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Still in the Barn: Trio of C3 Chevy Corvettes

Imagine opening up a dirty old barn and finding three vintage Chevy Corvettes. That may have happened here as we’re told these are all one-owner, low-mileage ‘Vettes from 1978 and 1982. Two were from the car’s 25th anniversary and another was a pace car (replica?) from the Indianapolis 500 (we assume). It looks like they’ve been where they are for a long, long time, and assessing their condition would surely require a physical inspection. But they’re available in Rittman, Ohio, and here on Facebook Marketplace for the package deal price of $150,000. Another tip from Barn Finder “Ted”.

The third generation of the Chevy Corvette (aka C3) enjoyed a long run from 1968 to 1982. The design was inspired by the Mako Shark concept car and may be the most remembered of the cars in terms of styling. The seller claims to have two of them from 1978 and a third from 1982. The 1978 model year would be the car’s 25th anniversary (1953 was when it all began) and all the cars that year had silver noses and gas door emblems to mark the occasion. And, the rear window was redesigned for a new fastback look. A 350 cubic inch V8 was still the order of the day at the time.

Chevrolet offered two special editions to celebrate the big occasion. One to acknowledge the anniversary and another for the Indy pace car honors. We’re told that 6,500 copies of the pace car edition were produced, so they weren’t exactly rare when new. The Corvettes in the seller’s barn have little to no mileage, so we assume the original owner bought them as future collectibles, stuck them in a barn, and they stayed there for years, maybe even decades.

The seller says the pace car edition has under 300 miles, the other ’78 has just 1,600 miles and the 1982 Corvette has an astonishing 33 miles! It’s a shame these cars were left to sit because who knows what you’re going to find under all the dirt and grime. They don’t seem to ever have been covered, so Mother Nature and whatever small creatures living in the barn could have had their way with these autos. Given their potentially poor condition, are they worth $50,000 apiece as they sit?


  1. Avatar photo Darren

    What a shame. These should be in a video ” How Not to Store a Future Collectible”
    Price in very optimistic!

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  2. Avatar photo Rick

    At least take them out and wash them. The $150K is “negotiable” in person.. I’m looking at everything that has to be replaced just from sitting. My two favorites are there, the PC and the CE, but it’s even hard to see if the CE’s graphics are even intact under all that crap. Optimistic from the seller, for sure.

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    • Avatar photo theGasHole

      I doubt they are even movable, let alone washable.

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  3. Avatar photo Anthony M.

    They could be clean as a whistle and I’d still struggle to see how $50K each from that era is anything other than a “lofty goal.”

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    • Avatar photo Jeff

      Much to high….in mint condition….with this mileage on them….$25000 is about all the money.

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  4. Avatar photo RayT Member

    Considering the cost of cleanup, tires, brakes, bushings, shocks, seals for engine and transmission, plus new paint (likely) and interiors VERY likely), I’d say $50K per is probably a minimum of ten times too high.

    And after one went through all that time and expense, you’tl still have Corvettes that a) aren’t terribly collectible and b) are modest performers. You really have to be a fan to take that plunge….

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    • Avatar photo Saxby S. Chaplin 111

      Not to mention the complete wiring harness the rats have more than likely chewed to ribbons plus other havoc they may have wreaked on them!!

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    • Avatar photo Pasquale

      $50.000 for all 3 is even asking too much. The Seller has Priced them as if they where Stored in a Climate Controlled garage since Day one. The Description minus the Condition is what the Seller is trying Sell. I’m sure Curious & I’m sure Many Readers would like to know the eventual outcome if any at All ?

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  5. Avatar photo RJ

    Everybody put away those 78 PCs and the 82 CEs. If you really must have one find one that has been gently taken care of with a little bit more mileage. Would pay in spades to have one you won’t have to completely restore and one you could enjoy putting some miles on without feeling guilty.

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  6. Avatar photo CraigR

    I hope someone ponies up the cash so this poor sob can afford a bucket and a sponge.

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    • Avatar photo John Jasper

      Or at least an air hose to blow them off.

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  7. Avatar photo Mike B

    Would a “never seen salt” comment fly when the local shop is Morton?

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  8. Avatar photo Greenhorn

    First I thought, dang, that’s a lot of money. Then I realized it’s April First.

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  9. Avatar photo Steve R

    Overpriced, even compared to 68-70 Chargers like the one featured earlier today.

    The asking price for these three Corvette’s would be a stretch if they had been stored in a climate controlled dust and mold free environment.

    Steve R

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    • Avatar photo KCJ

      Are they even worth that money in good condition

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  10. Avatar photo Marky Mark

    Seller is dreaming at those prices and in that condition. Those numbers are closer to reality for low mileage examples that have been kept clean and perhaps even in the wrapper. Pass.

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  11. Avatar photo Murph

    Gotta be an April fools joke.
    50 grand for all 3. Maybe.

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  12. Avatar photo 19Tiger65

    $150k for the 3. Hahahaha really. They smoke good stuff out west. Maybe $50k for all 3 but that’s a stretch also. For heavens sakes pull them out and give them a bath.

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  13. Avatar photo Emmet

    I own a 68 Coupe, big block restomod with a custom paint job on it. More go fast goodies on it than I can remember with chrome bumpers. If those are worth 50k each, I am sitting on a gold mine!
    Even if those were pristine, still not worth 150 large for the package deal.

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  14. Avatar photo Mike H.

    Do you suppose the person that owns these Corvette’s realizes how much money the pictures they provided probably cost him.

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  15. Avatar photo ACZ


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  16. Avatar photo ken

    what a shame. poor storage conditions most likely hurt the bodies and the motors may have issues. that’s a big roll of the dice for that number. best of luck.

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  17. Avatar photo Rick

    WHAT??? Chicken poopoo

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  18. Avatar photo Oakster

    At first my thoughts were send in Richard R and his buddy Dennis C. But then I realized they were already there . Bought them for 5 grand each and just looking to make a little profit .

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  19. Avatar photo Once bitten

    Don’t know exactly what the owners been smoking butthey ain’t sharing. LOL 100% condition 50k apiece would be a deal.. But 40 years of setting mice humidity and just regular Ohio weather. No way no how.

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  20. Avatar photo jim

    Too bad they are not older 1967 on back then they would be worth it

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  21. Avatar photo Robert Liivoja

    I have loved Corvettes from well before I was old enough to drive.
    Have a C5 in the garage!
    These 3 Corvettes, for the asking price are a joke.
    I’m sure that for people who don’t like Corvettes, it gives them something to ridicule.
    Let me think for a second…….what could I do with $150,000????

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  22. Avatar photo Paul S

    $50 grand a pop, I don’t think so. Lets be real here everything that has to be done to theses cars as people have mentioned you really have to loves these cars and have very deep pockets. At the end of the day having to put all the time and money into them, you end up with a car you can’t sell because you will not get your investment back.
    There are all kinds of vett’s out there for a lot less.
    These cars should be around 15,000 at the most !!

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  23. Avatar photo Big C

    If it was an April Fool’s joke? Great job! If not? What kind of crazy do you have to be, to store your future collectables like this?

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  24. Avatar photo gearhead1

    Parked below the high water mark

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  25. Avatar photo John H. Artibey Sr

    Yup,I know you want to show a barn find that’s great, then blow them off and pressure wash them! I’m not wanting to even put a bid on dust!

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  26. Avatar photo Brian

    As the owner of a mint condition 1978 pace car with 6K original miles I can attest this trio is not worth 50K combined. The cost to repair these will outweigh the value.

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  27. Avatar photo Scott McConnell

    Those cars are junk. A lot of the collector Vettes never panned out money wise. Even if they were mint they wouldn’t grab a fortune. Each car is ruined by rodents, moisture, every system needs redone. You would have your hands full if they were free.

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  28. Avatar photo Bill

    April Fools right .

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  29. Avatar photo Matt Mavrolas

    Incredible, the guy buys Vetts, but can’t buy car covers….??

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  30. Avatar photo Michael

    Typo, that decimal is off a couple places. Should read $1,500. And even that’s a stretch!!!
    $150000. 😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🖕

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  31. Avatar photo FrankD Member

    This guy struck out!! 1. Three of them. 2. Storing dog slow under powered (emission loaded) Corvettes. 3. They still aren’t worth much. GM’s worst C3 Corvettes.

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  32. Avatar photo Frog

    And then he woke up. .. .

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  33. Avatar photo gearhead1

    “Parked below the high water mark” translates to “ these cars have been submerged under water”. Look at the floorboards, and then notice the tachometer readings . The seller stated that the cars dont run . Then notice the Ohio location and research the flood history .
    My guess is they are flood victims shortly after being parked there , probably 1984ish

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  34. Avatar photo Rustomodrob

    Boy…the price of dust and rust has gone up through the years.

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  35. Avatar photo DON J LEBLANC

    I sure hope this was an April fools joke, LOL.
    That being said, I went to look at an ’82 CE
    last year and the ask was $ 20 K ( too much)
    as I did a quick assessment, the cost of repairs
    etc. outstripped the asking price. I walked.

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  36. Avatar photo Jim Shenay

    It’s gonna cost $50 grand a piece just to restore them to their formal glory. What moron does this?? Take three new Corvettes and store them in a rat infested non climate controlled pole barn and put them up for sale 45+ years later asking a ridiculous price. Never ceases to amaze me.

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  37. Avatar photo Frank Sumatra

    All of the PC’s and CE’s ever built aren’t worth the asking price.

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