Stash of Pre-War Cars Found on Construction Site!

A North Carolina contractor was hired to demolish a building and clear some land for a new project. What he found was a hoard of pre-war cars that may be worth a small fortune! The cars were written about here on and although they are not for sale, they are sure fun to dream about restoring.

This car appears to be a really cool vintage racer. According to the article, it is “…a mystery roadster built on a ‘30s Ford chassis powered by a Flathead V-8. It had become one with a tangle of brush and appeared to have been cobbled together using a grille cowl and hood sides from multiple vehicles.” Unless someone has some documented photos of the car or there is some way to identify it (VIN tag or plates), unfortunately, the real history of this car may never be know.

This car is a 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe. It’s a little hard to tell the real condition of the cars but they do appear to be in a fairly wet area and have suffered from varying degrees of rust damage. The owner does say there are some beyond repair, but some are restorable.

Overall, there were ten vehicles found on the property. The current owner didn’t have any interest in them so the contractor got to keep them! At this point, there are no plans to sell any of the cars, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them make it to market.


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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    I want the mystery roadster, I like that its cobbled out of several other cars. I would restore it to pristine condition. The neat thing about a car like this is there is no rulebook on how to go about the restoration. What a fun project it would make. The before and after pic’s would be cool too.

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  2. Classic Steel

    The truck roadster is my fave

    Was good to see someone not saying classic racer rare 💯 K.

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  3. Dirk

    The boat-tailed roadster appears to be, by far, the most intriguing find of the group. Before it is touched, it should be thoroughly researched and if it turns out to have any significant history, it must be professionally returned to the condition it was in when built/raced or whatever. If it turns out to be just someone’s home-built fantasy then there are no restrictions or limits, Cummins diesel, big block Ford, electric, 4X4 chassis, or whatever blows your hair back.

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  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’ve seen that speedster before, although I’m at a loss as to where. The Model T pickup would be my choice out of this lot…

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    • Metoo

      That has my vote as well. And it would likely be the least expensive to restore.

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  5. Tom Lange

    What represents “a small fortune” in the pictures or descriptions? Nothing that I see…

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    • Metoo

      Depending on what research may reveal, maybe the boattail.

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  6. TreDeuce

    I take issue with “cobbled together”. As someone who has studied the pre-war racers, both created here and in Europe, and who has a comprehensive library on the subject, this one appears to be purpose built by an exceptionally talented body builder.

    The body is hand built from nose to tail including the rockers/frame covers. It may sit on a Ford frame, but even that was modified.

    The level of craftsmanship displayed here deserves a full on restoration. Let’s hope it gets that deserved effort.

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  7. lbpa18

    I agree there is far too much talent and time exhibited here for me to think home made sportster. Reminded me of a Bugatti on first sight. There appears to be a hood or radiator ornament that would be where I would start for clues. Certainly deserves a great deal of attention to be brought back from the dead.

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  8. Mike

    Someone mentioned that it was built by his uncle in 1939-40 in Erwin, TN

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Nice job Mike, thank you, another Mike.

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  9. Faroutfreak

    The last picture of the model T just says load up Granny and head for the hills , Beverly Hills that I’s, swimmin pools and movie stars LOL

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  10. Jim Lawn

    Wow….Now that would take a master rebuilder, and years to make whole. Good luck to whomever takes on the task. Beautiful vehicles!

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  11. Jake Stinson

    That old truck is right where Jethro left it.

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  12. michael h streuly

    Field of rusted out junk

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    • M.C.S.

      Michael, with all due respect, do you even like automobiles?

      If you aren’t willing to appreciate vehicles like these beyond condition and market value, but for their historical and artistic value, as well as the stories behind them, I couldn’t consider you to be a true automotive enthusiast.

      I believe the majority of this site’s subscribers would agree with me.

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      • Peter

        Right on Michael you tell him how it is ( :
        I would love to hear more about the bridge racing some of these cars may have been involved in similar to the blown down barn barnfinds. Did they race for keys like James Dean in ‘Rebel without a Cause’?

  13. KawiVulc

    There’s some lettering on the driver’s door on the pickup. It’d be cool to discover & match an old picture to it. Good to see they’re at least getting a shot at being saved. If by chance that roadster should prove to have some kind of special pedigree hopefully the property owner won’t come sniffing around looking for a payoff.

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  14. Bryan Readling

    I saw a similar vehicle last weekend from Spartanburg, SC.

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  15. Peter

    Interesting tonal pallor to the pictures.

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  16. stillrunners stillrunners Member


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    • Peter

      Yes the deep sales strategy is obvious. ( :

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  17. mtshootist1

    Kudos to the trackhoe or D6 cat operator, at least they didn’t get crushed by being run over. Judging from the tracks where that roadster is sitting, that could have easily happened.

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  18. Celia Reid

    I am not a car enthusiast (nor a car hater) but anyone can see these finds represent an incredible history. Imagine the stories these vehicles could tell. Would love to see them in restored condition.

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