Stingray Find: 1966 Chevrolet Corvette 327/4-speed

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Off the road and stored in a barn since 1983, this single family owned Corvette appears in a stance that many of us have seen before. Typically this stance can be seen with good traction, and the go pedal mashed to the floor. Unfortunately, this numbers matching 327 4-speed car is a great looking original find, but this Vette needs some frame help. With less than a day remaining, this Corvette has only one bid for the opening amount of $23,000. Check it out here on eBay out of Franklin, Massachusetts.

After long term storage, the 327 V8 is not currently a runner, but I would be willing to bet there is still some pep left in that old engine. The seller assures that the engine and transmission are numbers matching. Obviously, the biggest mechanical hurdle with this car is its frame concerns. The seller merely mentions that it will need attention. That is not a false statement, but based on the history of this machine, I think we are talking about a frame swap. Granted if you have a frame, and the means to swap a frame, this could potentially be a lucrative car for someone. I personally would be inspired to swap the frame and rebuild the car as is with some tender loving care along the way.

Lacking carpet, the interior appears very reasonable in this Corvette. With a fresh carpet kit and a good cleaning, this would be a perfectly acceptable interior for a survivor and a driver.

Miraculously most of the paint is still in place, but there are a few issues with this body. First of all the passenger side front wheel arch is cracked above the body line horizontally. You will also find a decent scrape in the driver side fender, right on the body line. The last body concern is the driver rear quarter, as there is a small square missing. By no means perfect, I would personally opt to gently and carefully repair those areas if possible to maintain the original paint, and the weathered appearance of the car. Otherwise, I feel this could be a great car if someone had the time and ability to invest in it. Would you invest the time to revive this Stingray?

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  1. Vette vet...

    It hurts to the core to see a Vette neglected like this. Sure there may be some frame box work needed, but the negative camber stance on the rear, shows that either the diff fluid has never been changed, or more lilely the wrong fluid was added, and without the fluid stabilizer being also added. I would first bust open the diff, and check the circlips that retain both stub shafts, then check the clutches for galling or discoloration before even going any further into what may be okay, or whats been trashed. Good luck in revitalizing this thrashed old girl.

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  2. A Framed Car

    The only picture most want to see is the corner frame but not shown!

    Just because the frame is rusted doesn’t mean swap unless multi sections are cancerous.

    If one looks online you can buy sectional pieces to weld …..

    Most non vette folks are not aware of this and the non pictures are possibly costing the seller money…..

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  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I think it is going to take more than ‘a little’ frame repair, take a look at the rear tires. Not a loss though, take a look at something like one of the RoadsterShop or comparable frames. Upgrade right away to C4 suspension and you’d have a truly fun car to drive especially if you add a Banski suspension upgrade.
    It’s going to take some time and $$ but definitely could be a fun cruiser.

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  4. bobhess bobhessMember

    Just asking… is it really even worth 23K?

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  5. Tom

    “The seller assures that the engine and transmission are numbers matching.” I don’t recall 66 Corvettes having blue valve covers. Unless the original cast aluminum valve covers wore out, my guess is that motor came from Grandpa’s old truck. And if the engine is not matching numbers as the seller says, that calls into question the rest of his story. I could be wrong. Maybe there was a 327 in 66 Vettes with blue covers but I’ve never seen one.

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  6. Gaspumpchas

    Ahh yes my question too–is it worth the coin with the bad frame. Tom not sure if this one came with cast Corvette valve covers?? Does appear that the blue covers are 327 covers. But they are easily changed. Also agree that change / upgrade the frame and leave the body as is. The way things are going, I bet someone snaps this up, possibly making a deal with the seller. Very Cool Vette. Good luck to the new owner


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  7. Danh

    Unless you like this kind of restoration torture, you would be way, way better off spending not much more for a solid car.

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  8. shawn truitt

    not worth restoring unless it had some kind of sentimental value, PARTS

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  9. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Ended: Apr 11, 2019 , 2:17PM
    Winning bid:US $25,600.00
    [ 9 bids ]

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