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SR5 Survivor: 1994 Toyota V6 4×4 Pickup

Many pickups are worn out when they hit 100,000 miles but this little Toyota is just getting broken in with only 129k on the clock! It’s actually hard to find these with lower mileage. Most of these have double or triple that so it’s not hard to understand why the bidding for this one is starting to heat up here on eBay. Better hurry though because the auction is ending soon!

This pickup would be desirable even if the mileage were higher because it’s nicely equipped. The SR5 V6 4WDemand Xtracab was about as good as it got in 1994. Contemporary road tests praised these trucks for the ride, handling, and braking. Those aren’t typically areas that pickup trucks do well at but that is what made Toyota pickups different.

The interior is clean and comfy looking. There was a time that SR5 stood for Sport Rally 5-Speed but this truck is fitted with the optional automatic. The 5-speed would have made this one perfect for me but that’s just nitpicking. This would be a comfortable and capable machine just the way it is.

Winter is coming and this looks like the perfect way to get around if you need four-wheel-drive. It can haul stuff but is still small enough to be fun to drive. Some of today’s huge trucks are excess for most people. Personally, I’d love to have this little pickup but I’m having a hard time with the price tag. Let’s hear from those who have owned one – is it worth the cost?


  1. Avatar photo Turbo

    If I recall correctly, the 5 speed was a 1200 dollar option and did not increase the fuel economy. A friend of mine was making good money back in the day selling these and was always embarrassed by this. He would politely try to steer people away from paying the extra money. It did drop highway rev’s by 1000 rpm or so, but the reduced engine wear would take years to pay back the investment in the overdrive trans.

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  2. Avatar photo Peter

    The 4 cylinder has a cult following, but the six is more practical for towing. This truck is the benchmark in the rest of the world. They know this truck for its life span, and have no idea what a Sierra 1500 even is.

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  3. Avatar photo DavidH

    I owned a 1985 Sr5 with the 22R and 5 speed. It survived 3 teenage boys and had 180,000 plus miles when I sold it. Presently I own a 2004 extra cab Tundra with the 4.7L V8. The Tundra has over 180000 miles on it and still runs strong. Neither vehicle gets good gas mileage but what I don’t save in gas I save In reliability and maintenance cost. I have no doubts the Tundra has a lot of good miles left to go.

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    • Avatar photo Taxman

      True but many trucks can go just as far as a Toyota. They are no doubt an excellent truck but other models have caught up which make Toyotas a bit overrated in my opinion.

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    • Avatar photo Alec

      My 02 Tundra has 525,000 and looks brand new under the hood. Frame is 100% black, no rust. Driver seat is shot though. And don’t get me started on Imperial Jade Mica’s clearcoat issues.

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  4. Avatar photo Mark

    One of the all time greatest rust buckets. My brother in law had one, the frame rusted so badly it broke right behind the cab. He lamented how great the power train still looked but it had to be flat towed to the junkyard. BTW, truck was in New Jersey, relatively mild use of winter salt.

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  5. Avatar photo Dan V

    I had a 95 with the 3.0 And after the 2nd (Dealer Recalled and replaced ) head gasket gave it up I gave up the Truck .

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  6. Avatar photo DavidH

    Toyota put all new frame and springs under my truck at their cost. Find an American auto producer with that kind of customer satisfaction and I will buy their product first.

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    • Avatar photo Bhowe Member

      Customers are satisfied that their trucks frame rusted so bad that the frame had to be replaced? That’s crazy I’ve never replaced a frame on any of my American vehicles. Just being honest. At the same time I collect 8ps Toyota and Honda vehicles

      I would be more satisfied with a vehicle that was well enough engineered that the frame doesn’t rust.

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  7. Avatar photo DayDreamBeliever

    “Factory Fresh!”

    Um, with 130K miles on it? Sure.
    I really am impressed, however, by how clean this truck is, top and bottom.
    Beginning to be more serious about abandoning the rust belt, largely since I just hate what winter does to every vehicle I drive. Wife’s 2016 car is starting to get “that look” underneath…..

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  8. Avatar photo Jeff Zekas

    Sold for $18,000 – kinda ridiculous, when you can buy these for under half that amount, here in Oregon. Folks go crazy at auctions, and way overbid on vehicles. Remember that they made MILLIONS of these trucks. Not a classic car. Also, most likely the speedometer was swapped out. That happened to my buddy who bought a “low mileage” Pontiac.

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  9. Avatar photo Ridge Howard

    I guess my 90 pickup has gone up in value! First car, refused to part with it and was very clear to my future wife that I came with that pickup. Still have it… 23 years so far. Although, I did a frame off marty-mcfly-style restoration in 2005. 35×12.5 tires with 5.29 diffs front and rear. Had to put in 6″ taller garage doors in our first house (still in that btw) so it could fit.

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  10. Avatar photo David Brassfield

    I worked for Toyota for many years and did many,many head gasket recalls.Some got the block replaced too. When they came out with the 3.4 V6 it was a huge improvement. It’s not just Toyota, everybody wants high dollar for trucks right now.

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  11. Avatar photo Milenkneeal

    I had a 91, 5 speed, 3 litre. Loved that truck. Killed by rust. Motor still 90%. Removing 10% for the blown head gasket that I had

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