Stalled Project: 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Upon first glance, this 1970 Mach 1 looks a lot like quite a few of the other Ford Mustang projects we seem to run across on a regular basis here at Barn Finds, but a closer viewing shows a car that’s had quite a bit of work done on it already, and it also comes with most of the visibly missing parts actually included in the sale.  While it does still need quite a bit more attention before it’ll be ready to be back on the road, if you’ve been in the market for a Mustang project that’s had some of the heavy lifting completed, this one would definitely be worth checking out.  It’s located in Oakhurst, New Jersey, and can be seen here on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $20,000.  There’s also an option to submit an offer, should a potential buyer wish to choose that route.

Even though the seller has only owned the car for about a year, prior to his acquisition it had previously sat in a Connecticut barn for 15 years, but before it was parked a restoration was begun that resulted in a lot of the hard work already being tackled.  All of the car’s rust issues were addressed, including the replacement of both rear quarter panels, and although they aren’t presently on the car or shown, the seller does have most of the body parts including the rocker and trim pieces, emblems, hood scoops and locks, door handles and locks, rear window louver and more.  One thing I found a bit odd was that no photo was provided of the driver’s side of the car, so I might ask for a couple before I got too serious.

More work that has already been finished is the replacement of the floors, and while things on the inside are in kind of a mess we do get to see a couple of photos of the floors, which do appear to be in good shape at present.  The frame is also said to be in nice condition, and there are also several photos from the underside of the Mustang, including this one, and things down below also appear to be pretty solid with nothing glaring showing that may be an immediate cause for major concern.

The 351 Cleveland is not currently running though it is said to turn over by hand, and there’s no word on whether or not this is the original engine or not, but things under the hood do appear to be mostly in order and it looks like just about everything is still there.  The car is also equipped with an automatic transmission, but no mention of its current condition or anything at all about the rear end.  The seller thinks this would be an easy car to take to the next level, and it makes me curious why the person that started the restoration a decade and a half ago abandoned the project, or unless the current owner bought it to flip why he doesn’t just move forward with it himself.  What are your thoughts on this 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1?


  1. Gray Horse

    Having owned a 351C 4V back in the day, I can say those engines had it all, 11:1 compression, giant ports and valves, big 4V carb and they ran good! Definitely one of Ford’s best engines.

    I rebuilt mine to Boss 351 specs via the Ford Off-Highway literature from the early ’70s. I used closed chamber 4V heads, 4-bolt block, forged pistons, solid cam, electronic ignition, single plane intake 780 Holley and hooker headers. My Boss clone motor lived in a ’73 Q code Sportsroof Mustang and it was fast. That car would run 13.00 at 108Mph in the quarter looking bone stock in 1986. Ate up a lot of trans ams and camaros in it’s day. The C6 trans shift point was a sweet 6700 RPM at WOT.

    My point, this ’70 could be a fun fast car if it’s all there. I would look the other way if that is not the OE motor and drivetrain (C6/9″). Those valve covers and distributor tell me someone’s been in there. Also note that, as a ’70 it should have closed chamber heads and a two bolt main block. Ford made head I’d easy on the Cleveland with a “2” or “4” cast in the head at the intake corners, casting number should be D0VE. $20k? Man, I don’t know. It’s gonna need a lot more than that to get it back to where it needs to be. I’m thinking $5k max as it sits.

    Anyway, 30 years later I bought a new 2014 track pack Mustang GT and guess what, its as quick and pulls like the Cleveland (redline be damned). So, a built Cleveland will still hold it’s own against today’s 400+ HP Coyote.

  2. Robert White

    I’ve actually restored 60s muscle cars and this so-called ‘restoration’ that’s already ‘been started’ is an outright falsehood. Not even the airbreather has been taken off and cleaned out. Not even the battery has been removed or replaced.

    This is not a ‘restoration’ that ‘stalled’. This is merely a flip whereby the owner likely bought the car dirt cheap and is hoping to score on the rarity of the car given it’s a Ford where most died early on from tin worm disease.

    It’s not worth $20k and may only be worth around $10k which is half the flipper’s price.

    I’m not surprised that the price is negotiable.


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  3. Howie

    Well we have seen worse here before, engine photos are the interior.

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  4. Terry

    This is my rebuild 32 years in the making

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  5. Sarge

    Too bad it’s missing a lot of goodies IMHO, shaker, sports slats, Hurst shifter w/4 speed. original wheels, etc. Looks like a Clev though. I agree with Robert, 10k and a ton of work.

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  6. Coffee49

    Just under hood parts replacement and cleanup is $1,000 , then the compl. brakes are another $2,000 bearings and seals incl. I am guessing this is a 40 K car awaiting a redo the right way,

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  7. Dave

    A 70 351c4v is a nice start, if original. A 300 horspower factory motor. That’s what the car has got going for it. It needs everything else.

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  8. Joel

    Love the body style. Let’s face it. You can buy used 07 and 08 Shelby Mustangs and have alot of fun for 25k to 28k used . This is a total restoration job and a years worth of work. At 20k. Looking at another 25 to 30k for a full restoration, you doing most the labor. You can buy them complete and modest for that 50 to 60k mark.

    It would be a labor of love at that point. 15k to 18k a real number. Alot of parts there to work with. Good luck to the seller.

  9. HC Member

    Maybe I’m missing something the write up says qtr panels were replaced but not presently shown on the car? And also there’s no pics of drivers side at all. Agree with a previous comment that a flipper bought it, doing nothing at all in the engine dept. I’d be interested but cautious.

  10. HC Member

    Even in its questionable condition, no way you’re getting any 70 Mach 1 for 5K. You’re gonna pay more than 10 or 15 in any case. Just like to see better pics and assurance both rear qtrs have been replaced.

  11. Swisher

    Leaves alot to be desired

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