Stillborn Race Car: Stripped 1978 Porsche 930

Sometimes, it pays to not have so much access to capital that you just waste your money doing dumb things to great cars. Take this 1978 Porsche 930, for example – the brand’s iconic Turbo car – hacked to pieces for a track car conversion that never happened. Not only that, but if this is a genuine Emerald Green Metallic car, we’re going to have some real problems here. Anyway, find this project-gone-wrong Porsche here on eBay for $13,999.

The seller lists the car as being “Black” but I’m fairly confident in my assertion this was once a very pretty Kermit the Frog edition with the aforementioned paint code. But really, who knows? It all depends on how far the attempted conversion went, which is described in the listing as a failed attempt at building a 934 race car replica. The engine bay compartment is black, as are the inside of the door jambs, so perhaps a repaint was started and stalled as well.

I just can’t imagine a world where this seemed like a good idea, as the 930 cars never really lost their value (or, at least, they didn’t depreciate enough to make the thought of cutting one up appetizing, unless you operated a chop shop on the side.) This 930 was seriously brutalized, with the interior gutted, all glass removed, the drivetrain yanked out – it doesn’t even have brakes at the moment. At that point, just finish the job, unless you’ve run out of money, of course.

The seller notes some sheetmetal was welded back on after the previous owner had a “change of heart.” Or a change in bank account status, perhaps. If the green paint isn’t original, I’ll fret less about this one, but it still bothers me to see a classic like the 930 stripped down to nothing and left for dead. Hopefully, the next owner will have more sense than the last one (and maybe more positive cashflow, too). How would you build it back – race or restore?


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  1. pat gill

    looks to me like it has had a roof change by the rusty section an all pillars…………..

  2. sir mike

    Probably or maybe would have been cheaper to buy a 934??

  3. Lounge

    Looks like they used a stick welder for those front and rear clips. You’re basically buying a 930 VIN and a few suspension parts.

    It’s junk.

  4. Pa Tina

    I bid $5,000,000

    Like 1
  5. half cab

    What’s the old sayin? “If he had a brain he would take it out n play with it!”

    Just 😔

  6. Mark in WNC

    Seller says “clipped front and rear” (with 911 Parts) So what you’re getting is a 911 shell and a 930 VIN…and 930 trailing arms! What a joke.

  7. michael h streuly

    14k for a chopped up POS.
    are you F$$KING kidding me.

  8. Scott

    The interior looks like it caught on fire!

  9. 86 Vette Convertible

    I’m no Porsche lover but that one I don’t think has enough to even make a dune buggy out of IMO. As the old saying goes: “if you can’t do it right, don’t do it”.

  10. Madmatt

    Dear Barn Finds, can you please find a Porsche
    to show us,..that is not a total P.O.S….LOL…
    There must be some nice ones somewhere…?
    These Porsche nutballs nowadays will pay way
    too much for these in horrible shape.
    I can’t understand it..?…no…I really can’t…..??

  11. Jack Quantrill

    Whoever did this must be guillotined, and soon!

  12. Jerry

    Ditto what Michael said

  13. Robert W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    So, $14 large for a cut up shell that will need considerable work. At least you’ll save time not having to inventory an engine and interior, along with a host of body parts missing.

    Not for me, but good to know.

  14. JagManBill

    replaced both ends, the top, both quarters and fenders then cut them up and still wan’ts $14k for it. I do know that CA recently passed they’re own pot law, so maybe the Seller has been toking a bit early in the day and got the comma in the wrong place, right? I mean, yeah, its a 930 and the market for a restored or really nice 78 930 is in the $100-150k range, but your going to have at least that in this to put it back whole. Even buying used parts from other restorations your gonna have $50k+ in a “restorable” car.

    Wait a minute…this is starting to sound doable….

  15. Joel

    Why would anyone do this to a car??

  16. Frank

    Well this looks rahter like a chassis built from 3 or 4 other cars ones to many weldings where no welding should be. In general this car is worth nothing.
    Even a titel of a 930 does not help but only if somebody has a stolen car.

  17. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    I think the car was already guillotined! When I have a car to sell I gather all the scattered remains and marked them in boxes. I am good to the next owner — try to locate everything that goes with the car.The sloppy welds on this POS were perhaps to put everything together to sell the car (?) not to be considered pro restoration quality. Maybe! I’m surprised the cut-off wheel arches were left behind for the current owner to tack weld back on. In the end, you are just buying a VIN with assorted parts wrapped around it.

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