car is suddenly shiny-side down. If I am critical of one thing, it is the lack of information provided by the seller. The engine obviously doesn’t currently run, and we know nothing about its condition. We also don’t know whether this is a numbers-matching vehicle. If it is numbers-matching, then the potential is there for it to be worth around $80,000 if fully restored. This is not a cheap project, and I think it will need careful inspection to ensure it is viable. What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo FordGuy1972 Member

    An interesting challenge for a skilled body man. Looks like a roof collapsed on the car and the front end though apart from the windshield, the rest of the glass seems to be OK. The front end is pushed down which may account for the door gaps so maybe it’s just a matter of realigning the fenders to eliminate the gaps. The A-pillars need to be carefully checked out to ensure they haven’t moved. The cost of parts needed may be reasonable but the labor to repair the damage and re-paint the whole car won’t be cheap.

    I agree with the writer, more info needed as regards the engine condition and matching numbers. This is important, especially considering how much the seller is asking for the car. It’s a desirable car but considering the work needed and the fact that, at least at this point, a nice example is about $80k, is the ask reasonable?

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    • Avatar photo Fletch

      BHCC sells way overpriced garbage all the time. I’ve also heard a ton of bad stories from others that have bought from this place.

      Wouldn’t go near that dealership with someone else’s money.

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      • Avatar photo Doyler

        Care to share those stories? I was looking at something on their site.

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    • Avatar photo Doug F.

      The shell of this car is garbage, especially with the fact of it having frame connectors before the unfortunate damage. Not only is the front end down, the entire font end not just the fenders, but it’s also twisted to hell. And look at the door window to roof gaps and how both doors stick out over the quarter panels. Plus look how the trunk lid is pushed up over the quarters on the top and pinched tight on both sides at the rear. One exceptionally clean and rust free twisted piece of history suitable only as a doner IMHO.

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  2. Avatar photo Moparman Member

    That is the COOLEST looking manual shifter I’ve never seen! As others have stated high $$’s, lo info; but the seller has six pages of cars, some (although desirable) in LESS than desirable shape priced commensurately with its’ name.

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  3. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Forest fire smoke severely got to this seller. Too much money, too little return without breaking the bank.

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  4. Avatar photo Mike

    Not seeing much value here. Even the bottom of the oil pan is crushed on the eBay photos! Why would you remove the hoses (and wires for that matter)? You know the motor and radiator will require major rebuilding, along with everything else. This project ain’t for me if it was free.

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  5. Avatar photo CJinSD

    I’m more offended by the thought of anyone paying $80K for a 390 than I am by seeing a crushed ’67 Mustang. There are very good reasons that Ford sent the magazine test 390s to Holman Moody first.

    This car shows all sorts of asymmetrical evidence of being expensive to fix. If a Mustang with a low rpm station wagon engine is your passion though, there are brand new 1967 Mustang bodies on ebay for $17,990. Fixing this one’s current body will be like draining the ocean with a Solo cup.

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  6. Avatar photo Kev

    Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when a hospital patient leaped out of the building and landed on George’s car which “marred an otherwise fine automobile”

    I’d figure out some kind of windscreen and drive it as is

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  7. Avatar photo That Guy

    Re-shell. This poor thing is a pretzel, and I suspect straightening it properly will cost more than the car’s worth. I’m betting this was an insurance total after a building collapse or something similar.

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  8. Avatar photo gaspumpchas

    Looks like a tree fell on it, the guy got paid by the ins company, now the BHCC wants to cash in on it. not sure what fell on it but its a hurtin pony. Like you guys said, a good body man can fix it but it would be time consuming= big bucks. Seems like a joke to me, size it up and see if you want to take it on. Beware of the BHCC, from what I hear. Stay safe and good luck.

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  9. Avatar photo Joe

    I wonder if the owner tried to tow one of those 5th wheel campers that attaches to the roof (one was featured on barnfinds last week).

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  10. Avatar photo Paolo

    More Bling from the Beverly Hlls Hair Club! Their listings are usually good for a few smiles. Throw this thing on a Chief frame rack and push and pull and tweak it back in shape.
    This Mustang might be worth the $3950 they are…oh…excuse me…haha there’s a smile right there.

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  11. Avatar photo Ivk61

    Based on the interior shot, what transmission does it have?
    My guess is -.-.- none

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  12. Avatar photo jerry z

    I needed a good laugh this morning. $40K, now that is funny.

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  13. Avatar photo Frank Sumatra

    And the sellers will entertain us with their BIN price.

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  14. Avatar photo Comet

    Better make nice with a guy that owns a frame rack

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  15. Avatar photo Rick

    you can tell this car is from southern Ca.,only for what the sellers down there seem to thing there things are worth as opposed to other non rust belt areas in the rest of the country..by the time you had it repaired properly,you could buy a runner…

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  16. Avatar photo Troy s

    14.1 would be more like Cobra jet territory with fairly decent gears. Stock, off the lot of course. Low 15’s, maybe 14.9 on a really good day, again stock and running out of steam on the top end. I like this 390 GT, dont get me wrong, crushed and all. Its really a shame what happened to it……be careful.

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  17. Avatar photo Bigbird

    My Dad would sell his car right after a repair like this, and stated “It will never drive the same”. Someone with deep pockets, and an all out love for Mustang would take a shot at this. It took me 1 week to replace and align the gaps on my Impala front fender…not for the back yard guy.

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  18. Avatar photo Gus Fring

    Structural integrity? Not ever in the future for this pile again.

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  19. Avatar photo John

    Apparently the tree that fell on it pushed the shifter clear out of the bottom of the car. Nice clean engine, though. Looks like it was just installed yesterday.

    Could sure be a neat little car though for a person with some serious body repair skill.

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  20. Avatar photo George P

    Way To Much Money For A Car That Has Been Apparently Rolled

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  21. Avatar photo bone

    At first glance I thought it may have been on a lift and fallen off when one of the lift arms kicked out

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    • Avatar photo Racer-x

      Agree, fell off a lift or the hydraulics on a transporter. Jammed the entire front suspension up into towers. Explains all the damage with exception of roof.

      Strange that front right tire is worn from horrible alignment. Almost as if the car was driven for a long time after the body damage.

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  22. Avatar photo Patrick J. Flynn

    This one was rolled.

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  23. Avatar photo Robert Lacey

    Looks like it once also had AC.

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  24. Avatar photo FOG

    no comment

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  25. Avatar photo Leo

    Also looks like the drivers side shock tower took a hit! Must have been a very heavy object to crush this like that.

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  26. Avatar photo JOHN Member

    Interesting… someone has installed sub-frame connectors and a rear mount battery as well. It would be interesting to hear just what happened to it. But $40k? Dunno about that. You’re gonna need a really good experienced body and frame guy to evaluate the damage properly.

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  27. Avatar photo john hugh

    worse than it looks….stay away

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  28. Avatar photo RH FACTOR

    I think maybe that driver door wasnt closed all the way? I dont see a shifter on the floor. Is the trans there? Oh, and stock these ran low to mid fifteens at best in the quarter.

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    • Avatar photo JOHN Member

      Click on the red hyperlink in the description “here on ebay” there are a bunch of photo’s. There appears to be a transmission in the car, but no shifter.

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  29. Avatar photo Bigbird

    A friend bought a ’67 GT just like this over for a fun drive back in ’67. We were kids and gave it a good work out. Being a 4-speed it had very bad wheel hop, I mean really bad, but a fast car once rolling. The suspension was soft even with the GT option. These cars are sought after now…this one needs work for sure. Good luck..

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  30. Avatar photo Sam

    I would say it rolled too, probably in the grass, grass gives it a little cushion but not enough to twist it up like a pretzel!

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