Stationary Since 1974: 1960 Ford Galaxie


In our continuing series of “cheap classics,” of which all too many seem to still be on a flipper’s trailer, which means they were even cheaper when first found, we have a somewhat rusty 1960 Ford Galaxie. It’s located in Terre Haute, Indiana and is listed for sale here on eBay. It’s a three day auction and the starting bid is only $1,000–so don’t wait if you are interested!


I have a soft spot for the rear styling of these large Fords. I’m not sure why, but I find the horizontal fins both different and interesting. As you can see, there’s a decent amount of surface rust, and you can bet the floor pan is rusted just like the seller says, although they maintain the frame is solid. I’d like to see some pictures of that frame (it’s not too hard when it’s elevated like this anyway) and the rocker panels just to see what I was getting into.


This is one four door (as usual, sedan haters can go on to the next post now) that really doesn’t give up much in looks to the two door–my opinion only, of course. I imagine that piece of trim on the passenger side right will be pretty hard to find, and you can at least see the rust in the rockers from here. Yup, this one’s either going to need to be driven pretty much as-is and enjoy an old classic or be a labor of love for someone on a budget. Not a bad thing!


Now, what to do here. Beyond the classic $20 blanket solution, I think I would try a set of inexpensive bench covers, the type you used to be able to get from JC Whitney. Now, they apparently come from Walmart for $40 and include a set of fuzzy dice!


The dash looks pretty nice, and hopefully the automatic works for you. Unfortunately, there’s no picture of under the hood, and the V8 engine is currently locked up (and hasn’t been run since 1974!). The seller tells us that there are only 24,000 miles on the engine but I’m sure that’s 124,000. The seller also tells us that it’s a 354 V8; it’s either a 292 or 352–of course, we can’t tell because they didn’t show us a picture. Oh well. That being said–if you can see past the negatives, and especially if you contact the seller and offer them a little less, this might be a great starting point for a cheap classic. What do you think?




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  1. pat k

    those fins are similar to the Chevy fins of ’59 and ’60. I preferred them to the vertical fins of the Caddies and Chrysler products.

  2. piper62j

    Parts car.. Be sure to let the rodents go free before crushing the empty shell.

  3. James

    Don’t crush the headlight buckets! Those are the same ones used in 1967 Shelby Mustangs and fetch about $350 for a clean set.

    • packrat

      If true, that’s a bit of Hollander-level intel that’s good to know. The things that interchange across the years (and across manufacturers) never cease to amaze me.

      • James

        It is true, Shelby extended the 67 Shelby nose out by four inches and changed from the single large headlight bulb to the smaller two bulb on each side system. These buckets worked perfectly to move the headlights out the required 4 inches and also for the inboard headlight buckets (two high beams mounted in the center of the grille). Ford had these still in stock and Shelby used them in all 67 cars. People now use them for Shelby clones and Eleanor cars and of course for restoration of originals.

  4. Fred W.

    I went to “Mayberry Days” in Mt. Airy NC and saw a plethora of Galaxie 4 doors, 1960-65, converted to Sheriff car black and whites. They were still in service- for 10 bucks you could ride with “Barney” down the streets, blowing the siren and waving at the crowd. Maybe this one has that in it’s future.

    • Pfk1106

      Did Barney get his bullet out….of his pocket….

    • Rando

      I live in mt airy. Please don’t send us anymore of these….lol hard enough to get around without more tour cars….

  5. David G

    RE which engine it has in it; I noticed the shift quadrant reveals that is has the Dual-Range Fordomatic (not yet called Cruisomatic i don’t think) with 2 Drive ranges, which am thinking mandated the larger engine option. If that’s a fact (i’m no 60 Ford expert), it may indeed have the FE 352 engine, a good thing!

    Like 1
  6. Paul B

    Parts car. These are so wide at least one state required truck clearance lights on them. I guess you’d have to be a real Ford lover to want this. A ton of work with little market value added. I like the four doors too. Handsome, sort of, if it weren’t so fat.

  7. Jubjub

    Years ago, here in Louisville, there was one just like this but cut off past the C pillar and mounted on a military 6×6 chassis with a fabbed up bed. Totally sinister. Wonder what happened to it. Wish I had pictures.

  8. Woodie Man

    jamie: you crack me up with your ” anti 4 door” hater campaign! LOL. I too like the 1960 design and I would just weld the back doors shut!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Thanks, and I guess that is one solution! 😀

  9. Mike Williams

    These look real good done up. I notice a difference in back windows, this one flat, some bubbled. Barny’s car is different, must be the models.


    Somebody buy this car or it will end up in Cuba! Saw one at a car show. The owner removed the rear door handles,did all the chrome. Not sure what had to be done body-wise but he laid down a beautiful white paint job and a clean interior! Got people’s attention and he enjoyed the hell out of the car! A good example of a vehicle nobody paid attention to, but done simply gets attention. Save these 4-doors and get an affordable project!!

  11. Rolf Poncho

    Like the shape its will make a nice low rider

  12. chad

    4 some reason I like the smaller ones (’60 – ’65 chero, all falcons, etc).
    Good find, good price (1 here 4 $500 but not as complete).

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