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SST Coupe: 1969 AMC Ambassador


Here is a nice, clean car with a V8. No, it’s not a Ford or Chevrolet, or Dodge, or Plymouth. But I would propose that you take a look at it anyway. I’m also impressed with the honesty of the seller. They are clear that the car presents better in pictures than it actually is, with a respray that was poorly taped, along with many other details about the car. It’s located in Manchester, Tennessee and is for sale here on eBay, with current bidding only at $200, but of course there is a reserve that isn’t met yet. The car is said to be rust-free, with new seats (original material), brakes and several other items. The seller is very thorough with their description; I wish I were in the market for this one. My grandfather owned a slightly older Ambassador and I have many memories of family trips in it. What do you think this one is worth, and is it an alternative for you from the “big three?”


  1. Jason

    Immaculate condition and honest seller, but funky shape and ugly color.

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  2. Tom

    That side view it looks good. I am think they made ugly cars only. Not bad. Then look at that rear view, butt ugly.

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  3. Blindmarc

    To me, this is an honest seller. Wish i could afford a pot to pee in, so i could bid on it. 343 was a great engine and the brakes are already done. Someone here should grap it.

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  4. jim s

    another car that would make a nice driver if the reserve is not to high. keep them coming. nice find.

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  5. Ed P

    On the left side of the heater a/c controls is a rotary switch. It has a position that says “Desert Only”. Does anyone know what that is all about. East coast minds want to know.

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  6. Jason

    P.S. Love the selling dealer’s name from the window sticker: City of Ramblers!

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  7. Ed P

    Thanks for the explanation.

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  8. DENIS

    Not fond of that year…66/67 were much better-looking but it still would make a good old driver if it sells reasonably…great engine/trans. Will not grow in value, so drive it n have fun.

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  9. Charles H.

    I think this model would have made a great looking Marlin!

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    • JimmyinTEXAS


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    • David G

      Marlin was just what i was thinking, especially seeing the LR quarter view of this Ambassador since its lines have Marlin written all thru them, very similar body style indeed…
      (Am comparing to the blue one listed here on BF just a few days ago…)

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  10. Jeff DeWitt

    I’d MUCH rather have an AMC than most anything made by the big (boring) three. My first choice is Studebaker, second choice is AMC, anything else is just too common.

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  11. JimmyinTEXAS

    A shame about the salvage title. I don’t know how it works in Texas, but I’m pretty sure if you show up with a salvage title that will be all you can get from them…

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    • Jason

      I wouldn’t be too bothered by the salvage title. It would affect the selling of the car later on, but with something like this, does it really matter?

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      • David G

        Good point, wouldn’t matter to me once i got a look at how special this car’s condition is (or seems from here).

        That said, would personally inspect this one before a purchase, to check things out closely, considering the Seller even mentioned that it may have some damage in its past somewhere, just to be sure.

        To the online eye tho, this thing in general seems to be really *really* clean…

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  12. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Now this is something interesting! I think the sheet metal looks good with the fastback kinda design. And it ain’t a GTO, Camaro, Mustang, or 911.

    I have this wacky idea for next year (thanks to the Barn Find guys and their rally white Mustang) of buying just this type of oddball car and driving it from Tampa up to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Kickoff Rallye next July. My idea is to blog the trip through the Appalachians and assorted campgrounds until I get to the Steel City, then run the Rallye as we’ve done the last 2 years. It’s a fun event and my idea would add a bit of an “endurance” factor to the mix, coming all the way from Florida. Maybe I’d sell the car in Pittsburgh and fly back to Tampa….we’ll see.

    Great car to feature, thanks Jamie.

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  13. Blindmarc

    I agree with Jason…….

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  14. Blindmarc

    Imagine putting a 392 modern hemi & trans in it, with some gears, it would waste may Ocala.

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  15. Blindmarc

    Most any “street racer” out there.

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  16. Blindmarc

    And Rex, I’m in Melbourne, if you need a co-driver.

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  17. taxijohn

    Lovely old girl, needs saving.

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  18. Jason

    Seller added a (rotated) walkaround video. Just wish I liked this car more. It’s just so horrible looking IMO.


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